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The Friendliest Countries in the World 2013

Updated on December 11, 2012

We often hear friends coming back from far flung destinations and raving about how ‘the people’ were the friendliest people they’ve ever met. While this may be true, it’s a big world out there, and ‘the people’ shouldn’t always refer to the staff at an all-inclusive resort or the waiters at the local restaurant whose smile (as they handed you the bill) will live long in the memory.

Considering everyone from the people on the street and bus drivers to police officers and street vendors, here is this year’s list of the friendliest countries in the world.

10. Indonesia

Throughout the diverse islands of Indonesia, around 240 million people make up the world’s fourth most populous country, and they typically share a sense of intrigue and delight towards foreign visitors, with almost all willing to stop for general conversation and to offer their help with a bright smile.

From Sumatra to Bali, traveling through Indonesia is made all the more enjoyable by its fantastic people.

9. Malawi

While Malawians have always described themselves as the friendliest people in Africa, their hospitality is slowly becoming common knowledge around the world. It may be amongst the world’s poorest nations, but Malawi makes up for this with a country of people eager to welcome visitors into their home and spoil them with everything they have to offer.

8. Chile

With a dreamy mountainous landscape running right through South America’s most prosperous and livable nation, Chile and its people are welcoming to many visitors who come looking to travel and explore. While their speedy Spanish may be overwhelming, Chileans will generally go right out of their way to help visitors with a smile, and those who stay long term can expect to find an easy ride integrating into local life.

Traveling or living in Chile is made special by its warm, generous people.

7. Turkey

Turkish people have long had a reputation as being some of Europe’s friendliest hosts, which is why so many Europeans make Turkey their annual vacation, with fantastic food and hospitality that certainly takes some beating.

A weekend break in Istanbul or a holiday along the Mediterranean Coast will leave you with fond memories of the friendly Turkish people.

6. New Zealand

Considered one of the safest places to live, New Zealand may seem far from almost anywhere except Australia, but its charming people with their dry sense of humour are a pleasure to be around, and along with the weather and job prospects here, are among the main reasons many expats decide to make New Zealand home. Emigrating to New Zealand is made easier by the countries warm and welcoming people.

5. Canada

When the numerous research institutions release their annual 'World's Most Livable City', it's no wonder numerous Canadian cities retain their top ten place.

Expats and travelers in Canada regard the Canadian people as one of the many positives of the world’s second largest country, and it was recently identified as the best place in the world to raise children. From the big city of Toronto and bright lights of European-esque Montreal, to the laid back waterfronts of Vancouver and Victoria, Canadians are extremely approachable and fun.

This combined with their sociable and humorous personality forms just part of the reason many expats extend their stay in Canada.

4. Vietnam

Southeast Asians typically love to spoil their guests, whether they are close family or lost tourists, and visitors to Vietnam would certainly not miss the generosity shown by the local people. Everyone from the guy offering you a free ride on his scooter through the traffic of Ho Chi Minh City to the farmers looking for some friendly conversation near Hanoi tend leave their mark on travelers.

Traveling through Vietnam amongst the echoes of the Vietnamese laughter will remain with any visitor for the rest of their life.

3. Georgia

Jammed between Europe and Asia, this contrasting South Caucasus nation is home to people who have been put through many tough times over the decades, something which has resulted in a witty sense of humour and politeness, combined with a keenness to spread the word about their little known country through good deeds and remarkable hospitality.

As the backpacker word begins to spread, travel to Georgia and experience its friendly people first hand before the resulting hoardes of tour buses arrive, and experience everything from the Caucasus mountains and the cosmopolitan capital Tbilisi, to the Black Sea beaches and holiday city of Batumi.

2. Fiji

They say God gave them his smile, and some smile that is as the Fijian people welcome tourists and holiday makers to their country of 300 plus islands like long lost friends. Whether you’re on one of the tiny islands grabbing a Fiji Beer or asking for directions in the capital Suva, travelers to Fiji have nothing but positive things to say about the Fijian people, who will wish you ‘Bula’ – meaning hello, welcome, love, and health – at every opportunity.

Wish them a friendly Bula in return, and immerse yourself in one of the world’s most hospitable nations.

1. Colombia

In these days, very, very few people visit Colombia and leave in hurry, and very few people omit one of the rapidly spreading facts about this remarkably beautiful country: Colombian people are the friendliest people on earth.

From the school kids on the bus to the speed loving taxi drivers, the vast majority of Colombians are brought up with manners unseen in many parts of the world.

You could be lost on the streets of sky high Bogotá, sipping some of the worlds best coffee in scenic Medellín or lazing around the Caribbean coast in colourful Cartagena, in any event Colombia’s people are constantly on hand to show off their country, ensure you know where you are going, and maybe even invite you to the family asado - with nothing expected in return.

However be warned: Colombia is a very difficult place to leave.


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    • profile image

      Jean 2 years ago

      I had lived in many Latin American countries and I agree with you that the Colombians are the prettiest people in the world by the way they treat foreigners. They had won their fame of friendliness in an outstanding way, you can prove it when visiting Colombia. I had been in El Salvador, when I arrived there, people was friendly and they told me that they were the friendliest people in the world. When I began to talk and live between them I realized that they were the most obnoxious, rude and arrogant people in the world, maybe rivaling France or Spain in the way they talk, laugh, drive and make fun of each other.

