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The Cabanas Tulum Mexico Offers Have More Nature And Beauty Than Cancun

Updated on January 19, 2011

Sure, you here people at work or church talking about how great their trip to Cancun was on their last vacation trip, but the truth is that it is fun, if you enjoy crowds that are equivalent to a family theme park. If you can pair down on the amenities that you look for in a vacation spot, and making the extra hour and a half drive south of Cancun International Airport to Tulum Mexico, then you will be rewarded with the most spectacular view from a tropical paradise that you will ever experience in your life time. The pearl white beaches, and the medium blue waters gently lapping ashore are just a part of this slice of paradise.

Cabanas Tulum

The rental cabanas Tulum Mexico offers are a mere fourteen or fifteen feet away from the Tankah Bay so your view will be unobstructed by other villas, and cabanas. The beaches are semi private and only shared by scant view other rental casitas, and villas. In the past this area was known as being a high-end vacation spot for nudists, this has changed over the last few years, and that is not allowed any longer. Tulum now attracts a more discerning, and mature traveler that would like to avoid the glitz of tourist traps like Cancun.

Tulum Beachfront Rentals

Tulum Mexico - Cabanas - Villas - Casitas Rentals
Tulum Mexico - Cabanas - Villas - Casitas Rentals

Tulum Beaches Are Out Of This World

Celebrities are sometimes spotted on Tulum beach areas, as they like the fact that the media is never there, and they can relax and be one with the local tropical nature to recharge their spirit, mind, and body. There are activities in Tulum, but for the most part it is themed as a relaxation retreat, and many will also come to the Tulum ruin, that have well outlived the Mayan culture. Everything is very close in this local, and from any cabana, you are only about five to ten minutes away by car for access to any location.

Tropical Paradise Comes Standard With WiFi

There have been some technological breakthroughs recently and wireless Internet is available at most beachfront rentals. It is not as bad as cell phone service, but not as quick as say your cable modem back at home. The WiFi however, is good enough for you to update your Facebook pages, and to send and receive emails. There are also a couple of restaurants in town to dine, and relax, but most are so mesmerized by the view at their Mexican cottage that they tend to go buy groceries, and whatever libations they want, and stay on the beach.

Snorkel or Scuba Dive In Tulum Cenotes

If you love to snorkel or scuba dive, you are in for a real treat, as the Yucatan peninsula is known for its cenotes. These openings in the ground offer access to subterranean rivers and waterways. Essentially the roof of the underground aquifers has caved in at various random locations, and opens the whole network underground up to the surface dwellers for exploring, gathering water, and taking professional scuba tours. This is also the only freshwater supply that the people of the Yucatan have, as there not any above ground freshwater rivers to extract from for their daily needs.

The Tranquil Tulum Beach Video

Tulum Ruins Must Not Be Missed

The one activity that is a must see are the Tulum ruins before leaving to go home, as this is the third largest Mayan ruins in the country of Mexico, and they are fascinating to explore. This is the only attraction in the area that attracts large crowd of tourist, as they are bussed in from Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Akumal. The way to avoid the swarms of people is to be there when they open at eight in the morning, or wait until four o’clock in the afternoon, as those people will have not arrived yet, or they have left for the day. The Tulum ruins close a six in the evening so it will give you a couple of hours to tour after the busses have packed up and gone home.

Crime and Murder In Mexico

The media has whipped up travelers in a frothy fear about traveling to Mexico for vacations due to the violent crimes that have occurred in the country over the last couple of years. All of this is due to the drug cartels trying to take over the border towns to get their products into the USA. The Yucatan peninsula has not been part of this problem, and is completely safe to travel to at any time via flights into Cancun.

There are also Tulum hotels that you can stay at but you will not get the oceanfront views from those locations, the laid back atmosphere, that cannot be replicated on the city streets.

Tulum Mexcio Cabana Video


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