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The Ideal Canyons Ski Resort Getaway

Updated on July 3, 2011
canyons ski resort is your perfect choice as a getaway from your daily stressful routines
canyons ski resort is your perfect choice as a getaway from your daily stressful routines

Doing the same routines over and over again within every single day is a boring thing for sure. Not only is it exhausting but it also makes life feel so full of stresses each day. This is one reason why people need to go on a vacation at times otherwise they may even go insane. Fortunately, when it comes to vacations, people always have quite a lot of options to choose. One of them is the Canyons Ski Resort. As its name implies, this place is perfect for those that are fond of skiing during their spare time.

The Canyons Ski Resort turns out to be a hassle-free skiing destination. It can be reached simply within 30 minutes from the international airport of theSalt Lake City. In addition to skiing, those that decide to visit this spot will also be able to do take part in some snowboard vacations.

When people travel to the Canyons Ski Resort, they will find3,700 acresof terrain with lots of variations to explore in addition to 17 lifts, 2 state-of-the-art terrain parks, and 163 trails. All these make a unique combination resulting in one of the largest vacation destination in the northern part of the American continent.

By this point of time, it sounds as if this resort is only destined to the ski and snowboard lovers. However, people may still feel interested in visiting this resort in spite of their inability to do skiing at all. Fortunately, there are lessons – whether in group or private – that visitors can usually take so that they can improve their techniques while they are on the mountain top. Those that decide to take such lessons won’t have to worry about the quality of the teaching. This is possible thanks to the fact that they will be taught by 225 snowboard and ski instructors. Better yet, these instructors have mostly won some kinds of awards that make sure they are of high quality.

However, the attraction of the Canyons Ski Resort does not end on the mountain alone. When they go down the mountain, visitors will be able to enjoy live music, the fun of the apres ski entertainment, restaurants, retail stores, and also the comfort of staying in a gondola or in one of the four lodges available with world class quality. Lastly, what makes this resort appealing is that the snow is not so severe so it is safe for people to do snow related sports or activities.


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