    • profile image

      Will Hart 2 years ago

      Trying to characterize a whole nation is difficult at best. Usually there are factors that must be considered like what nationality one is....before visiting certain countries...a lot of people do not like Americans these days so...

    • profile image

      whataa 2 years ago

      i think antarctida is frendliest... :)))

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I think that each one of us will have our top 10 depending on our experiece of these places. I think that in every country, there are friendly ones and unfriendly as well. From my experience, I would include Sri Lanka, Cambodia and the Philippines.

    • profile image

      nina 2 years ago

      Georgia of course. I have never seen such a friendly country ever.. people are great. They treat you lika an old friend, son or daughter .. every time they are ready to help you..

    • profile image

      Genny 3 years ago

      I am indonesian, Thanks to write indonesia as one of friendship country in the world. I proudly wish to welcoming you to indonesia if you have a time to spare your holiday. Bali or Flores is a good place I recommended you.

    • profile image

      brian 3 years ago

      You will have smile in Indonesia, especially in bali, java, & sumatra where I lived. They love to talk with you for free. Just stop & talk to them. They will proudly tell to their friends that they just talk with foreigners! Awesome.

    • profile image

      Kimberly 3 years ago

      Nuestro país es hermoso, aquí las personas disfrutan de la compañía familiar, celebran las fiestas, algo muy curioso es que tengo una prima que viven en Italia la verdad ella tiene 10 años y estaba a los gritos cuando tenían que devolverse a ese país porque acá la gente pasan las fiestas en familia y es algo que se ve muy poco y realmente ella disfruta mucho de la compañía familiar. Yo estoy muy feliz con mi país y cada día de mi vida lo vivo con mucha felicidad.

    • profile image

      muhammad717 3 years ago

      Why you all debating this thing im from indonesia and i never go anywhere at list.. but im laugh to read whole of your comments, everyone should be understand that not every person in every country has the same character, maybe here you treat better than there or upside.Its depending on the individuals in the country, the most important thing is,wherever you go to, don't forget you bring your country's name and let them know who you are and what character you have from where you are.. that's All...

    • profile image

      Thomas 3 years ago

      Anyone been to Iran? Hospitality does not get any better than there, and contrary to a number of the countries on the list above, Iranians aren't sufficiently used to tourists (yet) to have learned how to take advantage of them. A most refreshing experience for any globetrotter.

    • profile image

      Anonimo 3 years ago

      To all who are criticising so harshly Colombia, or any other country know this: There is everything everywhere. It doesn't matter which country you visit because as a tourist you will find one thing, living you will find another. Read some comments saying that Colombians are fake; some are and some aren't, and is no different all over the world. I have met Peruvians that were highly fake, just like Chileans who were very nice. I have found very sweet people in Jordan, and very very rude people in Brazil. It all depends, because everyone will talk about the trip according to how it went for each one of them.

    • BristolBoy profile image

      BristolBoy 3 years ago from Bristol

      Amazing list. I have always really wanted to visit Georgia and this article just makes me want to even more!

    • profile image

      Oswaldo 3 years ago

      I just have two arab friends that visited Cali with me last december, And they were just amazed by our people, culture and the dinamic economy. They're thinking on going back soon, and maybe one day stablish residency there.! So, don't say anything bad about something that we all know it's good!

    • profile image

      Carola 3 years ago

      I am Colombian, left my country for several reasons years ago but can actually testify to the sweetness of their people and magical cities.

      I have also travel to most of the destinations on this list, and despite what others may say they all desserve to be part of it.

      Having a bad experience with one or a couple of people of a specific nationality does not give us the right to judge all o the country, it males no sense. This list talks about friendliness, warmth, people willing to help a foreigner, and for that I agree.

      I travel once a year, every year to a different part of the world in hope of getting to know other cultures, and meet new people. Let me tell you one thing... To those of you saying Colombia is very DANGEROUS!!! (Lol), I mean no disrespect with my laughter, but I just feel you are either communicating what the media feeds you and you have never been there, or you got stock is a not so great part of the city.... :-( in which case I have to say... Every country has them. There will always be pick-picketers, and scammers, every country has them and every person that travels is a witness to it, but that is no reason to put a country down.

      There is one thing that the article mentions, and that is very palpable from all the comments, which makes me particularly proud, that being that Colombian's are taught to have manners like no other country in the world, that is 100% true. I am referring to Colombian's raised in their country within their culture and the true Colombian values.

      I guess words don't make justice... I invite you all to travel not just to Colombia but around the world and see that amazing lives all around us.

    • profile image

      Juan 3 years ago

      Not all the people are the same ! We have problems as all the countries in the world ! But came try our food, meet our people, our land we have all the weathers ! Our women as everybody knows are one of the most beautiful in the world, you can try one of the best coffee

    • profile image

      John 3 years ago

      I lived in Colombia doing volunteer work for 5 years. Small towns are awesome. I always had a problem with racism in the larger cities, and their attitude seems to change once they find out you are of no monetary value to them. I don't think there is a best in this category, just different. I prefer some of the arabic countries myself.

