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The lesser known Chinese military, The Farmer's Military

Updated on June 22, 2008

Farmers Navy = overview

This morning shortly after I got up I heard a series of tremendous booms, III-II-I-I wondered what could be happening as these obviously weren't any kind of fireworks.

A few seconds later I heard it again but from somewhere far away. At first I thought it was just an echo of the first set but it was just different enough to rule out the possibility of it being an echo. The next set shook the building and rattled the windows even though they were closed and secured. Now I was really awake and alert when it started again; II-I-II-I. Now this set repeated as before far off in the distance then very close.

By now I am at the window looking out for some source and I see a bit of smoke coming from the top of a nearby hill. I ignored the repetitions and concentrative my view on the hilltop with my binoculars. The next set rang out I-III-I-I and this time I saw flashes on the hilltop. I went to the other window and saw the source of the nearby booms. It was a Navy destroyer cursing not far off shore.

Since then this drill has repeated one more time I suspect that it is a common thing since I saw no one coming out to see what all of the fuss was about.

After considerable research Jeff and I have come to the conclusion that is a show of arms being put up to keep the armed forces of the Chinese Farmers in check. We had not known of the military build up within the ranks of the Chinese Farmers until we started studying what was going on around the country.

Observer Class Sub

This is the largest sub in the farmer's fleet
This is the largest sub in the farmer's fleet

Observer Class description

This is one of the Observer Class Submarine. It is not known just how many of this type exist in the Farmer's inventory but it is suspected that there are more than anyone knows. This type is used for reconicense and planning of all CFN actions. Later in this article you will see this sub in action.

Class 1 hunter tiller

Class 1 description

The Class 1 Hunter Tiller submarine is one of the two types most feared by the CCPP Naval Forces. They are quick and manuverable and can be used in concert with many of the Farmer's most feared Naval weaponrey. With its crew of 5 it can stay submerged for long periods without giving away its position until it is far too late for its hapless prey.

Class 1 underway 2001

underway caption

In this shot we can see a Class 1 Hunter Tiller being deployed on one of the longest voyages so far recorded. Manned by Captain Lon Los Tu it slipped from its hidden submarine pen some 5oo miles up the Yangtze River. Captian Tu departed in the spring of 2001 and has maintained radio silence even though he was not ordered to remain submerged. His devotion to duty is amazing. Each day his wife and children send messages in specially marked bottles. They are certain that he is recieveing their letters because none have been returned as "undeliverable".

Class 2 Stinker

Class 2 text

In this, very rare, image from a CCPP spy mission we can see the most dreaded of all the Farmer's submarines. Code name "Stinker" because of its specially designed ability to disquise its self as "effluence". It boasts a crew of 25 and carries the very latest versions of both technology and weaponry. It can also lay mines, providing that the crew are well fed. It is true state of the art military hardware according to the Farmer's spokemen. They would not give any further details, fearing detection and interception or any such information.

closing comment

Check back on these pages for further updates on the growing tension between these forces


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