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The Henry Horton State Park Located In Middle Tennessee

Updated on September 1, 2016

Henry Horton State Park Was Constructed In The Sixties

Wilhoite Grist Mill Ruins Remain In The State Park

Former Estate Of The Late Governor Henry Horton

Amongst the endless number of rolling hills in Tennessee sits a conveniently located state park. Henry Horton State Park is located down in the central basin area of middle Tennessee. The state park encompasses over eleven-hundred acres of land and remains open year round. Henry Horton State Park was constructed in the sixties on the former estate of Mister Henry Hollis Horton. Henry Horton was the thirty-sixth governor of the state of Tennessee and was in office from 1927 through 1933. He left his legacy behind for many future generations to enjoy. Many of the locals from the area consider the state park as a ''A diamond in the rough.'' The park is a piece of paradise for all outdoor enthusiast and is situated on the banks of the historic Duck River. A river known to have one of the most biologically diverse ecosytems in the world and is the longest river located entirely within the state of Tennessee. In fact, located next to the river at the state park lies the ancient remains of the Wilhoite Mill. The Mill and the bridge was once operated by the family of Henry Horton's spouse for well over a century. In general, the geological features at the park vary from wide open green spaces, patches of wildflowers, dry cedar glades, sinkholes in the woods, massive oak trees, and hickory forests. Great numbers of wildlife reside inside of the park and this is rather evident. Often large groups of white-tail deer are seen, flocks of wild turkey, foxes, howling coyotes are heard, river otters, squirrels, rabbits, bobcats, hooting owls, swooping hawks, and many other birds of prey. The state park offers visitors multitudes of fun activities, quality family-time spent together, memorable events, amusement for all ages, and entertainment at seasonal festivities.

A Buffet-Style Restaurant Inside The State Park

Four Pavilions For Park Visitors To Reserve

Often Called ''The Governor's Table Restaurant''

The Governor's Table Restaurant or simply called by locals as ''The park restaurant'' is a family-style restaurant that consistently serves southern cuisine in a causal type of atmosphere. A restaurant that continuously serves wholesome breakfast, filling lunch, and a nutritious dinner each evening. The restaurant regularly cooks meals by using freshly grown vegetables and organically grown herbs from there own garden. Both domestic and imported beers are available upon request at the park restaurant. A locally Tennessee brewed beer called Yazoo beer is widely offered on a regular basis. Governor's Table restaurant is capable of seating nearly two-hundred and sixty people very comfortably. A restaurant that happily offers the opportunity to have two private dining rooms for special occasions. The park restaurant offers catering services for every special occasion, there glad to help with important events, or there pleased to cater to large banquets. A Sunday lunch after church service is popular at the restaurant among the locals. Park visitors can have an outside gathering location at a park pavilion if prefered. A total of four large outdoor pavilions can be reserved at the park. Pavilions can be reserved for your next family gathering at a rate of twenty-five to one-hundred and fifty dollars. The pavilions are capable of seating seventy-five to one-hundred and fifty people comfortably. Each pavilion comes fully equipped with picnic tables, clean restroom facilities, and a functional charcoal grill. Picnicking at Henry Horton State Park is a popular activity and there are many picnic sites available.

Henry Horton State Park Campground

Clean Shower House At The Campground

A Tent Campsite In The Campground

Camping Near The Duck River

Camping at the Henry Horton State Park campground is a memorable, tranquil, and a great experience for the entire family. Average nightly rates for camping will range from eight to twenty-five dollars. Pick your campsite of choice and pets must always remain on a leash at the park campground. The park offers seventy-five well maintained campsites and many campsites are parallel to the historic Duck River. All together there are nineteen primitive tent campsites, a total of fifty-six recreational vehicle campsites with water, and electrical hook-ups. The electrical hook-ups are capable of supplying a camping trailer with twenty amps, thirty amps, or even fifty amps of power. Every campsite at the campground furnish campers with a picnic table, campfire ring to prevent forest fires, a choice of two bath houses with hot showers, free WI-FI internet connection is also available to campers. A playground for the children is available, the raw sewage dump station, and a newly constructed camp store that sells basic camping supplies. The new camp store earned approximately ten-thousand dollars last year and the park received the ''Excellence in Innovation'' award. Henry Horton State Park was one of the two Tennessee state parks chosen to receive this award.