    • profile image

      Anna 3 years ago

      Colombia is the only country in the world which is better to be foreign than national.

    • profile image

      osos 3 years ago


      I am from Colombia, and here we kill people for lots!

      never come here!

    • profile image

      thetruth 3 years ago

      There are many comments of people from colombia, argentina and peru against chile. People that have gone to live in chile searchung for a better life, the one that they can't find in their own countries. We chileans welcome to all overseas to our country, we give them the chance of working and get a good life. However many peruvians and colombians have came to the country to steal and sell drugs, we don't want that people, that produces anger against our country for our jelous neighbours. Isn't our fault that your countries are shit, we open chile to you and are friendly, if you come to steal younwont be welcome.

    • profile image

      David Jimenez 3 years ago

      This survey is very biased in favor of countries that are more likely to be visited by tourists. I've been to all the countries on this list with the exception of Fiji and New Zealand, and can vouch, based on my experience, for the general friendliness of the people in these countries. But having been to 120 countries in total, I find the warmth and hospitality of these places pales in comparison to my positive friendly experiences in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It should also be noted that I think a lot of perceptions of friendliness are based on the default assumption of a "white, Western tourist". For example, while Georgians can be very friendly towards light-skinned Western travelers (such as myself), Black and Asian friends of mine traveling there had very different experiences.

    • profile image

      manthony 3 years ago

      10 Friendliest Countries...According to whom? I detest these stupid list blogs.

    • profile image

      Jalmeida 3 years ago

      I'm a mexican who has traveled for 15+ countries, including Indonesia (Duri) for 6 months, New Zealand for 2 years, Colombia a couple weeks and Fiji less than a week. By far the most friendly and awesome people on earth are the Indonesians!!! that people threat you like if you were a brother who has been away for long, they are just so kind, nice and honest that I don have enough worlds to say it.

      In case you need anything you will find them really trying to help regardless the lenguage barriers and they will never expect to get anything from you but a smile and probably adding them in facebook. Be ready because you may be asked for a picture with random people on the street.

    • profile image

      Luis 3 years ago

      Chile????? Really?

    • profile image

      Anna 3 years ago

      so I'm Colombian, born and raced and I moved to Vietnam when I was 10 and I lived there & years so i got a change to travel Asia, except Indonesia. hehe. But i think Vietnamese are ok nice and they don't really deserve to be #4. maybe number #10.

      and im sooo proud Colombia is #1 on this list. I love my country, my culture, my people. How happy everyone is, even in Bogota where most of the time is a gray day people are nice. Yeah, Colombia might be a bit dangerous but we have manners, we treat people super nice Im happy and proud to be Colombian

    • profile image

      Tup 3 years ago

      I completely disagree with ranking Chile in the top ten. Their attitude towards foreigners, specially Peruvians , Argentinians and Bolivians is spiteful.

      Colombians, on the other hand, are among the happiest and friendliest people I have come across.

    • profile image

      Mpha 3 years ago

      Malawi is indeed a friendly country

    • profile image

      realista 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Karstin 3 years ago

      Did you poll all countries?

    • profile image

      Juan 3 years ago

      As a Colombian who has visited many countries and lived in many others, this is my opinion:

      If the adjective is friendly, it is true, the Colombians are the friendliest in the world.

      I wish though that we were more honest, more humane, less individualistic, better people.

    • profile image

      Cristian fabrizzio 3 years ago

      Esta frase define muchas de las situaciones de mi país (Colombia, el riesgo es que the quieras quedar)

    • profile image

      nicolas tapsch 3 years ago

      Colombia is the winner, isn't the firs time, Colombiaaaa the amoooooo

    • profile image

      Maria B 4 years ago

      Where is Romania ?

    • profile image

      Angela 4 years ago

      I am from Minneapolis. I agree with the number 1 , I have visited Colombia and several other countries and wherever - whenever you go, people is more than kind and lovely. I LOVE COLOMBIA!!! Miss it too bad! :)

      Colombia is not that bad place that people use to say,Colombia is not difficult place to is wonderful and natural.

    • profile image

      Chile 4 years ago

      Chile's not only Santiago, I'm quite alright with people saying that Chile shouldn't be on the list, taking only the capital into account, that's completely true.

      But as I said before, Chile is not Santiago, I used to think the same of this country until I visited a friend and travelled the southern part of Chile. I realized that people there is completely different to the ones in Santiago.

      It's a shame that foreigners or even chileans themselves believe they're hateful because of the way they are in the capital, I recommend you to really travel through Chile, I've met incredible people in my travels through the southern part of South America (Chile and Argentina).

      My opinion is that if you base your theory on the capital, sure, it shouldn't be on the list, but if you take the country as a whole, as my experience goes, it fits just right.

