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The Haunting of Magnolia Plantation Louisiana

Updated on November 22, 2010

In Natchitoches, Louisiana, Magnolia Plantation stands as a reminder today of the prosperity of the cotton and tobacco afforded the Pre-Civil War American South.  The grounds main house of the plantation, the slave quarters store, blacksmith shop and the slaves hospital stand just as they did during the 1800's.  Established in 1830, by Ambrose Lecomte II and his wife Julia Buard to expand the family's cotton production. Back then in Louisiana, slavery was popular and using slave labor , the Lecomte's cleared more than two thousand of the wooded acred crops into a profit cotton fields.  It was the treatment of these slaves, who cleared the land, whom built the main house, and store and had planted and even harvested the fields that has left this historic mansion riddled with ghost and paranormal activity.
Rare masony buildings were used to house the slaves at the Magnolia Plantation. Fifty slaves could work on each Plantation, which would cover more than forty percent of the land , fit for farming.  At the Magnolia Plantation, there were buildings used to house slaves.  Each house was sub divided into two sections.  Slaves were usually crammed into these buildings, or "house slaves" of twenty or more.  During the Civil War they had crammed twenty five or more Confederate prisoners and many had died from suffocation in these small buildings.
According to some, the house was originally built on top of an Indian burial ground.  There is even Voodoo graffiti because of the slaves who had lived there. The graffiti is in front of the main house, slaves house, cemetery, and an evil room, called "The Dying Room" because all the family member that had died in this room. One such guest was a Union Soldier, who was slowly poisoned and driven insane.  A form of silent rebellion, the slaves at Magnolia often used Voodoo to cast evil wishes on their oppressive master. An overseer had taken slaves to the basement to torture them many times. Instead the slaves had tortured , killed and cursed him. 
The enslaved blacksmith's were tasked with forming the metal Christian crosses that marked the Lecomte family graves. While the crosses are beautifully made, they also included West African Voodoo symbolls hidden within the design.  Some believe that the slaves were treated inhumanely.  Leg stocks were used for public punishment, humilation and starvation, which still stand on the property today.  The original ankle shackles remain in the basement to this day, and have been viewed on the television show, "Ghost Adventures".  Escaped slaves were often hunted down, then returned and tortured. 
As the Civil War ravaged the American South , Federal Soldiers had closed on Magnolia Plantation's main house, turning it into a stranglehold. Hundreds of Confederate soldiers are said to be buried throughout the Plantation property in unmarked shallow graves.  To this day, none of the graves have been discovered. When union soldiers overtook Natchitoches, they set out to burn Magnolia Plantation. As would have it, since this didn't happen, the union soldiers had killed an overseer on the doorstep instead.  He is said to be buried on the Plantation's property and it's said he haunts the property today.
The television show, "Ghost Adventures" crew had gone for the very first time to uncover evidence of voodoo rituals that many of the slaves used to seek revenge on the plantation owners.  Many of the spirits of these repressed spirits are still alive in this now National Park.  Mrs. Betty Hertzog is the current home owner of Magnolia Plantation. She has lived there at the plantation most of her life.  She had explained that it was a hard life for her and the town  where slavery was being used. There had been a black woman, a new ranger, Carla Cowles, whom came to town and began scratching at the slave cabins. Before their normal lockdown, the guys had gone through a voodoo ritual to open the door to any spirits that may be trying to come through.  Bloody Mary  was feeling cool, and the face in a photographed picture, in the smoke of a woman, was just to great to explain , in the fire.  During taping in the main house, you clearly  hear repeated knocking and voices.  Upstairs, an attic closet full of drying gourds had freaked out Zak right out the door. 
During their second half of lock down , they had gone to the park half of the grounds.  Nick had sent off to the old slave hospital, while Zak and  Aaron were locked in the cabin that used to belong to a slave healer woman named Aunt Agnes.  During the lock down, Zak and Aaron had to wait for the Ranger to lock them in and had seen lights in the next cabin flashing on and off. They even seemingly responded to Zak's questions when asked.  During Zak and Aaron's time in the cabin you can very clearly hear on audio sounds of chanting in which both Zak and Aaron freak over.  They had heard and recorded what sounded like to them a celebration or ritual in the cabin.  Even a disembodied voice very clearly says Aaron's name out loud, but either Zak or Aaron is unable to hear it until later on the audio tapes.  
Some anthropologists working on the site had been interviewed , with one of them coming with some very unique items which I thought were very intriguing to watch.  Some like the Miraculous Medal that had been altered to pre present Urzuli. The show was a great review of what went on during the slavery time and what is true about the ritual voodoo to this day. I truly enjoy the rich history, myself and the pure richness it had during the Pre-civil war during the slavery .  To know that today these anthropologists are discovering today voodoo artifacts that were buried in the slave quarters and can actually do still today "voodoo" on many, is such pure enjoyment. This story and history has brought much light to many, and curiosity to others as well. A well true history and exceptional activity one can love to read today.

magnolia plantation


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    • profile image

      Suzanne F 10 months ago

      Most of the information but forth here as fact is inaccurate. Please get your history straight before publishing anything else related to Louisiana history, which is well researched and verified.

    • profile image

      nichole 4 years ago

      I love the show ghost adventures and I too saw that episode. I live in Louisiana and planning a weekend trip to the mansion to see for myself. Can't wait.

    • profile image

      dustycreole 6 years ago

      The heritage of Magnolia Plantation is indeed wonderful but the information in this post is for the most part erroneous and culturally insensitive. Please research and visit the site for yourself.

    • profile image

      H-Zigga07 6 years ago

      I just watched that episode tonight and had to look this place up because I'm planning a trip to louisiana this spring. I def. Think I'm gonna try to visit this place. The history of it is crazy.

    • HendrikDB profile image

      HendrikDB 7 years ago

      Interesting - thanks.