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The Last Scene of the Nanga Parbat (The Killer Mountain)

Updated on November 5, 2019

The Last Scene!

It does not mean that having special kind of feelings for specific place you don’t love with your whole country, I love the whole country, whether it be Gilgit, Nagar, Deosai, Hunza, Shandor, Chiral Kailash, Karat, Swat, Chum Waterfall, but my passion, my love is just Nanga Parbat (the killer Mountain) and I wish people would read Nanga Parbat's lover who is craze to meet his love.

On the morning of 18.10.19 I opened my eyes wish to see her but she was not in front of me. There was no change in the weather, the weather had changed just a little bit, not exactly fine and my breakfast there is a bit different because a lover forget everything after seeing her. After done with my breakfast, I make plan to go Beyal (a tourist spot somewhere near at Nanga Parbat).I turn my guns oh sorry I mean starts my journey towards Beyal. It’s always a passion or dream of lovers that get a look to your love and love always refuse to meet their lover. Once again you will see your beloved then the lover get some relaxation.

I will never give-up, we were 6 people, there was about 7 inches of snow on the track, no gadgets, no thermal suits, no gloves in my hands and it was only 10 minutes of our journey my beloved's favorite dress fell on us. Well, now my friends planned to go back, and then I was left alone. To be a lover is very difficult because to take a look of yours lovers you will have to put your life is in risk. The speed of the snow also accelerated, now my hands started to numb and my feet already slacks and I Was covered with my beloveds presents white dress and almost had crossed halfway.

I was about to meet my love I saw an old man. He Look at me and said, where are you going, you look like a crazy lover, I said yes, sir, I am just going to see my beloved. They said many likes you came here; Go back the weather is very bad but I refused and said No sir I'll go to Beyal even if I die. I don’t know why he said me like that; go back son your beloved is bound with this weather otherwise you will die before your time comes, maybe he has believed in my confidence or seen my tough situation. Listen there will be Snow Leopards and bears too waiting for prey and they will do launch of your fresh meat you seem healthy. If your love is true then tomorrow will be merciful.

At last I given up and returned from half way, like all the wishes have been crushed. I ashamed to be calling myself who scared of the Leopard and returned from doorstep of love. Nothing can do which supposed to be not happen was happened. The snowstorm was going on and resemble to outside there was running storm inside me; the storm of fury and the storm of repentance. Return back with tired steps and broken heart.

When I reached to my friend, he said crazy lover so you meet your beloved. On his sentence I am again ashamed of myself. Then he said sit in the heating room otherwise you will die cold. Those who has been brutally killed by his lover bleakness is not afraid of dying.

Rest of all day waited for the weather to be clear, hungry thirsty, didn't even touch my bestie, means tea. It was about 4 pm being waiting, and it was still snowing. Now every piece of ice was falling on my heart, in the morning I had to go back. The heart was crying like a baby, as if a precious toy had just been broken. My eyes went down for few moments after the first ray of sun hit my eyes, she was in front of me spreading his arms in a new white dress, looking more attractive. Today, along with her; she wore a white ensemble all around her. My love was true. The last scene happened, just at last moment I saved her glimpse into the camera.


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