    • profile image

      felvaes 4 years ago

      I am from Colombia, I live in Bogotá, and I won't speak about Colombia, love it so much to talk about it objectively. What I really think is that there is no friendliest country in the world... it just depends on your perception and therefore how you experience yourself when immersed into different cultural contexts. It also depends on how you relate to people... if you show interest in other people's culture, people will be interest in yours, it is like magic....and it always reminds you how decent and generous human beings can be, and actually are, wherever you are....if you are patient enough.

    • profile image

      Alejandra 4 years ago

      While reading this publication I realized that there is not any specific criteria being use that will back up this list, reason why I felt the need of giving my option. Let me first put you into context I was born and raised in Colombia, and it has been five years since I moved to Canada, considering that, my past experiences and my daily life I can say that Colombians and Canadians are very friendly, as you have mentioned. Even though this might sound bias I feel confident of saying so because I have deal with both people. However how did you get to these results? On what did you base and what were your criteria when deciding and narrowing to the top“10 friendliest countries” in the world? Before I continue I shall give a little background of my self. I have fortunately been able to travel more that most average people of my age. I have been to Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Cuba, Aruba, United States, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Israel/Palestine and the most recent to the list and one I should point out for its friendly and very welcome people, India. The fact that I been expose to different cultures made me see traveling as a fantastic, unique, fulfilling and rewarding experience of constant learning. Although traveling has been breed on me and encourage by my parents I know not everyone is as lucky to be expose to traveling neither risky when choosing a next place to visit. Enough reason for me to clarify for those who are reading this publication or similar once, that when traveling one should go and experience it, this is because of a simple reason; what it could have been a good experience for you might not be a good experience for me. This is why I strongly think these kind of publications are not reliable, the readers should only take them as a reference and do not let it influence you or make you hesitate to go to visit different countries that may not be on the list. For example I have been in Countries like Peru, Cuba and specially India where I found their people to be very friendly and with out saying that turkey people are not friendly I consider Indians Peruvians and Cubans to be friendlier. So this is only leading us to see that the only true way of knowing if you would consider the people of a specific country to be friendly or not is by interacting with them. My advice do not missed out the experience of a new country and its people, there is nothing to lose, I encourage you to go an experience it your self.

    • profile image

      Kanusya 4 years ago

      Georgians are very friendly,that's true! i have been first time this year and we decide to go there every summer,amazing mountains and delicious food! i have never been in columbia,indonesia is cool,malawi as well:)

    • profile image

      Nin 4 years ago

      Gorgia I adore You.

    • profile image

      Marcos 4 years ago

      I totally agree! Colombians are exceedingly friendly, at least with foreign people! Had a blast in there! By the way they have the most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN on earth! Well done Colombia!

    • profile image

      Bitu 4 years ago

      Fiji .... the best....u

    • profile image

      Traveller 4 years ago

      Fiji is one of the most beautiful and amazing country/islands.

    • profile image

      Danna 4 years ago

      I think...that Mexico should be there...

      Colombia is great

      But, you can generalize a country for stay in an specifical place, you must visit the entire country for talking about this list...

    • Kaiwai profile image

      Kaiwai 4 years ago from Suva, Fiji

      BULA!!! to you all from Fiji... :)

    • profile image

      Todd DK 4 years ago

      There is a difference between being friendly and being polite and there is also a difference between the way people in different parts of different countries act. Being Canadian I can tell you that unless you are referring yo the people of the eastern provinces (friendly beyond belief) there is no way Canada deserves to be on this list. Polite yes but not at all friendly. Not even polite if you are referring to Quebec.

    • profile image

      greg 4 years ago

      Myanmar is a very friendly and beautiful place.

    • profile image

      2ks 4 years ago

      Well done Colombia. I love Fiji!!


    • profile image

      HVK 4 years ago

      Yay for Fiji!

      Bula Spirit all the way :)

    • profile image

      Dave 4 years ago

      The funniest thing here is that the worst comments about Colombia are given from Colombians.

      I'm not living in my country but I really miss it.

      Guys if you're so tired about Colombia, please get out of there, take your bad mood, make a roll and do whatever you want with it.

    • profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      Where's Brazil and Mexico on this list... and what's up with Chile appearing in the top ten???? NO WAY! I live in Santiago and the above text couldn't be further from reality!! The country is indeed wonderful, but this is not "The most beautiful countries in the world", it is about being friendly and this is not the Chilean way. Even my Chilean friends and Chileans in general, would agree with me!!! This list missed big time!

    • profile image

      Neil 4 years ago

      You have to remember that this is an American publication and due to their embargo, they cannot include Cuba in their list. Cuba would be on my list!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      I have been to Colombia multiple times and have many Colombian friends (my best friend is Colombian), and while the Colombian people I know tend to be very some of the friendliest I've ever met, at the same time I think if there were an article titled "The Most Depressed People in the World 2013", that Colombia would also be #1 on that list. Can't put my finger on it, but when I happen to be out and about a lot of people (not all) seem to have this depressed aura about them which is a complete downer. The other thing I noticed is that when I meet new people sometimes they look at me as if I were an alien or staring through my soul which is rather uncomfortable. Maybe this is because they are just starting to get used to tourism in their country or who knows why but just kind of strange because I have never experienced this in other countries in South America. Ending on a positive note I can say though that once you gain the trust of a Colombian they will generally bend over backwards and give you the shirt of their back to make sure you are comfortable during your visit

