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The Crossroads of Promontory

Updated on July 3, 2011
the crossroad of promontory
the crossroad of promontory

There may often be times when people want to forget all their daily works and routines after having gone through them for days, weeks, months and even years. However, there may also be times when people become confused where they can go. This is often because there are quite a large number of vacation destinations to choose these days. However, one vacation destination that is indeed worth a visit is the Promontory.

Promontory can be reached if people pay a visit to theUtahin theUnited States. People living in or paying a visit to the Promontory in theUtahoften refer to this place as the crossroads of the west. Well, it may sound rather awkward or strange to some people. However, they don’t call it the crossroads of Promontory for nothing.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a considerable number of reasons why such a nickname shows up. To start it off, back in the year 1869, the railroad lines met in the Promontory. Marking the event was the Promontory Summit which was held at the meeting point of the General Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroads. This meeting point marked the first transcontinental railroad that theUnited States of Americahas ever had.

With the place beholding such a high historical value, the Promontory is now opened to the public as a national park. There is a visitor center as well. This is the place in which people visiting the Promontory will have the opportunities to view some exhibits on railroad construction at the ancient times, how workers lived during those old days, and the Golden Spike replica. Why replica? Well, it’s because the original piece is stored in a museum for safety’s sake.

After having heard and knowing that much about the crossroads of the west where the east meets the west, one thing that may now cross people’s mind is when the right time to visit is. Well, it is recommended that people visit the Promontory when the season has turned into summer. Of course, there is a reason for this. Starting on May 1, there are 2 trains utilizing steam engines that will be traveling to the Golden Spike National Historic site within every single day. With that being said, visitors won’t likely have to get into any difficulties if they feel like visiting this particularly amazing site that has pretty high historical values.


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