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The Bus route has changed!

Updated on March 27, 2010

Some new

Where is the bus going?

My friend and I set off to do a couple of things downtown, and too the usual bus, which I recall from my last visit went to the railway station, which just happens to be opposite the bus station for the bus to Hangzhou airport.

We wanted to check the details for the bus to Hangzhou next Friday afternoon, as we are headed to Beijing, and don't want to miss our plane.

Instead of turning left to the bus stop, the bus took off in another direction.  We watched in awe as places we had never seen before passed us and we could not see anywhere for the bus to stop until it was quite a direction away from our proposed destination.

As soon as we could we got off the bus - in an area that was totally familiar, but we retraced the route - this time on foot.

I recall seeing the area from the railway station befor.  Last time I was there much of it was a construction area, and in this part of town there is so much building and rebuilding going on. But already the landscape is really advanced and it iis a pretty part of town.

We walked all the way back to where we were supposed to go and visited the rather austere bus

The scenery was worth seeing, and in retrospect we were glad the bus changed its route, though we now must find out which bus goes to the railway and bus station for next week.  Or we could get a taxi.


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