    • profile image

      Mancho 4 years ago

      Yes... colombians are friendly people, no doubt... and yes, they have problems as as society as well as other countries... Despite the fact of background violence, corruption, robbery, drugs and all those issues (e.g. do not respect the queue), colombians are still working as a nation to not to be seen as a "cocaine and whores" country, which is really and stereotype... THEY say: "is a german a nazi?, is a russian a communist? is an italian a gangster? WHY WE HAVE TO DEAL -the entire population-WITH THE CRIMES FROM A FEW PEOPLE?... people have changed as well as their own countries, and like EVERYONE in this WORLD, hipocrites arise... we´re ALL HUMANS, we lie and love, we steal and give, we hate and cherish, we do good and bad things!... and we can be friendly... The difference is how you sense it, how you fell it. Maybe some countries should be here, not others, but colombians definitely must be on this list!

    • profile image

      Angie 4 years ago

      Im colombian and yes we are very friendly, but I have to agree that there are some regions in Colombia where people are more friendly than others, and I have to agree that people from Bogota are not friendly at all and the city is dangerous to be walking around, I think the friendliest are people from the caribbean coast of Colombia. MEdellin is a great place to visit as well plus the beautiful landscape and awesome weather! Anyhow definitely you need to visit this wonderful country and hang out with the truly awesome Colombian people who love to enjoy our culture with foreigns!

    • profile image

      Dave 4 years ago

      Colombian people can very friendly to people they know (and foreigners). However, I have never been to a country where people show so much antisocial in society. I can't count the number of times somebody just tries to jump the queue. You only need to go on one trip with transmilenio to see this type of behviour; people will just push themselves into the bus without letting the others get out first. Or look at the traffic? Do you see well-mannered behaviour? People here just don't give a shit about each other. Well-mannered what a joke! Probably you got that impression because you are foreigner and Colombians have a fetisj for foreigners.

    • profile image

      Natalia 4 years ago

      Chile??? Really? Whoever wrote this has never been there. I left Santiago. I stayed there for three months, and believe me, Chiñeabs are so hateful and mean that they can make you even cry. And the city doesn't go fast at all!!! Maybe whoever is saying this has never been in NYC or any of the real big cities. Santiago is a very slow and boring city. The most common Chilean' hobby is to go to the mall. They have a very strong culture towards shopping. centers. Additionally, during Sundays there is almost nothing to do and the city stays to quite.

      Regarding Chileans, the problem isn't about the commute system, it's about the lack of labor they have. Right now they have full employment, so people working are overpayed and can find a new and better job very easily. Thus, they don't care about making their job well. I have seen and experienced the bad treatments of waiters, cashiers, airport personal, force sales people, and even a taxi driver kicked me and my friends out because he blocked the windows and didn't want to open the when we asked for it. Service is absolutely the worst you can find.

      Chileans will take advantage of you whenever they can. I worked there for three months, and my boss was a fraud and he only used me to keep his position. If you see his LinkedIn profile, everything you will find there is a lie. And at the end of my stay, I had the opportunity to talk with his superior and he confirmed my thoughts. This former boss was only there because there was no one else they could find in that moment for that position.

      Finally, Chileans will copy everything and say it is theirs. They even have Kit Kot! Not Kit Kat, Kit Kot! Not Samsonite but Saxoline! They have Pisco but they don't even know what the word means or where does it comes from. Here I left you a hint

      If you want to visit Chile, go! But you are already aware :)

    • profile image

      Nest Hostel Tbilisi 4 years ago

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Georgia? )))

    • profile image

      pete kelley 4 years ago

      I've been all over Latin America and Cuba is the friendliest! In the world? Ireland!

    • profile image

      joseph 4 years ago

      Every one talk from the experience. If this is a serious article, I assume tha author have to collect x samples of opinions of foreigns and native people, to give this conclusion.

      There´re friendly and unfriendly people in all the world. May be this factor is not easy measurable.

      Colombia have several problems, more than others countries. And for years the internal war, insecurity, narcotrafic and the corruption have damaged the trust of the people for the people, the trust of the people for the institutions and the trust of the state for the people.

      With all the cultural, political and social troubles, is interesting to know why x percentage of the Colombian poblation seems to be more happy or more friendly than other countrys with few problems. May be this is the form to react to years of crisis. May be the only way to dont be so worried about the daily and future problems and conflicts is living happy and friendly. I don't know what is the exact percentage of people that live with this response to the live, but should be a significant portion. Unfortunally the bad things sounds more and are news. Unfortunally the bad things generate more traumas that the good things.

      Any way, let`s go to Colombia, may be you experiment the nices part of the country!!

