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The Indian Tourism

Updated on January 4, 2017

The place of Ajanta

Tourism helps us to appreciate our own heritage and work for its better preservation

Globalization has made the world much smaller. It is now easier to visit places and also builds better relations between people of different countries and cultures. By exposing us different cultures, it helps create greater understanding. It also helps in the development of an area. The best example is that of Jammu and Kashmir, a drastic reduction in tourism is being reflected in the states growing prosperity. Tourism also helps us to appreciate our own heritage and work for its better preservation.

There are basically two kinds of tourists; domestic and international. Domestic tourists are the citizens of a country who wish to explore their own nation. International tourists are those people who are exploring a different country. In India more importance is given to international tourists since they bring in foreign exchange. However, now that our forex reserves are at a comfortable level, it is time to give more attention to domestic tourists.With a population of one billion we could earn a huge, huge amount by encouraging domestic travel. We may also classify tourists based on their age. For instance student tourists have different requirements from older people or families.

Goa tourist

The tourism potential in India is vast

Adventure tourism refers to thrilling activities such as white water rafting, hiking, Kayaking, mountaineering, etc. Wildlife tourism targets those people who are interested in observing animals in their natural habitat i.e., nature lovers. Safaris and wildlife sanctuaries are where we may see such people. Some tourists are interested in the history and heritage of a place while others are just looking for a change of place to help them unwind.

The tourism potential in India is vast. Despite the lack of any clear policy, India still attracts a large number of international tourists. However, there are many problems plaguing this sector. We have not been able to market ourselves properly. Most people are not aware of the diversity in Indian tourism. Advertising helps, for instance, ads for Goa pitch it as being more than a set of beautiful beaches.

The tourist place Jogfall

Tourist sites need to be marketed as a complete experience

There is also a lack of proper tourism infrastructure. Most historical sites do not have reliable guides. Tourist sites do not have proper toilets. Couple this with our weak basic infrastructure and you have bad roads leading to beautiful sites, such which are not properly developed. While there are lots of five star hotels there are very few hotels, which cater to a smaller budget.

Tourist sites need to be marketed as a complete experience. Every need of the tourist must be considered so that tourism becomes a pleasurable activity instead of one that requires a lot tedious planning beforehand. This will provide more enjoyment as well as more employment.


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