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The Chang'an Avenue in Beijing of China

Updated on October 6, 2017

The Dragon Flag of Qing Dynasty, China

East Imperial Jewels~The Great Wall of China

About China

Located in the East Asia, China is one of the most important and greatest countries of our planet, a super empire with thousands years of amazing civilization and magnificent history.

My suggestion to most western tourists is, if you are planning to travel to China, be sure to come to Beijing because Beijing is the political and cultural center of China. And if you are visiting in Beijing, Tiananmen is a place you should not miss because Tiananmen is the most important national symbol of this empire, it was first built by the third emperor of the Ming dynasty in 1420~that is 600 years ago. As a foreigner, you will not be alone in Beijing because there are many foreigners visiting, working and studying in Beijing EVERYDAY.

This post is especially about one street of Beijing.

There is a very wide and long road before the Tiananmen Gate, this road is the famous Chang'an Avenue(or Street), in my this HubPages post, let me introduce something about the Chang'an Avenue to you, I hope it will give you some helpful information for your travelling in Beijing.

Parade on Chang'an Avenue

Some basic information about Chang'an Avenue

Literally meaning as "Eternal Peace Street", Chang'an Avenue(or Street) is named after the capital Chang'an city of both Han and Tang dynasties~two most powerful dynasties of China, now this city is named "Xi'an". It is a East-West direction road.

How wide is this road?

The most width of Chang'an Avenue is about 120 meters, and its narrowest width is about 60 meters.

How long is it?

From Dong Dan to Xi Dan, its traditional length is about 4 kilometres, but its stretch is as long as 40 km, from TongZhou District to Shijingshan District, the Beijing subway Line 1 is right under Chang'an Avenue.

Tiananmen in Night

A Overlooking of the Forbidden City from Jing Mountain

Tourist attractions along Chang'an Avenue


Tiananmen Gate is the midpoint of Chang'an Street, taking Tiananmen as its midpoint, it is divided as West Chang'an Avenue in Xicheng District and East Chang'an Avenue in Dongcheng District. Tiananmen Gate is on the South side of Chang'an Avenue, and Tiananmen Square is on its North side, they are connected with two underground tunnels. By the way, it is on Tiananmen where Mao Zedong announced to the world that the People's Republic of China was established, and Tiananmen Square is one of Tiananmen Square is the largest squares in the world.

The Forbidden city

The forbidden city is located after Tiananmen Gate, there are total 24 emperors of Both Ming and Qing dynasties lived in this palace where these emperors dominated this super empire. Its ticket price is just about 5 USD per tourist.

Jing Mountain

On the back of the Forbidden city, there is a Jing mountain which is a little royal palace, hiking on Jing mountain, you can see all the landscape of the Forbidden city.

The Forbidden City in a Ming dynasty painting

Shopping center of Beijing~Wangfujing and Xi Dan

Dong Dan is the traditional beginning from the East of Chang'an Avenue, and Xi Dan is on its West. If you want to shopping and have a taste of the delicious food of Beijing, you are suggested to go to Wangfujing or Xi Dan shopping center~both of them are very famous shopping centers of Beijing, there are many shopping mall and restaurants, where you also can buy the newest iPhone in the Apple Stores. The Wangfujing Walking Street is in Dong Dan.

An Orthodox Church near Wangfujin


Because Chang'an Avenue is the most 'political' road in China, so you will easily find there are MANY policemen and soldiers on this long road during all the 24 hours, to make sure this road is peaceful enough.

There are too many very important persons of this empire are/were walking along this road, hundreds years later, Chang'an Avenue is still existing there, and it also becomes more open to its people and the world. As a foreign tourist, what will you think when you are walking along the Chang'an Avenue?

At last, thanks for reading. Do not hesitate to drop a comment if you have any questions about the Chang'an Avenue.

Wish you have a happy traveling in China

© 2017 ehonhdouzi


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