Cabin Rentals At Henry Horton State Park

Kitchen Area Inside The Rental Cabins

Living Room Area Inside The Rental Cabins

The Great Comforts And Extravagant Living Of Home

The cozy rental cabins located at Henry Horton State Park often remind visitors of the great comforts and extravagant living of home. A total of seven different types of rental cabins are available and all cabins are within a short walking distance of the Horton Inn. Each rental cabin offered at the park is built, set-up, and designed differently from the next. Average rates for rental cabins will range from ninety-five to one-hundred and fifty dollars each night. All cabins furnish a park guest with kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, microwave, fresh linens, telephone, clean towels, clean bathrooms, and housekeeping services are generously offered. The floor plan for some of the cabins offer a gas fireplace, outdoor covered carport, full kitchen with dishwasher, pet-friendly privileges, central heat, and air conditioning unit. Regardless of which cabin a guest might choose, every cabin is furnished with an outdoor picnic table, and a charcoal grill for cooking.

The Inn At Henry Horton State Park

The Front Lobby Of The State Park Inn

Inside View Of A Double Bed Room At The Inn

A Remodeled Room At The Inn-Redesigned With Reclaimed Barnwood

Free Continental Breakfast Is Offered To Guest

The Horton Inn located at the park often charms the guest with beautifully decorated and well maintained rooms. A guest is often dazzled when stepping into the Inns beautiful front lobby to check-in for the night. Average rates for the Horton Inn range from seventy to eight-six dollars each night. The park Inn offers guests with the option to choose from sixty-eight different room styles. Some rooms at the Inn are fully handicapped accessible, many rooms have double beds, four luxurious suite rooms are available, some have king size beds, a few rooms have been redesigned with reclaimed barn wood on the walls, other rooms offer guest with kitchenettes, or cozy living room areas. A large conference center is available inside the park inn for visitors and it makes the ideal space that would be used for a company business meeting. The Inns Conference center offers guest with four different meeting rooms that each have a total of two-thousand square feet of space and will comfortably accommodate fifteen to ninety people.

Buford Ellington Championship Golf Course At Henry Horton State Park

Putting The Ball In Hole Number Six

Eighteen Holes With A Par Seventy-Two

One Of The Finest Courses In The State Of Tennessee

Buford Ellington Championship golf course at the State Park is a challenging and high quality course. The course is considered a Parkland-style routing golf course that has eighteen holes and a par seventy-two. Buford Ellington golf course is managed and operated seven days a week by a professional golfer named Mister Neil Collins. In fact, the golf course at the park is known for being one of the finest courses in the entire state of Tennessee. It has larger than average green fairways that are generous in width, retains thirty-seven bunkers, and is heavily treed with many mature hardwoods. On average, the course measures over seven-thousand yards from the championship black tees down to nearly six-thousand yards from the forward red tees.The golf course was opened in the sixties with a course rating of well over seventy-four and with a slope rating of nearly one-hundred thirty on Bermuda grass. A golf course well known for having the greatest layout in the state of Tennessee and accommodates golfers of every skill level from beginner to professional. At Henry Horton the fourteenth hole is a challenging par three that measures up to two-hundred and fifty-nine yards from the back tees. A large greenside bunker heavily guards the green fairway to the right to easily capture a wayward shot. The hole fourteen played at full distance is one of the longest and most challenging par three's in the entire state of Tennessee. Many extras are offered on-site at the golf course that include a driving range, golf club rentals, on-site lodging, snack bar, practice greens, pull carts, and even Tennessee Golf Trail Golf Getaway Packages are available.

Driving Directions To Buford Ellington Championship Golf Course

4358 Nashville Highway Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034:
4358 Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, USA

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One of the finest golf courses located in the entire state of Tennessee.