    • profile image

      Natia Arabuli 4 years ago

      Who has not lived in colombia has not lived the life... they can steal from u everywhere and its ur f... problem if u r not careful....canada? Worst then Germans:(((( friendly with their dogs and coffee only, sometimes with their ipads but whatever has two legs and hand ? Never.... Georgia is a heaven, georgians really have different values they love life in a different way... the rest countries i ve no idea never been there

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      A friend of mine went to Mexico and she had some luggage stolen. Despite being wary of traveling to Colombia with some friends, she went. She said it was the best travel experience she ever had. Yes, there are some bad things happening there, but not all the people are bad. There are lots of people who just want to get on their lives and make a life for themselves. No one should begrudge them that right. I heard of stories of friendly, warm kind people and generosity. We should be so lucky to get this in our own countries.

      There are some amazing places in Central and South America I want to visit and explore some day.

      This is a great hub. Tweeted.

    • profile image

      CC 4 years ago

      I have a feeling some of my Colombiano cousins are writing these posts!

    • profile image

      Leo Moya 4 years ago

      ......Colombians?...the friendliest people on EARTH?!?!!!.....

      Im a "Colombian" I was born in Bogota and I've lived most of my life in "this country".

      the frienliest people in the world...mmmm...Well maybe but...perhaps...perhaps except ...people from Bogota(rolos)

      or People from the coffee Zone (Paisas)...

      or Paisas towards Rolos

      or Rolos toward Paisas

      or Rolos toward Costehnos (people from the coast)

      or Costehnos toward Paisas

      Paisas towrd Costehnos

      costehnos toward Rolos etc...

      Not to mention Thieves of all kinds, burglars, bandids, pick pockets, asaultants, robers and conmen which are of the highest number in all southamerican of course smuglers, extorsionist,Narcotraders, guerillas, milicias...and of course corrupt policemen ( because in Colombia policemen are something special) and corrupt government officials politicians,including white collar thives and other mafias which are uncountable in this geographicaly beautiful country.

      I forgot to count in this exeption other numerous groups of unfriendly people like left extremists, right extremist, ultracatholics, metal extremists, skinhead radical groups (dark and brunette), and the obviously social miseducated provided by the enormous differences in social and education...the high classes which are not very "nicepeolple " except with forigners, and their opposite , the lower classes which 75% are resentful (with reason) with the few who have priviliges.

      So I ask my self after reading this article...Who are those "friendly colombians"?...ok may be if they are nice hot girls they will be friendlier...and don't forget this ...colombians usually worship forigners specially anglos and they will always be "nice"...and invite you to an ASADO.....

      OH! sorry I forgot....

      THe friendliest people in Bogota are not taxi drivers , they are BUS drivers! please I invite you to take aride around this city in a Bus, and you'll see just how nice and friendly the driver is.

      Any more information about "Colombia" write to me at

    • profile image

      Anna 4 years ago

      Colombians are very nice people! I'm from Germany and I went to Colombia 3 months ago for vacations! My friends and I had a blast in there! Sightseeing will blow your mind! People are really friendly and polite as well, you'll be like part of their family right away! haha Highly recommended! Come to Germany by the way ;) Also: LoveeeKolumbienfoodanddance!!

    • profile image

      wazzap 4 years ago

      I totally agree with this. Colombia DESERVES TO BE #1. This is the list for the FRIENDLIEST people, and we have been happiest country already.

      Its not the safest place to live in and it has its bad things like any other country but before you comment you should really take the time to actually know the facts and not be such an ignorant.

    • profile image

      Mik 4 years ago

      I traveld a lot last years, and this year I was in Colombia for 10 weeks. Believe me, the people are indeed the most friendly I ever met. Look behind stereotypes, visit the country yourself and you'll be amased!

    • profile image

      Angie 4 years ago

      I think that each country has some beautiful and some that is not beautiful, but I am sure that my country is really beautiful, people think that Colombia is only narcotrafic and drugs and the true is that it is only a little part our country...We have more that it. I invite ...come here...we are more that all people say!

    • profile image

      Tamar 4 years ago

      I am representative of #3 country and I am so proud about my Georgia:) it's true, after tough times wars and problems we are still looking at life with humor, we sing and damce and love our guests, we believe guests are sent by God! I miss my country

    • profile image

      ohh really? 4 years ago

      i admired many south people before while i was in canada... n now i married one brazilian thought that brazillians can be very nice and thus i came to brazil. and the finding is.... they are just fake in front of you and love to gossip and materialistic. always compare and the girls are too sexually opened and love to jealous. im so disappointed. the people that i met in canada are so nice simply because they are foreigners in a foreign country. once you come and see the local people then you will know.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Colombia is the best in hospitality but I do not get the part at the end that says, "It is difficult to live in Colombia". I guess it refers to the poor people, but it is difficult to the poor anywhere. Why many Americans always has to mess with Colombia, why they can not accept is a beautiful peacefuly country? at least The US mess it up introducing their quimicals in our crops!

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Colombia is the best in hospitality but I do not get the part at the end that says, "It is difficult to live in Colombia". I guess it refers to the poor people, but it is difficult to the poor anywhere. Why many Americans always has to mess with Colombia? Why they can not accept is a beautiful peacefuly country, at least The USA mess it up introducing their quimicals!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      georgian's are nt friendly they are bloody racist and drunks and pretender and wicked pple cheats they hate blacks...i knw very well cos i live in the capital cheat blacks...houses are only expensive 4 blacks.... in my school they beat up a black the school authority did nothing about it....such wickedness

    • profile image

      Nelson Villamizar 4 years ago

      Chile is not nice. I am from Colombia and i do not feel welcome.

