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The Land Between the Lakes - America's Hidden Natural Treasure

Updated on June 7, 2012
Visit beautiful Land Between the Lakes
Visit beautiful Land Between the Lakes | Source

The Land Between the Lakes (LBL), located along the northern boarder of Middle Tennessee and the Southern Border of Western Kentucky, is one of the great natural areas in the United States. Not as widely known as many national parks, the Land Between the Lakes is technically referred to as a National Recreation Area rather than a park. While there may be a technical distinction, the Land Between the Lakes is as large as many of the national parks, and the facilities and attractions rival any park in the nation. With over 170,000 acres of beautiful natural habitat, and centered between two gorgeous lakes, it is truly a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast.

The Nature

The Land Between the Lakes is home to a 750 acres restorative habitat called the Elk & Bison Prairie in which herds of Bison and Elk are maintained. Visitors are also offered over 200 miles of hiking trails, with many running along the banks of Lake Barkley or Kentucky Lake. You would be hard pressed to find a more lovely setting for a nature hike, and you are likely to see wildlife of all descriptions including Bald Eagles as you enjoy the trails. For a more structured look at the local wild life, you may want to take a tour of the Woodlands Nature Center, where you will have the opportunity to view all of the reptiles, birds, and other species that call LBL home. You will even be able to see examples of the local wolf population as you tour the facility.

Wrangler's Camp is a favorite among Land Between the lakes visitors.
Wrangler's Camp is a favorite among Land Between the lakes visitors.


You will, of course, need a place to stay while visiting the Land Between the Lakes. If you are a camper, there are several camp grounds inside the borders of LBL including the Wrangler’s Camp which is the horse friendly option. Riders from all over the country regularly migrate to the LBL Wrangler’s Camp to enjoy the beauty of LBL and the companionship of fellow riders. Other Campgrounds include: Hillman Ferry, Piney, and Energy Lake. All are within the borders of LBL, and they each have full on-site facilities.

For those who prefer air-conditioning and a soft bed, you can choose from several hotels in the areas including the Kentucky Dam Village State Park, an adjacent facility that has all of the amenities of a resort locale. Regardless of your lodging needs, you will not be disappointed.


While visiting the Land Between the Lakes, you will never run out of activities both within the natural areas and in the areas surrounding LBL. From the on-site Golden Pond Planetarium, lake-inspired water sports, local dining options and shopping there are enough activities to easily fill a week of vacation time. There is even a water park just a few miles outside of LBL for a day of family fun. For the golfer, there are more choices that you can imagine, with a host of courses in the area. Regardless of your interests, you are sure to find activities in the Land Between the Lakes area that will keep you busy and provide a wonderful time.

Take a look at LBL and see for yourself just how much this often overlooked natural area has to offer. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed. Make your plans now to visit one of America’s best, and some would say, least know natural areas.


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