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David Cameron's Propaganda On Tunisia

Updated on July 15, 2015
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British Prime Minister David Cameron
British Prime Minister David Cameron

Every Summer the British public are busy preparing for their Summer breaks. After working hard all year round and saving their pennies, in the months of July, August and September, the British public are planning to holiday abroad to spend their hard earned cash. Whilst many plan on visiting friends and family, the vast majority of British citizens plan on visiting the hottest and cheapest places on the planet. However, while they prepare for their holidays, the government are busy with their own preparations, to do whatever they can and to say whatever they can to stop the Brits leaving and spending their money abroad.

Seifeddine Rezgui
Seifeddine Rezgui

Would You Still Visit A Country Immediately After It Was Victim To A Terrorist Attack?

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Let The Scaremongering Commence!

This year British holidaymakers are being told to cancel their holidays to Tunisia and with the thousands of holidaymakers that have already arrived in Tunisia, being told to come home immediately after a recent terror attack by lone gun man, Seifeddine Rezgui.

So why is David Cameron and his Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond advising Brits to flee Tunisia amid fears that another terror attack is highly likely? After all, it goes against everything that David Cameron has said in the past. When asked why he is not doing everything that he can to protect the British public back home from terror attacks, he has always been adamant that he has done. However, he has always been quick to point out that no country can really protect themselves from a lone wolf. But isn't this exactly what happened in Tunisia when a lone wolf decided to kill 38 holidaymakers in a beach attack on the 26th of June 2015? Is it really any different from the lone wolfs that have attacked other parts of the world in the last few years? Why is David Cameron and Philip Hammond reacting as if a war had broken out in Tunisia? Notice how the news reports use words such as "Fleeing" and "Terror in Tunisia" when actually nobody is fleeing, they are simply coming home to Britain in the same calm manner that they had left.

The truth is, you are just as likely to fall victim to a terror attack in any country, including the western countries. There have been attacks in Europe, Australia, America, Canada e.t.c. No country is ever really safe from terror attacks no matter how good their intelligence is. David Cameron's office is quick to point out that the Tunisian government is not equipped to protect British citizens abroad, but is the British government any better at protecting them? The truth be told, Britain has even failed to protect themselves against terror attacks that were not committed by lone wolfs. Take the 7/7 bombings. That was a well calculated and executed attack carried out by a group of individuals that the British government still failed to thwart.

Most importantly, David Cameron has always said that the British public should carry on living their lives without fear of terror attacks, but hasn't he in a way let the terrorists win by telling the British to flee Tunisia?



Tunisia, which initiated the Arab Spring, continues to be a democratic success story in the Arab world. However, after their second terrorist attack this year, due to no fault of their own, the British Prime Minister is set to help destroy their countries economy by using propaganda tactics to scare Brits into believing that they are much safer at home this Summer. In fact Tunisia isn't the only country with a high risk factor this year according to the British government's official website. Turkey, Egypt, France and Spain are also at high risk. Countries if you haven't already noticed, that Brits just love to visit during the Summer season. These countries may be at risk, but no more than Britain is, especially when you hear about how many British citizens have traveled to the middle east to fight alongside terrorist group "Islamic State" that is behind most of the terror attacks in 2015.

David Cameron would love nothing more than to convince Brits to stay in Britain this Summer, next Summer and every Summer.

350,000 British people travel to Tunisia every year. If they were to spend just £100 each while they were abroad, they would be spending an astonishing £35,000,000 in Tunisia every year. Money that doesn't go unnoticed by David Cameron's eagle eyes!

Question Your Insurance

One scare tactic that is being used to get Brits to leave Tunisia is telling them that their travel insurance will be cancelled if they do not return back to Britain immediately.

Imagine you took out insurance against your house for flood damage and the insurance company decided to cancel your insurance when they heard that your house was likely to be flooded that week. Imagine you took out insurance against your vehicle for theft and the insurance company decided to cancel your insurance when they realized that a high percentage of vehicles had been stolen in your area that week. Would this be acceptable? No, of course not. Once you have paid for your insurance, then you are insured, you have a contract. However, because of the scaremongering coming from David Cameron's office, Brits are fleeing from Tunisia and falling for David Cameron's tricks. The chances are, your insurance is still valid!

Remember that every insurer has different terms and conditions so read the small print, however, don't assume that you are not covered just because you hear it on the news!


Every time it is holiday season, when Brits are looking forward to taking a break and spending their money abroad. It seems that there is always something on the news warning people not to travel. There is a volcanic ash storm, watch out everybody! ! There is a deadly disease spreading around the world, hide everybody! Airlines are going bust, don't risk it! These things have always been true of course, to a certain extent. What doesn't make sense however, is that during the months of July and September, the news channels don't only report it, they report it 24/7 in an attempt to brain wash people into being scared of their own shadow.

It isn't just Tunisia that Brits will be avoiding in the future, they are constantly being brainwashed into thinking that they are not safe when traveling abroad. Yet, when Britain suffers from a terror attack, the message is immediately put out there by the British Home Office that it is safe and always is safe to travel to Britain. That we shouldn't let the terrorists win?

My Advice

Travel when and where ever you want, unless there is a war in a particular country, don't let a terrorist attack put you off from going. After all, they can happen anywhere and at any time! Fear mongering doesn't just stop Brits from wanting to travel to a certain country, but it actually puts Brits off from traveling anywhere. Today the Brits may not want to travel to Tunisia, but how long will it be before they refuse to travel to other North African countries. How long will it be before Egypt and Morocco start to feel the drop in their economy.

And last...but not least, by refusing to travel to a country that has had a terrorist attack, you are unknowingly letting the terrorists win! God forbid that this ever happened to you, but how would you feel if you cancelled your Summer holiday one year only to be caught up in a terror attack in London? Worth a thought!

A little advice for David Cameron.
If you were to spend a little more time and money on the British coastal areas, instead of throwing it all into the City of London. Maybe in the future, when Summer time comes, the British public may not be so reluctant to visit. The beaches are poor, the hotels and shops along the seafront are poor and the piers are poor. It's no wonder they burn down so easily. Can you blame the Brits wanting to spend their holidays abroad in the likes of Spain and France? How is it that they can maintain their beach fronts but we can't? As for backing down to terrorists and asking the British public to retreat...shame on you! Believe it or not, us Brits are made from sterner stuff.

Listen to Russel Brand's views on the subject!


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