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The Community of Beauty

Updated on June 24, 2013

The Community of Beauty: A Beautiful Community

Sunset Boulevard is located in the northwest area of the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. The community is named Beauty. The community itself is home to many religious associations: National Baptist Church, Mt. Zachariah Apostolic Temple, New Beginnings Baptist Church (where a former presidential candidate came in the 1990s to gain support for his political campaign and were the most recent president stopped in to pick up votes in the last election.) St. Mark’s is a Roman Catholic Church, where I attended from first to sixth grade. Hallelujah Anyhow is a Holiness Temple, Look No More is a Baptist Church and From the South We Came is Baptist. There’s also a Missionary and Presbyterian Church in the area and an Episcopalian gathering where I attended when I was in my early 20s.

Then you have the Beauty Town Center which houses various restaurants, a shopping store for women, a shopping store for families, several discount stores, and ATMs. Across the street, you’ll find a strip mall with the basics, discount stores, cell phone store, small eateries and, of course, a beauty center. This is also the business district for Beauty. Several small businesses make Beauty their home, along with several elementary schools. Funny, there are no high schools, but several well-known colleges and universities are within a one-mile stretch.

The area is quite robust. In the early 1970s it was the home of the newly relocated population from the west end side of downtown, south of the city. Beauty can boast of hosting Dr. Martin Luther King in the late 1960s as he traveled here to give a speech at one of the local churches. Beauty can boast of having several world known boxers that came or lived in the area. Beauty can boast of its famous Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

Beauty is also home to several medical establishments. The three top-rated hospitals can boast of being residents of Beauty. Their convenient location has had a major impact on saving lives.

Beauty is also the home of one of the most famous chili restaurants, Hot Dogg! And, home to Shelby’s Homemade Ice Cream. Um! Makes me want one of their vanilla shakes. Next door to Shelby’s is the Whopper Hopper. The best, and I mean the b-e-s-t three-layered burger around. That’s right, they have three burgers on one sandwich. They add bacon and Thousand Island dressing sauce. Um, Um, good! Another famous Mexican restaurant, Hello Mexicalẽ has the best burritos and tacos at a good price.

Because of its central location, public transportation is easily accessible. Parking is good because the community is mostly residential. No highways. No expressways. Population: 60,000.

Beauty is a great community for children and families. You can find many things to do in the different seasons. In the summer, there are plenty of places to go hiking, fishing and golfing. In the fall, the parks are full with beautiful flowers that are budding during their season.

The community center is filled with artists of all kinds. You can learn how to make ceramic dishes. You can learn how to quilt. You can play chess. You can learn how to cook unbelievable dishes. There’s even wine-tasting. In the winter, there is a big display of Winter Wonderland. The lights of the winter season go up in early November, just before Thanksgiving. They go off in the middle of January.

People in Beauty love to celebrate. So they have cooking events during the middle of the week. It ‘s not strange to see some barbeque smoke on someone’s back porch. In the spring, the beauty of Beauty comes into full view. The flowers that rested during the winter season, show forth their beauty. Unbelievable! There are tulips of every color. There are sunflowers. There are hydrangeas. There are lilacs. There are bougainvilleas. Beauty is named appropriately. The landscapes in this community, say it all.

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