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The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

Updated on January 3, 2018

A Great Day For Everyone

With over 200 acres of gardens and estates to explore, The Lost Gardens of Heligan is a beautiful Cornish attraction to visit. And you would never know that it was once nothing more than tangled woodlands and ruins because everywhere you look, there is something beautiful to see. Whether it is the stunning plant life, or the pretty little birds that are nesting in their own luxurious bird boxes, if it's alive, it's being looked after.

Heligan's War Heroes

And it is not just flowers and wildlife that The Lost Gardens of Heligan preserves, they are dedicated to preserving the memory of the gardeners that made Heligan Gardens so beautiful, but were sadly snatched away by World War One. In fact, as well as a beautiful garden, Heligan is a living memorial to those who gave their lives in the war and those who helped to restore the once overgrown and hidden gardens to their beauty.

One of the reasons Heligan became so overgrown is because the men were sent off to fight. And Even though the American troops used Heligan house as a base of operations, the gardens were not fit for purpose.

Rediscovering Heligan Gardens

The gardens were not even rediscovered until 1990 when John Willis of Tremayne descent (the family that sat in the house of Heligan since 1569, and Tim Smit came upon them. An effort was then made to unearth the gardens never ending treasures and it garnered so much attention that Gardener's World even broadcast from within Heligan to show the dramatic revelation and the fruits of everyone's back breaking labour.

Heligan's Wildlife

And their dedication to preserving the wildlife is equally as touching, with a wide range of wildlife to see. From barn owls to honeybees, The Lost Gardens Of Heligan provides a home for everything. And for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Heligan being open to the public, they have opened a new "rare breeds" animal barn in an effort to conserve even more wildlife.

They even provide homes for pigs, sheep, even Emus! Nothing is left uncared for at The Lost Gardens Of Heligan.

Heligan Rope Bridge

The jungle is a place I would recommend going, the surroundings are stunning and the rope bridge will offer you a whole new perspective on the gardens, but be warned, the wait during peak season is long!

And the rope bridge is not for anyone who might be afraid of heights either, it's not miles off the ground, but it would be enough to scare you if you got nervous, and it gets so busy that freezing in the middle of the bridge is not an option. Only 10 people are allowed on the bridge at one time due to health and safety, please don't ignore this, you might think it will be fine, but children go on the bridge and it's not worth the risk.

Heligan Gardens Discount

Heligan offer special days where entry into the gardens is cheaper or even free, with things like Heligan Christmas Market, entry is only £2 per person and access to the gardens is included in this price. It is well worth visiting because at the usual price of £14.50 for an adult, that is quite a saving!

Heligan By Night

Heligan by night is another great time to visit the gardens, the gardens are lit up with various different coloured lights by a renowned light artist. The 2017 installation was done by Ulf Pedersem, but I am not sure if it changes each year as I have only visited once.

It is £5 per adult to enter, and you are allowed twice around the light tour for this. Certain areas of the gardens are off limits as they are not part of the artist's installation. But the sights are amazing and worth every penny. Just be sure to take some walking shoes or wellington boots as I ruined a pair of shoes because I didn't realise how muddy it got!

The Spirit of Cornwall

Heligan captures the essence of Cornwall, it is a spirit of hard work and appreciation of the land and everything that lives on it, care is taken over every detail and there are no short cuts taken when it comes to maintenance, they understand the historical importance of the buildings and gardens and want to do everything they can to preserve it for future generations and to respect those that gave their lives for our freedom.

Heligan Isn't Cheap, But it is Worth It

Unless you go on one of the discounted days that happen throughout the year (they change so you will need to check the website) it is not a cheap day, but it is good value, you could easily spend all day there and for £14.50 for an adult and £6.50 for a child over 5 (under 5's go free) it's a reasonable price for a whole days worth of entertainment!

Nominated for an award in the category of "Best UK leisure attraction" The Lost Gardens Of Heligan is a place for all of the family to enjoy.


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    • Claire-louise profile image

      Claire Raymond 2 months ago from UK

      Thanks Devika Primić :)

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 2 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting to explore and you shared lovely photos.

    • Claire-louise profile image

      Claire Raymond 3 months ago from UK

      Thanks Louise, yes I would definitely recommend it. And Bill, I can definitely recommend visiting if you are in Cornwall, safe travels!

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 months ago from Massachusetts

      Will definitely add this to my list of places to see when we get to Cornwall. Looks beautiful, especially when lite up at night.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 3 months ago from Norfolk, England

      This looks a beautiful place to visit. It looks stunning at night too. The photo's are lovely. I'd love to visit here.