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What You Need to Know About RV Nomads

Updated on May 4, 2017
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I am an avid RV enthusiast who has traveled, lived, workcamped and volunteered nationwide for more than 50 years and am still going strong!

An alarming number of today's young people are buying recreational vehicles and becoming nomads who give little thought to the sometimes damaging consequences of life on the open road.

A nomad is a person who travels consistently in his motor home, van, camper or trailer and works at low level jobs, participates in crimes or begs for money as he travels in order to pay his expenses.

He generally has little knowledge about RV living and travel, cuts expenses by sneak camping and has no visible means of regular financial support.

For most, this way of life is nothing more than a current day version of the old time "tramp" who used trains to move from one place to another.

Those who pursue it earn similar reputations.

They are neither liked by society nor wanted in communities, so finding work is difficult and building friendships almost impossible.

The majority are too young to realize that they are totally unprepared for RVing, but like the idea of

  1. avoiding the responsibilities of normal daily living,
  2. finding freedom from the workaday world and
  3. gaining personal independence.

Successful RV Nomads have special skills, talents or businesses that support their lifestyle.
Successful RV Nomads have special skills, talents or businesses that support their lifestyle. | Source

Successful Nomads

Others who also refer to themselves as nomads are actually nothing more than full-timers who have prepared themselves financially and educationally for RV living and travel.

They are generally

  • in their mid twenties or older,
  • technically savvy,
  • have developed businesses that can support them,
  • own decent vehicles to use for their adventures and
  • are financially stable.

As a result, they are able to live comfortably, travel freely, build worthwhile careers and earn enough money to support themselves.

A few among them, however, have chosen to support themselves by finding ways to lure the young into the nomadic life, knowing full well that most will falter badly once they become involved.

Feeding on the Gullible

This bunch earns by creating websites that tout the benefits of pursuing a nomadic lifestyle without being honest about its caveats.

Their income is based on the number of people who read the information they provide in their websites, so the more youngsters they are able to lure into following them, the more money they make.

They tell grand tales of seeing marvelous sites, earning easy money right from their computers as they travel and living as they choose without having to tolerate the restraints of society.

They make their readers think that anybody can live as they do, but neglect to share the harsh realities that a nomad life can bring for people who are naive enough to jump in without any planning, financial stability or appropriate skill sets.

Who, in his right mind, would knowingly sign themselves into a situation that would leave them almost destitute and living on the rough edges of life?

These kids don't understand about the costs involved in owning a recreational vehicle or the discomforts that can come with living without utilities or even having enough money to buy food or get medical care!

For many of them, nomading becomes a culture that is mostly made up of disillusioned kids that have separated themselves from every day society and soon found themselves digging deep social, financial and psychological holes from which extrication will be difficult if not impossible.

You'll see some of them in the videos I have included in this article and will undoubtedly agree that this is a situation that is bad for those who become involved and bad for society as well.

RV Nomads are often looked down upon by society and thus lead lonely lives.
RV Nomads are often looked down upon by society and thus lead lonely lives. | Source

The Young Nomad

In most cases, those who are attracted to this alternative lifestyle are mostly

  • unemployed,
  • relatively young,
  • extremely gullible,
  • poorly educated,
  • minimally skilled and
  • seeking ways to escape from the norm.

They flock to predatory websites like those mentioned above that offer them the hope of living "free", working little and earning enough money to sustain them while at the same time having the opportunity to tour the country and enjoy all of its wonders.

They don't know that by joining in they will

  • end up living hand to mouth,
  • only be able to find the hardest, dirtiest level of minimum wage work,
  • waste some of their most productive years following a nonexistent dream and
  • be treated like trailer trash by society.

Most Nomads are forced to take the worst jobs available just to be able to survive financially.
Most Nomads are forced to take the worst jobs available just to be able to survive financially. | Source

Facts Don't Lie

No matter the intentions or situations of those wishing to live and travel in recreational vehicles, there are certain truths that all wanting to enjoy the life they can offer must deal with:

  1. RVs cost money to buy, update and maintain.
  2. Successful full timing requires a stable income.
  3. Travel is expensive.
  4. Unless you are well funded, skilled, own a thriving business, are talented and/or well educated, the types of jobs that will be available to you mostly pay only minimum wage, offer no benefits, will be temporary and will not do one thing to improve your resume. In fact, they may make it look worse.

The young do not understand these things, so by becoming nomads, they place themselves into difficult situations that can lead to life damaging problems.

Nomading Damages Everybody

It is unfortunate that so many of our young people have been lured into nomadic living, but it is even sadder that what they are doing is negatively impacting every day people who are simply trying to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

A perfect example of the type of problems nomads cause for regular RVers can be found in this article that explains why San Diego, California has decided to crack down on street parking for large vehicles.

This issue is just one of many that are reducing long term options for regular RV travelers, but there is little they can do about the situation.

There is nothing illegal about the nomad lifestyle, but the negatives of it far outweigh the positives.

It is not good for the majority of young people who participate in it, it is not good for RVers, and it certainly is not good for society.

Do you think younger people need to be careful when choosing to become full time RVers?

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