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The Mediterranean on a Turkish Gulet: Cruising for the Adventurous

Updated on April 9, 2015

Cruising along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is a pleasure itself, but if you have an opportunity to turn it into something even more pleasurable, you should definitely chose a Turkish gulet as the perfect kind of transportation. Gulet was originally a Turkish design and was used by fishermen to transport their catch. In the last decades they have been redesigned so to be used as a yachts for cruising holidays. They are not near the thing what they have been before; they are luxurious, have the entire crew you need, a huge deck where you can lie and relax on comfy chairs. All of them have one or two masts, but they are moved by engines, so the fear of being sea sick is close to zero. Gullets are also equipped with navigation system and are very safe. When it comes to amenities, they usually have wide halls, cabins with comfortable beds, big bathrooms, kitchen and a bar. What they resemble most today is a small hotel where you have everything necessary for the perfect yachting holiday.

Another thing that is great about gulets in comparison to other similar yachts is that you can rent it for you and your friends, it is more private then the regular cruising tours and they are for sure more comfortable. Next great thing is that, in most cases, you have the freedom to choose your own route; crew and captain are at your service. Most of them are so big that you can have up to 20 friends with you, but you can also rent only one cabin if you are by yourself.

When it comes to traveling and the routes, there are the ones where you can choose or arranged routes. The countries that you can visit during your cruising of the Mediterranean are usually Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Italy. Since the gulet tours originate from Turkey, tourists mostly take the tours in the waters around the country. The Turkish coast is very interesting for tourists, especially since it is surrounded by four seas. But, it would not b fair to neglect the other beautiful countries and their coastal parts, like the ones already mentioned. Whatever destination you get to choose, you will enjoy every second of it.

Cruising on gullet in average lasts about 7 days, depending on the route you are taking. These cruises usually include all three meals and drink, somewhere snacks and desserts. For a tour like this, you would have to pay about €800 per person. The prices, of course vary, but they are not much higher or lower than the amount mentioned. If you have any additional or special requests, prices are a bit different, but that is something that you have to arrange with your tour operator. It may seem a bit expensive type of yachting holiday, but if you take into account what benefits it offers and what an exciting adventure it is, the price is more than acceptable.


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