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Blue Mountains Australia

Updated on October 9, 2014

The Perfect Day Trip from Sydney

The Blue Mountains is a World Heritage wilderness that begins 60km west of Sydney Australia. The mountains are home to 400 different species of animals, 40 of them rare or threatened. It is surprising to most people to discover that they are not actually mountains but rather a valley that has been formed by thousands of years of erosion.

Only 2 hours from Sydney the Blue Mountains are the perfect distance for a day trip but a full weekend is the perfect amount of time to really experience the area.

This page will show you the main sights and attractions that are located in my 3 favourite places in the upper Blue Mountains; Wentworth Falls, Katoomba and Leura.

Why are the Blue Mountains blue?

Blue tinged blue Mountains
Blue tinged blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains get their blue hue from the oil in the eucalyptus trees. When the oil from the trees is dispersed in the air it give off a blue hue, well that is a layman's description but if you want more you can read more about the science behind the Blue of the Mountains here.

The Blue Mountains have been inhabited by the Gundungurra people for over 12,000 years

How to get to the Blue Mountains

Katoomba - the main centre in the Blue Mountains is 122km west of Sydney. There are also train stations at the towns of Wentworth Falls and Leura.

Train: The train from Central Station in Sydney takes approximately 2 hours to reach Katoomba. Tickets are cheaper after 9am or on weekends. The return trip can be made using a variety of tickets. The cheapest is the off-peak return (purchased after 9am) at $10.80 If you want to leave earlier than that the ticket is $15.60.

Car: It is approx 1hour 40 mins drive from the city. Most of the journey is via a motorway although the last section can be quite slow. Traffic on the weekends, particularly Sunday afternoons, can be very bad. For the quickest run back to Sydney it's best to leave the mountains after 5pm.

The YHA Introduction to the Blue Mountains

The Youth Hostel Association have a great hostel in the heart of Katoomba a few minutes' walk from the station. It's perfect for bush-walkers, backpackers or anyone travelling on a budget. This video gives a nice introduction to the area regardless of whether you plan to stay at the hostel or not.

Exploring the Blue Mountains without a car - Hop on Hop off services

The Blue Mountains  Trolley Bus
The Blue Mountains Trolley Bus

There are 2 hop on hop off tours operating in the Blue Mountains - The Blue Mountains Trolley Bus or the Red Explorer Bus.

The Trolley Bus costs $20 and is a hop on hop off service but you can only go around the loop once (in one direction). It covers almost all the same places as the more expensive explorer bus but which is best really depends on how organised you want to be.

The Explorer Bus has 26 official stops but some of them are multiple stops in the same town. It covers all the main areas between Katoomba and Leura and has limited stops to Wentworth Falls. Tickets are valid for one day and cost about $36 (2011)

If you are really travelling on a budget you can get around using the public bus system but it requires a bit more planning. Ask at the visitors centre in Katoomba for timetables and maps.

The Three Sisters Katoomba - The number one attraction in the Blue Mountains

3 sisters
3 sisters

The Three Sisters at Echo Point are a short drive or even a walk from Katoomba train station. They are the area's most visited attraction. Busloads of tourists flock here each day on one day tours from the city and it can get a little crowded sometimes but it's still well worth a visit. The 'sisters' are flood lit from dark until 10.30pm each night. They look equally amazing no matter what time of day you visit and even a foggy day can provide a great photo as the rocks pierce the fog.

The rock formation gets its name from a dreamtime legend that says the rocks were actually 3 young sisters whose father turned them to stone while he fought an angry bunyip. He lost the fight and the girls were forever stuck in rock. Well that is the version I was told on my indigenous tour of the mountains years ago. There are other stories floating around and some controversy over which is correct. Check it out on Wikipedia

The Three Sisters and the dreamtime story

The Giant Stair way or the Furber Steps - You choose 1000 or 800 step staircase down to the valley floor below?

Katoomba Stairway
Katoomba Stairway

The Giant Stair way takes about 20-30 minutes to descend. This track takes you out onto the three sisters themselves. You make your way down the stairs to the bottom of the valley and the Scenic railway. This walk is not suitable for anyone who is not fit. There are full details on Wildwalks guide to the Giant Stairway walk

The Furber steps are a little longer but I think perhaps a little easier. There are several lookouts that run off the walk.. don't miss Juliet's Balcony! Once at the bottom of the steps you can catch the scenic railway back up to the top. I have done this walk and it's not that hard. I would rate it medium difficulty, make sure you wear sturdy shoes. This link has some great photos of the views along the Furber Steps Track. Wildwalks guide to walking the Fuber Steps

It snows at least once a year in the Blue Mountains

Wentworth Falls - My favourite Blue Mountains waterfall

Upper Wentworth Falls
Upper Wentworth Falls

There are numerous waterfalls in the Blue Mountains but my favourite - and among the easiest to reach without a car is Wentworth Falls. There is a walk called Darwin's walk (after Charles Darwin) that begins at the station and ends at the falls. It takes a little under 2 hours to complete and is a pretty easy walk.

