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The Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Updated on March 14, 2012

Lately, there has been a lot of talk in the news regarding the war going on in Mexico with the drug cartels and the national army. But, many are only seeing the worst side of Mexico, but there is a lot of terrific places that are safe to visit in Mexico. One of the best places to visit this time of the year is in the Yucatan peninsula, a city known as the Mayan Riviera.

The Mayan Riviera is one of the Caribbean’s hidden gems that have been forgotten by the world. There is little violence here and extremely far away from what is happening in the rest of Mexico. It has everything a visitor needs to complete the perfect holiday getaway.

You can book sometime in the fantastic beach resorts of this tiny city. Wake up for the sunrise every morning and watch it go down in the evening before you experience some of the exciting local night life. You can experience the magnificent beaches that the Mayan Riviera has to offer. There is a immense natural reef barrier around the edge of the Mayan Riviera. That is a fantastic location for those that love to snorkel or take advantage of the pristine clear water for diving. For the experienced diver, there are also natural cave formations located all through the local reef that still hold mysteries that are being explored today. Diving and snorkeling here you can see the natural, ecological diversity in one of the Gulf of Mexico’s most pristine regions.

Not only in the water can you experience some of the world’s most pristine wildlife, but also in the surrounding forest and jungles. Here, there is home to more species than can be found in all of Mexico. The forest around the Mayan Riviera is home to some of Mexico’s most exotic animals. Along with them there is a wide variety of plants from towering fauna that spread across the trees. To the deepest part of the jungle where there is still new life and plant species being found. So, for those of you looking for a natural getaway to hike, bike, or just trek than the Mayan Riviera has it all for you.

If, you are searching for a complete history of the Mayan Riviera than they have extensive tours that will take your though some of central Americas most ancient Mayan ruins. The tours of these Mayan ruins can be done on your own or with a tour guide. Many of the tour guides are able to explain some of the history of each of the sites with incredible accuracy and knowledge. They provide some incredible vivid details, and it helps you imagine what it is truly like at the time, to live as a Mayan. They can help you explore the happy side of the Mayan culture as well as the Dark side which is rarely seen.

Once you are done exploring the history, and biodiversity of the area you can hit the town and explore some of Mexico’s hottest nightlife. You can sit back and enjoy a delightful cold beer while you watch the sunset fold into the sea. Then go to some of the traditional nightclubs, and hottest bars with live music that run into the wee hours of the night. Most of all enjoy you time in the safest and hottest destination in Mexico.


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