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The CNN Studio Tour

Updated on November 5, 2010

The CNN Building

We drove to downtown Atlanta and were fortunate to find a parking space behind the Georgia Congress Center.

Finding a parking space in Atlanta has become difficult, and even so its surface is usually calculated to the centimeter.

We had only about four centimeters to spare when we passed the checkout...

CNN is located right next to the Philips building.

The CNN Studio Tour

The CNN Studio Tour takes forty-five minutes.

The ground floor consists of a vast open space and a Food Court, which actually is a good idea, given the large number of offices and visitors.

The longest escalator in the USA (how could it be otherwise...) brought us to the top floor in the building.

Security was very obvious, and after a comprehensive check at the beginning of the tour, we were constantly watched by several guards.

The News Studio

The first item on the program is a copy of the News Studio, where they explain how a newsman reads his text, sitting in front of a camera, with a Teleprompter showing him the text.

Next comes an example of a blue screen, on which a weather map is projected behind the weatherman. This technique stems directly from the film world.

For instance in Forrest Gump, Lieutenant Dan's legs were clad in blue, and then the images were edited with a computer. In the movie, Lieutenant Dan appeared to have lost both legs...

The Control Room

The next room shows a Control Room, where all images are mixed to become what will actually appear on the screen.

In this studio there were only thirty-three screens, but in the real one, there are ninety-nine screens...

The Control Room is also the place where the text is assembled, as is the other information that will appear on the screen, such as stock quotes, news flashes, etc.

The CNN Newsroom

Next, the CNN Newsroom is shown. It is divided between an Editing department and a Production department.

The Editing department collects and verifies the data.

The Production department identifies the information that is appropriate to be broadcast, and what text and which images should be added.

Headline News and CNN-ESP

The next studio to be visited is the Headline News.

It is only half as large as the CNN Newsroom, as it only contains a Production department.
CNN's Editing department is used for its data.

More recently, a Spanish TV-channel, called CNN-ESP, has been added.

CNN Overview and History

The Tour ends with a general overview of the CNN group and its history, presented on the ground floor.

On the way out comes the unavoidable visit to the Gift Shop Turner Store, a shop where all sorts of souvenirs can be found.

Unfortunately, only a single checkout was manned to serve the many visitors...

Read my article about Ted Turner and CNN.


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