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The Eastern Townships of Quebec

Updated on March 21, 2016

The Eastern Townships is the town that originated during 1796. The time when the British gave the lands to their Loyalists who came from the United States right after the American Revolution. This area lies along the borders of US and stretches for above 186 miles. A favourite place for tourists throughout the year for vacations. The place is a little different but very convenient to spend some time and relax.

The place is so distinctly different from the rest of the country that the people who visit the area controlled by the beauty of the area. The town has the largest possible number of organic farms in the whole country as well as a few markets and vineyards. There are apple orchards that you could visit which goes walking on the highways. You can always take a book from the Canadian Shack and return it to the circulation desk of the U.S.

The Eastern Townships of Quebec

The township is going to place in all the seasons and throughout the year for vacationing. During the winters, you can go to Mont Orford and try skiing. You can go ice fishing on the Massawippi Lake. There are many cross country skiing facilities available across the trails that have created for snowmobiling over the whole region. The summers are best for kayaking, sailing, golfing, fishing, hiking, windsurfing and tennis. The crowds become smaller during the spring time and autumns and if you decide to visit the area then, you will be delighted to see the colourful foliage of the trees. The area is quieter then and that in a way enhances the beauty altogether.

The eastern township is at a one-hour drive distance from Montreal and there are usually three road trips that are conducted to make the visitors accustomed to the main attractions of the area. If you take the Wine Route, you will be able to see the vineyards of Quebec that are most famous for their ice wines. The township trail is what gives you the sight of the barns and houses that have the Victorian style and culture. If you are into the beauty of the area, then you are to take the Summit Trail. It will give you the views of the area’s most scenic places and parks. If you are visiting the area in summer, you should try hiking and cycling.

The Eastern Townships of Quebec

The place has many interesting features. In 2007, the Mont-mechanic was at first designed to be the first International Dark Sky Reserve in the world. The park about 2,123 square miles has an exceptionally beautiful view of the night sky and it is the research of the park that has contributed to the reduction of light pollution all over Quebec.


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