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The Five Best Bargain Beach Destinations in Europe

Updated on April 6, 2015

Europe is popular for the variety of beach destinations which are some of the most desirable when it comes to summer vacations. For those who like to enjoy their holidays, but don't like them to be too expensive, here are some of the cheapest beach destinations in Europe.

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

This is probably the most popular destination in Bulgaria and on the coast of the Black Sea too. Even though it is famous and crowded with tourists year after year, it still remains one of the most affordable beach destinations. It is easily accessible, has great hotels and beaches and you can find accommodation for 2 people for about 40€ per night. The airport is pretty near, about 40km from the Sunny Beach, so you don’t have to spend hours driving in a taxi or a bus to reach your destination.

Sarande, Albania

Sarande is becoming more and more popular destination on the Adriatic coast. It is famous for its turquoise water, sandy beaches and great night life. Being a part of a pretty poor country, it is starting to develop rapidly and in the next few years it may become one of the most desirable destinations in this part of the Adriatic coast. It is a bit far from the airport, which is in Tirana, about 270km. Prices are very similar to those in Bulgaria, but the accommodation offer is not as diverse and numerous.

Rhodes Island, Greece

This island has always been a popular destination in among people from all over the world. It is maybe a surprise that the prices for tourists here are acceptable and most of the hotels are not pricy at all. The accommodation here is about 55€ per night on average, for 2 persons. Offer of hotels and other lodging capacities is diverse, the island has its own airport, beaches are beautiful and it even has some historical sites that you can visit.

Kusadasi, Turkey

This beach resort in Turkey has a lot to offer; long, sandy beaches, great choice of hotels and many historical sites that are scattered all around the city. The center of city is very dynamic, it has many bars, cafes and the amazing night life. It is located about 150km from the nearest airport. You can find accommodation for about 60€ per night for two persons in a 3-star hotel. The offer of hotels is great when it comes to locations; you can choose between hotels in the city or a bit away where you can have your peace and quiet. However, you will get great time with affordable prices.

Costa del Sol, Spain

This part of Spain has the full right to carry its name, which literally means “coast of the sun”. It is one of the places in the Mediterranean that has highest number of sunshine hours. Costa del Sol also represents one of the most popular Spanish beach destinations; it is easily reachable with cheap flights at the airport in Malaga, has variety of inexpensive, but well rated hotels and beaches are also very nice. A night for two persons in a 3-star hotel will cost you about 65€, but you’ll see that it is more than affordable in comparison to some other less attractive destinations.


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