If you want to swim at the bottom of the falls the Wentworth Pass Track will be the best one to follow.

If you decide to eat in the area the Conservation Hut offers good food with great views.

Scenic World - The Katoomba Scenic Railway & Skyway

Blue Mountains Skyway
Blue Mountains Skyway

Almost everyone who heads to the Mountains ends up at Scenic World. There are 3 rides you can try here. The scenic railway was originally built as a way to bring coal from the Katoomba coal mine on the valley floor. Today this track which travels 405 metres to the top of the mountain is used to transport visitors.

The Skyway travels over 3/4 km across the Jamison Valley providing amazing views. The skyway has a glass floor that is opened to reveal Katoomba Falls and the valley below.

There is also a cableway which I have not personally tried yet that takes you down to 3km of scenic walkway and at the end of the walkway is the railway to take you back up. This ride is wheelchair accessible as is the first section of the walkway.

Where to stay in the Blue Mountains - You can do it in a day but it's even better when you take your time

Blue Mountains Map
Blue Mountains Map

If you plan to stay overnight in the mountains choosing which pretty village to stay in can be hard. If you do not have a car then I would recommend Katoomba. There are lots of shops and restaurants and all tours and hop on services start here. It's also home to the YHA if you are travelling on a budget.

Leura is great if you are looking to stay for a few days.. The town is very quaint, has beautiful old homes with lovely gardens and there is enough to do to keep you busy if you need to be.

There are also some great pubs or houses further up the mountains in Blackheath and Mount Victoria (The Imperial)

Leura Village

Leura cascades
Leura cascades

Between Wentworth Falls and Katoomba, you will find Leura, a pretty village with beautiful gardens, quaint shops, and a variety of cafes and restaurants. There is a old fashioned market every 2nd Sunday.

Leura is the closest town to Sublime point lookout that is just as its name says, sublime! It's also home to the Leura Cascades - a beautiful picnic ground and a beautiful short walk to the cascading water.

Katoomba Falls

Want more ideas for your visit to Sydney? My blog is full of great ideas for your Sydney holiday

Stay safe in the mountains

Check the weather report and bushfire risk

Do not walk alone

If you are doing an overnight walk tell some when you expect to return

Always take water and food

I recommend this book for anyone wanting to take longer walks in the Blue Mountains

Have you been to the Blue Mountains?

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      This is beautiful. It has to be worth the effort.

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      One of my favorite places to visit, it's close to me so I can go quite often. Great lens thank you.

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      I love the Blue Mountains it is so peaceful and serene. Great place to go for a picnic and bushwalking, and perfect for a romantic weekend.

    • homeschoolkids profile image

      RitaAnn 5 years ago

      I have always wanted to go to Australia, it's that one place to go before I die. I met a girl from Australia years ago, her name was Jenny. She was here in Evansville, IN to meet her childhood penpal and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her.

      I've never heard of the Blue Mountains but would love to go. I'm older now and sometimes feel I'll never be able to see Australia. This article has rekindled my hope, thanks for sharing and I would love to see more.


      Evansville, IN City Wide Leukemia Awareness Party!

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      JeffSawyer 5 years ago

      Its like heaven on earth

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      seegreen 5 years ago

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      I loved the Blue Mountains when I visited them 20 years ago. Unfortunately I live in the UK and can't get there as often as I like :-). But if anybody is going to Sydney they definitely should take some time out to go and visit them.

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      @ViJuvenate: The stairs are a killer Viluvenate, last time I walked them my muscles hurt for days!

    • PaulaMorgan profile image

      Paula Morgan 5 years ago from Sydney Australia

      @julieannbrady: Thanks Julie, you really should if you get a chance, they are sublime!

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    • profile image

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      @anonymous: Hi Outback Jack... Thanks for your comments. I highly recommend visiting the Blue Mountains. If you can stay over night and take one of the longer walks. 3 of the images I took myself and the others were taken by travellers who visited the mountains with me and allowed me to use copies of their images.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Excellent lens, when I was in Sydney for the first time last October visiting my brother I saw this journey advertised at the train station. I wanted to do it but my daughter travellling with me wanted to do Luna Park. I promised myself when I went back in 2012 I would do this trip. After seeing your lens I REALLY need to go now. BTW did you take those fantastic photographs? Also thanks for visiting my lens

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      Embels 6 years ago

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