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The Door.

Updated on March 14, 2016

I departed Rochester Minnesota on Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm after visiting a friend. On the way home I knew I wouldn’t make it all the way so I called my nephew and his charming wife and they offered to put me up. Interestingly he was not at home but at his mother-in-law’s lake home. They were house-sitting but had room so it would work out.


They put me up in one of the small bedrooms in the “old” part of the cabin. I checked under the bed for monsters and seeing none I went to sleep. In the morning when I got up I was sitting on my bed waiting for the old bean to kick in when I started to notice the book shelf. It was a mess.

Sideways | Source

The top and bottom parts had some tracks for a sliding glass door. The weird part is these tracks which can only work on the top and bottom actually were on the sides. Did they really mount the bathroom cabinets on their side and put a shelf in sideways? It sure looked that way. How peculiar. Then then I noticed the wood work between the cabinets was atrocious. It was an afterthought. The trim was sloppy, the fit was sloppy and the finish was sloppy. Chalk it up to being an old house.

On the left side of the cabinet were some old hinges which didn’t belong. If your had sliding glass doors why would you need a hinge? If your put on a hinge, why would you put it on the bottom of the cabinet? And why would you mount the cabinets sideways in the first place? What a mess. Then at the bottom was a wheel. Did this used to be a free standing cabinet?.......No....... it is a door! The old bean was working now!

I reach over to pull on it and it didn’t move. Well maybe it is not a door. I noticed that part of the dresser was blocking it so I move the dresser over and Open Sesame. I was expecting to find a water heater or water softener but low and behold it is the next bedroom. Oh-o, had that bedroom been occupied this could have been embarrassing! Luckily, it wasn’t. Life is a series of bullets dodged.

Open Sesame
Open Sesame | Source

As morning progressed I leaned over to my nephew and mentioned I found the secret door. His response: “What door?” Oh my, he didn't know. He had no idea. I just blew it, I wish I had never revealed the secret. Then in words that made me proud he says, “Don’t tell my wife!” Okay now I have a new reason to live. I was all in.

"Well let’s go get some breakfast." My nephew says he'll get his coat out of the kitchen. Suddenly from behind us he announces he is ready. Neither of us notice. Off to breakfast we go. Upon getting home he announces that he is going to hangup his coat in the kitchen. The next thing we know is he standing behind us again. His wife says, “Hey what’s going on?” I respond; “What are you talking about?” She said, "How did you go that way and then come out behind us?" I responded,"He was always behind us."

So now let us discuss what a lie is. A lie is when you allow someone to believe something that is untrue. Telling someone something that is untrue is not a this one doesn't even fall into the subtle category. I lied.

She said, "Oh, okay" ..... then the five alarm epiphany went off. “No you went into the kitchen and now you are behind us, did you crawl through the closet or something?”

We confessed.

The family had been in the house for months. This secret was not given up so easily but now it was out of the bag. The toothpaste has left the tube.


However, the rest of the family didn't know about it. Simply put, our gang of rascals just grew by one and I don't see it's growth ever stopping!

Who would be the next victim?


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