    • profile image

      Jonty 4 years ago

      You know why Columbia is number 1??? COCAINE

    • profile image

      luigi 4 years ago

      On what planet is NZ one of the safest places to live? I've lived there and the per capita crime rate is enormous. Did the author even take two seconds to google-check her facts for fs? People are friendly though for sure!

    • profile image

      Cata 4 years ago

      I agree with David, the article mentions that Colombian people are the friendliest in the world. Not the best friends. Being friendly and polite with strangers and foreingners its natural and normal to us, but beause of that, foreingers can get the impresion that we are fake. I lived abroad many years ago and just because I was friendly and polite in general, people expected too much from me. As David said, a real friend, as in every other country in the world, it´s something hard to get and requires time, patience and empathy. so, como to Colombia and see for yourself how friendly , warm and helpful we are in general, you´ll also meet rude and unpolite people, like everywhere else and if you want to make real and good friends, it´s like everywhere else too....however, once you find them.. they´ll treat you like family!

    • profile image

      Juan 4 years ago

    • profile image

      Greg 4 years ago

      No one can know which countries is friendly the best

    • profile image

      Rene 4 years ago

      What about Brazil?

    • profile image

      mm 4 years ago

      I'm a Colombian and have lived abroad for many years. I have visited many countries, but when I go to Colombia I get surprised myself of the politeness, good manners and friendliness of people in general. For some unknown reason, people in Colombia love meeting foreigners and do everything they can to make them have a great time. People shake hands all the time, kiss and hug very often too.. that's why foreigners become friends and family with Colombians, and then feel like they don't want to leave .

    • My Esoteric profile image

      My Esoteric 4 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      I have wanted to go back to Vietnam for a long time, but can find nobody else interested in going. Who knows, I might find the guy who ripped my watch of my arm on a Saigon street or the guys from the South and the North who shot at my helicopter as I flew around at night looking for bad guys (I can understand the North shooting at me however). But then, that was 40 years ago and we at war in another country and acting like expletive deleted toward the people we were trying to help.

      Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries I have been to, at least the non-delta part and below the DMZ, we never made it to the North.

      I really can't comment on the people because by the time I got there, the American high-and-mighty attitude had basically pissed everybody off. But from the Vietnamese I know in the States, the women are friendly on the surface, the men act like they came from California (I can say that, so do I) and basically want nothing to do with you. The women, however, seem to be the business people with a business person's mentality. Beyond the empathy I feel for them from what we and the world political scene did to them, I do like them as a people; they certainly know how to survive and are industrious as appears to be the nature of the Asian culture.

    • My Esoteric profile image

      My Esoteric 4 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      Thanks @Jatinder. Let's see; East and West Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, England, Germany, Italy, Poland (got yelled at by some Polish generals), Bahamas; those are places I have stayed a couple of days or more. Then I have visited less than a day Costa Rica (East side), most of the Caribbean islands, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, a couple of cities in Spain (2 for my wife, 1 for me ... norovirus), Majorca (Sp) I want to go back for a stay, Madeira (Pt)

      Did I say my wife and I like cruising and worked for the Air Force for 20 years (that was when the Polish generals got mad at us when we were trying to sell them F-16s ... we eventually did)?

    • profile image

      Oga Godwin 4 years ago

      I did Not see Nigeria on the List i think the people are really friendly too especially to International leaving there.

    • profile image

      David 4 years ago

      I didn't think vietnamese are very friendly. If you have friends there, know some people, they will make their best to make you feel good and to help you... But if you are just a stranger, just another tourist, everybody just tries to rip you off

    • profile image

      Kate 4 years ago

      To someone called "Georgia" - if Georgia is so bad, why do you use this name as a nickname? You might have had a bad experience, my dear, but you have no right to humiliate Georgian hospitality, traditions and spirit. Hospitality is one great gift we, Georgians are so proud of! I am really sorry for people like you, who can never appreciate of what they have, consider themselves miserable and try to find a shelter somewhere else.

      What is one hater compared to a world of people who fell in love with Georgia from the first visit? Ask anyone who has ever been here. Speaking of Asians and African Americans, just walk in the streets of Tbilisi and talk to them, ask them how they are treated and I am sure you will change your attitude. Good Lock!

    • profile image

      Javi 4 years ago

      I'm from Chile and I feel really bad about the other chileans speaking with so much hate about their own country.

      If someone else didn't like I think it was a bad experience and I wish they would give it a second try, but a chilean saying that their own people is hatefull and rude is really sad. You guys should change that attitude and work to build a better, more friendly society (if you think it's not good) and stop complaning.

    • profile image

      gardel 4 years ago

      I disagree only in number 8. Chile.. I don't think they're really friendly. I'd put Japan instead.

