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The City of Edinburgh

Updated on January 4, 2010

I have visited many places in my lifetime,including Austrailia, Mexico, most of the Carribean islands on cruises, lots of places in
Europe including Prague (which is beautiful by the way) Germany and Venice another wonderful place. But my favourite place to
visit has got to be Edinburgh I loved it the very first time I visited and every time since.
I love the old buildings, the back streets with all the history attached, the creepy stories about Jekkyl and Hyde and the darling Grey Friars Bobby.
All the great shops in Princes Street, the friendly people and the Castle lit up at night.

Greyfriars Bobby bar Edinburgh
Greyfriars Bobby bar Edinburgh

If you go there in December in the lead up to Christmas you will see the winter wonderland in the gardens opposite Princes Street
all lit up at night its magical.



But to see Waverly station awash with red welsh shirts on the weekend in the year we won the Grand Slam will never be forgotten
the streets so clogged with welsh fans they had to stop the traffic, and on the day of the match when we walked to the ground
there couldnt have been anyone left in Wales surely!
Walking back after our win thousands of fans together Welsh and Scottish not a cross word between them
Good Memories.

Christine H Fisher.


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