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The Cayman Islands, another leg of our trip

Updated on February 12, 2013

We were on deck of Taurus with the sun on our faces and the warm wind blowing across our bodies. Taurus was leaping through the waves as if she were a bull charging out of the gates. We left Jamaica far behind us; but have kept with us a treasure-trove of memories.

Then, slowly it appeared, as if growing right out of the ocean, we saw a small island off our bow. Taurus raced toward it, the island grew and we began to see the white sand beaches of Grand Cayman!
I looked at her with wonderment; I wondered what we would find, and what kind of a life I should expect.
Once we got nearer to the shores, we took down the sails, and started Taurus’ diesel engine and motored closer to the island. My brother read the depth sounder and my dad stood at the bow looking into the warm, clear water for a good spot to drop anchor into the soft white sand, while I manoeuvred Taurus in the direction dad told me to.
Finally, I got the command to bring Taurus to a stop, then dad dropped the anchor. Within seconds, there was silence except for the sounds of a few gentle waves lapping against the hull.
Once the usual maintenance was completed, we relaxed for the evening on deck staring out at the beauty before us and we watched the sunset paint the sky in a most unbelievable red hue.
The sleep we had that night was an amazing one, one of the most restful sleeps any of us has had in a very long while.
The next morning we made our way to shore to explore Grand Cayman, an amazing island with more Canadians there than I have seen anywhere else thus far. More activity than in Jamaica as well, people were on the beaches participating in every kind of water sport imaginable.
After a few hours exploring and shopping, and once back on board, we settled in for the evening. My brother, sister and I were in the galley below deck; busy getting caught up on some schoolwork, when we were interrupted by a country music band, the Oakridge Boys being introduced on stage outside one of the beachfront hotels.
Therefore, we all made our way up on deck and enjoyed a free live concert with the best seats in town. We saw them and we could hear them better than anyone else could, the music flowing over the warm water seemed to enhance our listening experience, so this was what our evening consisted of before we went bellow deck to bed.
A few days have gone by; they consisted of diving, swimming and touring the island, and enjoying the warm, crystal-clear water that were teaming with an infinite amount of colourful fish of various shapes and sizes, and relaxing on the white sand beaches in the heat of the Cayman sun.
We watched the ski boats, jet-skis and Para-sailors race by. However, one day when we were all on deck having supper, we spotted a jet boat with a Para-sailor hooked up and ready to go. His engines roared to life sending the Para-sailor high up into the sky. Suddenly the wind shifted and the Para-sailor shot over toward our mast. On top of our 46-foot mast were four large antennas that were mounted onto a thick, sharp edged, stainless steel plate. We could do nothing but watch in horror as he came closer, we could hear his blood curdling screams for help as he watched with budging eyes our mast and antennas come closer to him with every passing second, the man frantically tugged the risers on the side in an attempt to steer himself away, but to no avail. We see him just give up, hanging in his harness knowing his life would soon be over. However, suddenly, as if the hand of God reached down and grabbed him, he shot away from our antennas which nearly became his demise, missing them by no more than 30cm. Sighs of relief can be heard from us, the Para-sailor, the driver of the jet boat as well as everyone on the beach. Never again did they launch that close to us, but still, every time we hear the engines from a jet boat roar to life, we run out to see where they are.
After we are able to wind down and get back into the relaxing mode, we begin to enjoy our new found paradise once again. We again went snorkelling on a regular basis, the water was so clear that we saw a multitude of various life forms that make their home beneath the waves. I dove with the stingrays and other fish and enjoyed the beauty that has been created for our enjoyment. Seeing these creations only confirms that someone, an intelligent being created what I lived in. There are no other explanations, and a mere fluke is not a possible answer.


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    • thomasczech profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      I know, this is confusing to me also. I don't know how anyone can read all the other ones. I have them all published. I don't know why this is this way.

    • Pollyannalana profile image


      5 years ago from US

      I don't understand, it says you have 59 hubs but I can only see 5 but then there are about 5 different ones in the spotlight? This is only ten available for people to read? Is it the new hubpage stuff or do you need to click something to make them available or featured?


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