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The BODIES Exhibition at the Luxor in Las Vegas

Updated on March 22, 2011

Explore the human body with real cadavers

This is probably one of the most interesting and bizarre exhibitions Las Vegas has ever seen, and that's saying a lot considering we're talking a city that prides itself on outlandishness. The BODIES exhibition at the Luxor (that's the big black pyramid) features hundreds of body parts and full bodies from real human cadavers. I noticed all the bodies are Asian, which says something about the price of body parts over there.

This exhibit is both fascinating, disturbing, and educational. You can learn how the human body works and how the choices you make in your life can affect your physical body. See the difference between a once-healthy person's lung (they aren't healthy anymore, considering they're dead) and a smoker's lung, which is filled with blackened flesh. You might have seen something similar to this in school, but with rubber models. Everything in this exhibit is absolutely real. The condition of their finger nails tells me these were elderly people, so I hope their are now concerns that China is executing prisoners just to supply parts for a casino in Las Vegas.

How to get there, and admission price

Getting to the Luxor hotel and casino is easy. Not only is it shaped like a giant pyramid, but there's a huge light coming out the top of it that can be seen from far away. I mean really far away. It can be seen on a clear night by pilots flying 30,000 feet over Los Angeles. That's right, from Los Angeles. Just follow that light to the Luxor at the bottom of the Strip, or tell a Las Vegas taxi driver to take you to the Luxor. Don't ask him to follow the big light, or they'll think you're crazy. They already know where it is. You can also take the Deuce bus from anywhere along the Strip or from Fremont Street and they do go down to the Luxor.

Admission price is $32 for general admission. There are discounts for seniors and children and locals with ID. Look for some discount coupons on eBay or elsewhere, because they are sometimes available. The hours are 10 to 10, and you can buy a ticket and go in at anytime and go at your own pace. If you have kids who might be interested in pursuing a career in medicine you might find yourself spending hours in there. 


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