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How to Enjoy Cheap Family Vacation Ideas and Tips - 1o Money Saving Tips That Can Keep Your Pockets Fat During Vacation

Updated on December 31, 2013

Cheap Family Vacation Ideas and Tips

Want to Go somewhere warm? Winter or holiday travel seems to be more and more expensive all the time. But when funds are low, Florida is always the way to go in the states. You can enjoy warm weather, beautiful scenery and an unforgettable experience for a reasonable cost, if you plan ahead.

Getting financially prepared way before your vacation will allow you to make easy affordable payments instead of spending large sums of money at the last minute and getting less.

Of course we have the normal pull to Florida like Disney and Universal studios, but there is so much more to do and for a reasonable price. Have you ever considered vacationing on a houseboat ? Read this article I wrote to find out what a houseboat is and how you can afford-ably vacation for less.

Florida may seem dull for advanced travelers, but when renting a luxury houseboat for the family vacation the experience changes just like your bank account did during cut backs or job loss.

Renting a houseboat can be more economical for a small group than paying for your vacations separately. Check houseboat rental to find the best prices.

10 Cheap Florida Family Vacation Ideas

  1. Save money on food and water by bringing your own. Energy bars and hydration bags go a long way.
  2. Traveling by car can save you a lot on airfare for a family of four or more.
  3. Apply for meal plans with your vacation tickets. Save extras for the children or hubby later.
  4. Don't buy more tickets than you need. Remember there will be rides small children can't get on.
  5. Save a little money from each paycheck toward your vacation next year.
  6. Stay in hotels off theme park property
  7. Buy ticket in advance to get better deal.
  8. Stay in value resorts to save money. The rooms may be small but that not what your there to see, right?
  9. Ask for senior, student, AAA, and military discounts. You never know!
  10. Plan your vacation and stick to it. Traveling with no plan can be very costly.

Top Florida Vacation Spots

  • Florida parks. Smyrna Dunes Park is along the shore of Central Florida between Daytona Beach and Canaveral National Seashore. Great for your whole family even your dog (except the ocean side)! There is fishing, picnic area and so much more on 73 acres of land.
  • Pensacola -you can enjoy 52 miles of beaches. There's free admission to the National Museum of Naval Aviation. It's also one of the three largest aviation museums in America..
  • Property vacation rentals from owners can be less expensive and roomier than hotels.
  • Disney Vacation Check travel websites for discounts codes, special dates, and coupons.

10 Important Vacation Travel Tips

  1. Go earlier in the week to theme parks when they are less crowded.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes that won't fall off on rides. Bringing extra inserts for shoes will assure you that all the walking you will be doing is still enjoyable to everyone.
  3. Bring extra socks to change for more refreshed feet when you still have more walking to do.
  4. Wear light weight clothing and jacket that can be stored in backpack.
  5. Take breaks every hour or so, children get fussy when they are tired and so do we.
  6. Bring emergency umbrellas trust me! Florida rains without warning in powerful spurts.
  7. Bringing a stroller for small child is convenient and great for carrying souvenirs.
  8. If separated tell each child where to go. It's best for children to be directed to a person with a uniform. Pin addresses/name inside clothe of small child.
  9. Get map of park ahead of time.
  10. Have fun!

Hopefully there are some suggestions that you have found useful. Here are more cheap florida family vacation ideas for your viewing pleasure.

Florida Travel Deal Resources

Need more help finding Florida Vacation Deals? You can sign up at the websites below and have your travel deals sent right to your email.


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