    • profile image

      Evelyn ozi 4 years ago

      i have been in colombia twice, it is a very beautiful place and people is so nice and helpful. by the way every single negative comment that i wrote about other countries was made by an american. what a nasty and proud people, they think the are the supreme race in the planet.

    • profile image

      camilo 4 years ago

      Im honored and proud to see Colombia is number one in the list of friendlyness. I just want to say to everyone that like or don't like this, Colombia is finally not a perfect place, we have the good, the bad and the ugly. Trying to make the good be bigger and brighter than the other two.

      I have gattered with people from all around the world and I have to say even many asian countries that are not on the list have very friendly people, my best friends were brazilians, italians, germans, and I know many colombians that I don't like, but the point is, I see from many conversations that people have different experiences and you sometimes connect very well with some people and sometimes you don't.

      I think the most important value for colombians is family, that could explain the warmth

      and by the way, the colombian women are beautiful, love them all

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      And I don't think Chile should be on the list. I agree with most people. They are very rude and obnoxious people. Will never go back there again!!

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      I too have travelled a fair bit and yes! Totally Agree!!! Colombia is the most beautiful, most amazing country in the world. The people are so polite, so courteous and respectful. And they just know how to be happy. There is no atmosphere in the world like Colombia where you feel happiness. And it is the only country that I just simply did not want to leave. They have a reputation for kidnapping, but let me tell you, I did not get robbed, kidnapped, but at one point I wanted to be kidnapped just to stay in this amazing country. And for the first time on return back to my home country (Australia), I can honestly say I didn't feel it in my heart to be excited to be back home... For I wanted to be in Colombia. I could live there, it's that beautiful!!

    • profile image

      David 4 years ago

      I am colombian and bla bla bla, we are good bla bla bla... I think that the other colombians said enough. About why people say that we are fake... we are friendly, and warm, but don't misunderstand us... that's how we are, so don't expect too much from us. We are like that with EVERYONE, so don't think that you are special. For us, be friendly does not mean be a friend, for us a real friend is someone really hard to find, with time and patience. We treat everyone like that, so I think the problem is that a foreigner thinks that we consider him/her as a friend already, but for us is just a new person. I know some foreigners that tought like that, colombians first are good, but then show their true colors. Is not like that, is just that maybe you were not that special for that colombian as you thought.

    • profile image

      Andres 4 years ago

      I'm chilean, and about somethings that other Chileans say here, and also the article... it's COMPLETELY FALSE.... Chile is full of haters, like someone said: love making fun of foreigns, the way they speak in spanish, even if it's a foreign from a spanish speaking country... don't go to chile, you'll waste your time... there's beautiful places there though, just the citicens that suck!!... and NOT ONLY FROM SANTIAGO (the capital) but everywhere around... of course you might find some polite, good people once in a while, but it's definitely NOT generally like that... My Country (Chile) SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS LIST!!. Sad, but goddamn true.

    • profile image

      Diego 4 years ago

      You're all right about Colombia, but you must not just see it trough rosed coloured glasses. The security got much better for tourists, it's great to travel and probably nothing will happen to you, but the criminals still exist, you must watch out for different things, from taking a taxi, to walking in an unknown street, from sitting in public transport system taking pictures with your expensive camera, to traveling to risky zones. You must be alert, but you know what, that's all over the world! If you're planning to travel and want some tips or to see some exclusive places in Bogotá, contact me at

    • profile image

      Jota MiLerd 4 years ago

      more than friendly, I think we are socially speaking, a set of people who express our affection so warm, friendly and with a human quality that can not be proclaimed from the rest of humanity. simply provide more than friendship happiness always thinking of others, it occurs when we are helpful to and to society in general ... That's why I love being COLOMBIAN ... (Jota MiLerd)

    • profile image

      Jota MiLerd 4 years ago

      mas que amistosos, pienso que somos socialmente hablando, un conjunto de personas que manifestamos nuestro afecto de manera cordial, amable y con una calidad humana que no se puede pregonar del resto de la humanidad. sencillamente brindamos más que amistad pensando siempre en la felicidad de los demás, la misma que nos produce cuando somos útiles hacia y para la sociedad en general... Por eso amo ser COLOMBIANO... (Jota MiLerd)

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      mas que amistosos, pienso que somos socialmente hablando, un conjunto de personas que manifestamos nuestro afecto de manera cordial, amable y con una calidad humana que no se puede pregonar del resto de la humanidad. sencillamente brindamos más que amistad pensando siempre en la felicidad de los demás, la misma que nos produce cuando somos útiles hacia y para la sociedad en general... Por eso amo ser COLOMBIANO... (Jota MiLerd)

    • profile image

      Ryan 4 years ago

      #10 is not bad, every year we're always makes it better and we accept differences opinions openly and sure patiently, i think next year we're be better :) , before judges us, come and prove it. Welcome to Indonesia...

    • profile image

      Fiqrom 4 years ago

      Damn I LOVE INDONESIA !!!

    • Jatinder Joshi profile image

      Jatinder Joshi 4 years ago from Whitby, Ontario, Canada

      Thank you for this information. Is it based on your personal visits or on some other basis? If it is your personal opinion, then it would be interesting to know as to how many countries of the world have you visited?