The Historic Duck River Flows Through Henry Horton State Park

A View Of The Bridge That Crosses The River

A Duck Swimming On The Duck River

Crew Of Canoes Paddling Downstream On The River

One Of The Most Biologically Diverse Rivers In North America

The historic Duck river is mostly a free-flowing river with occasional riffles that flow directly through Henry Horton State Park. A river that flows continuously for nearly two-hundred forty miles and flows entirely inside the state of Tennessee. In fact, the Duck river flows from the Normandy Lake in Normandy, Tennessee and then across the state to the Tennessee river. During the flood season in the spring the Duck river often rises over twenty feet above its normal water levels. At times the river bed is solid rock, sometimes its loose gravel, and other times its deep waters with long still ponds. A ride down the Duck river will reveal multitudes of gravel islands, tall rock bluffs on either side with caves in the walls of the bluffs, bramble covered banks, and numerous sharp turns. The historic Duck river is currently known to be one of the most biologically diverse rivers in North America. A river home to over fifty species of freshwater muscles, over one-hundred fifty species of fish, a large abundance of crayfish, plenty of salamanders, numerous wood ducks, and mallards. Many anglers fish from the rivers banks, some have luck fly-fishing instead, others fish from small paddle boats, or kayaks. A boater can easily gain access to the scenic Duck river from within the state park, at the small boat ramp used for launching canoes, or even kayaks. There are a few canoe-rental companies located near the state park that offer canoeing adventure tours along the scenic Duck river during the warmer seasons of the year.

The Tall Rock Bluffs Along The Duck River

Fun Activities To Do At Henry Horton State Park

The Sunset Over Green Spaces At The State Park

Things To Do At The State Park

An Olympic-size swimming pool at the park is a popular hang-out spot for the locals as well as the park visitors. The swimming pool is open seven days a week, a concession stand is located at the poolside, and a four dollar per person admission fee is charged to swim.There is a small wading pool available for the smaller children. Many playgrounds are scattered about throughout the park, basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, and sand pits for volleyball games. A Henry Horton Greenway makes for a fine biking experience and each year the ''Horton One-Hundred'' is hosted at the state park. A two day one-hundred mile bike-a-thon ride. An eighteen hole frisbee golf course is free to play, with level terrain, well defined greenways, and is said to be one of the best courses in Tennessee. The state park offers bird watchers plenty of beautiful birds to view throughout the year. In fact, the park is home to over seventy species of birds that can be observed and photographed often. During the fall and spring migration a variety of wood warblers can be seen, the Barn owl can be heard off in the distance, Red-Tailed hawks soar above the green spaces, Black vultures, Brown Thrashers, Yellow-Breasted Chat, Song Sparrows, and Common Yellowthroat can be heard whistling aloud. Herons wade through the shallows of the Duck river hunting for fish and the Belted Kingfishers fly overhead. In the forest during the winter the Ruby, Golden-Crowned Kingle, Common Carolina Chickadee, Hermit Thrush, White-Breasted Nuthatch, and the Barred owl can be witnessed. The state park offers visitors with over ten miles of hiking trails that range from easy to moderate in difficulty. These hiking trails include the Hickory Ridge Nature Loop, Adeline Wilhoite Horton River Trail, the Henry Horton Greenway, and the Wild Turkey Trail. A trap and skeet range is located within the state park boundaries and is said to be one of the finest in Tennessee. The range offers skeet, trap, wobble trap, five standard shooting, rental guns, ammunition sales, and ear protection. Henry Horton State Park host many special events throughout the year for park visitors and locals alike. Special events will encompass the ''Step Back In Time Festival'' in September, a ''Trunk or Treat'' on Halloween, the annual ''Spring Fest,'' community yard sales, farmers market, and the annual '"National Trails Day Hike.'' The next time your driving through middle Tennessee always know that your welcome to stop by to visit, be sure to bring your appetite, and a camping tent. Stop by to sit around the natural beauty, the locals literally greet you with wide open arms, chat with the locals, and be sure not to miss the sun setting over the green spaces of Henry Horton State Park.

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A Short Clip On The Historic Duck River That Flows Through Henry Horton State Park

A canoe for paddling down the Historic Duck River at Henry Horton State Park

Driving Directions To Henry Horton State Park Located In Middle Tennessee

4209 Nashville Highway Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034:
Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, USA

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A beautiful state park located in middle Tennessee that was named after the late Tennessee Governor Henry Horton.

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