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The Ettamogah Pub

Updated on November 25, 2014
The Ettamogah Pub, Table Top, NSW
The Ettamogah Pub, Table Top, NSW

A Real Cartoon Pub

The Ettamogah Pub is the subject of a now famous cartoon that used to feature in a magazine called the Australasian Post. The magazine was known for featuring Australiana (items from Australian culture), and was published until 2002.

The cartoonist was Ken Maynard. He was born in Albury in 1928 and died in 1998. He started drawing his crazy, fictional pub in 1959, and named it after an area called Ettamogah in Table Top, near Albury in New South Wales.

The cartoon led to a real pub and restaurant, modeled on the famous drawings, being built at Ettamogah. Its popularity as a tourist destination led to the creation of a chain, and now there are four Ettamogah pubs in Australia. They can be found at Ettamogah in New South Wales, Rouse Hill in Sydney, New South Wales, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (soon to be discontinued as an Ettamogah icon), and in Cunerdin in Western Australia. Because of its bizarre appearance, and because there have been four of them, the Ettamogah Pub claims, in all probability correctly, to be the most photographed pub in the world.

One of the pub's many quirky fixtures is a 1927 Chevy truck on top of the roof. According to the cartoon, the truck was washed up there in the floods of 1946 and, in typical, laid back "Aussie" fashion, none of the regulars could be bothered to ever get it down.

A markerTable Top, NSW, Australia -
Table Top NSW, Australia
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The Ettamogah Pub, Table Top

Albury Ettamogah, at Table Top, was the first of the Ettamogah restaurant / pub chain in Australia. Located off the Hume Highway, which runs between Sydney and Melbourne, it is a well know tourist destination. It has a family restaurant, a museum dedicated to cartoonist Ken Maynard, a tourist shop and holiday accommodation.

Click for a virtual tour of the exterior. (Opens in a new window.)

Click for a virtual tour of the bar. (Opens in a new window.)

Contact Information:
Lot 1 Burma Road, Table Top, NSW Australia 2640
(Just off the Hume Highway, 10 minutes north of Albury)
Phone: +612 6026 2366

A marker73 Frizzo Road, Bruce Highway, Palmview, QLD Australia -
Bruce Hwy, Palmview QLD 4553, Australia
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The Ettamogah Pub, Sunshine Coast

The Queensland Ettamogah Pub opened in 1989. It is located on the busy Bruce Highway between the towns of Maroochydore and Caloundra, in the coastal region known as the Sunshine Coast. The pub is featured as part of Aussie World, a large theme park boasting a variety of rides and attractions.

Unfortunately, the licensing agreement between the pub owners and the owner of Ettamogah intellectual property ended in September 2014, so the pub will very soon be transformed into a new tourist attraction with no resemblance to the Ettamogah icon.

Contact Information:
73 Frizzo Road, Bruce Highway, Palmview, QLD Australia 4553
(One kilometre north of the Caloundra exit on the Bruce Highway)
Phone: +617 5494 5444

Photo by Bidgee
Photo by Bidgee
A markerCnr Merriville & Old Windsor Roads, Kellyville Ridge, NSW Australia -
Kellyville Ridge NSW, Australia
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The Ettamogah Pub, Rouse Hill

The Sydney version of the Ettamogah Pub was built in 2003, and is the biggest of the group. It is located fifty kilometres west of the city in the relatively new suburb of Kellyville Ridge, near the better known suburb of Rouse Hill. As well as the restaurant and pub, the Sydney Ettamogah has a bottle shop, and a huge beer garden and courtyard interior which can seat up to two thousand people.

Contact Information:
Cnr Merriville & Old Windsor Roads, Kellyville Ridge, NSW Australia 2155
Phone: +612 9629 1130

The Ettamogah Pub, Cunerdin

The Ettamogah Pub in the town of Cunerdin, Western Australia, is probably the most like a typical Australian country pub.  The town is situated in the outback, 156 kilometres east of Perth.

Contact Information:
Main Street (Great Eastern Highway) Cunderdin  WA  6407
Phone: +618 9635 1777

Photo by SeanMack
Photo by SeanMack

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      Genevieve Saxby 6 years ago


      I have beer cans of Tooheys, Emu and Powers also one original with no brand just Ettamogah Labelling. Willing to sell.