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The Historic Town of Chestertown, Maryland

Updated on January 12, 2012
Taken at Chestertown
Taken at Chestertown | Source
Taken at Chestertown
Taken at Chestertown | Source
Taken at Chestertown
Taken at Chestertown | Source
Taken at Chestertown
Taken at Chestertown | Source
Taken in Chestertown
Taken in Chestertown | Source

The historic town of Chestertown, a local community of individuals that come from all walks of life, from the fishermen and farmers, to the students of Washington college. If your traveling from the western shore to the town, you will cross a bridge into the colonial history that has helped raise the cultural diversity in such interests as the Arts and American politics, to college life that is very deeply rooted in the cultural integrity and preservations of the area.The smaller town was founded in the year 1705, a time when the English had begun to assert dominance in the region.

The region was known for it's beautiful ports, Chestertown trailing only behind Annapolis in the Maryland Chesapeake bay waters. In legend, it is said that after the Boston tea party acts, the Chestertown citizens began their own tea dumping sessions, and passed laws in 1774 that restricted the buying, selling, and drinking of British Tea. After the revolution had passed, Chestertown went on to become a very influential area known for it's political savvy and prestige, and housed many flourishing merchant class citizens of new found America.

Washington college was built in the growing town in the year of 1782, and was part of the top ten oldest colleges in America at that time, founded by none other than George Washington himself. The college itself on their website states that, "Our commitment to educating confident citizens and leaders capable of advancing the democratic and civic traditions of our Founding Fathers.". Along with the college that sits among the middle of town, you are sure to find residences that bring historical preservation on a scale like no other, many homes still standing from the times of colonial America, bringing the town a true sense of worth and eternal prestige.

If you are looking to find Chestertown, you can follow the routes of I-95 to 896 and follow the signs if traveling from Philidelphia; or if from Washington and Annapolis, simply follow Route 50 across the Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge until you reach 301 north, taking exit 213 north. Follow this route through the town of Centreville and on until you reach the beautiful bridge of the scenic peninsula of the Chester and Sassafras river. Once you reach your destination, make sure to pull out your cameras and begin snapping pictures, because your experience here will be undeniably unforgettable.

Taken at Chestertown
Taken at Chestertown | Source
Taken in Chestertown
Taken in Chestertown | Source

When you arrive in town, you will most likely be stopping to see the various attractions and finding that next bite to eat. All along the main stretch of historic downtown, you will find multiple art galleries that give you a taste of the locals in the communities in the area, sparking artistic creativity and allowing you to walk away with a smile upon your face. After checking out the arts and walking past the grandeur of the historic courthouse, make your way down to the Chester river which can be reached by walking down high street. It is here that you will find incredible views of the river and the various waterfowl in the area, while still being able to see the Schooner, a recreated ship of the once great Royal British Navy.

It's time to eat now that you have found just a few of the many attractions that the town has to offer, and there are many to choose from. It is a must that you visit "The Front Room" at the Imperial Hotel, a very high end restaurant in the area that boasts very fresh seafood and an aged wine selection that will have your taste buds watering. If your on a budget, you can visit O'Conner's Pub and Restaurant, where you can grab a healthy sized burger and fries along with a pint of Guiness to wash it down. All in all, Chestertown boasts tremendous views and a natural setting to explore the arts, along with a historic touch that gives the original flavor of America in it's purest form.


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