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The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island

Updated on July 9, 2013

Dancing in the Parade



It is to celebrate the start of summer. The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island was June 22, 2013 but you can still see it next year. It looks as if it is one of the fun events of the year. Everyone came in their costumes and had a grand time. Some people brought their children. A guy brought his dogs and dressed them up. There were some very colorful colors and artwork. The floats went out in the parade and there was a good crowd there.

Because it is New York the artwork and everything about the parade is very cutting edge. Everything is new and creative. It goes far beyond your expectations for being surprising and having things happening there that you have not seen anywhere else before. Well, maybe there are some similar parades around with mermaids. But it is an especially fun one.

The girls may not be models but that is the fun part of it in the parade. Some of the girls do have beauty and charm. Everyone can join in on it.

The parade started in the 1980's with a group of artists. It has progressed to be a fairly large event in Coney Island with some large crowds. People come and enjoy getting dressed up in mermaid and other seashore themed costumes. They also have been pirates and sailors and their girlfriends.

The parade was supposed to be also celebrating them having been through a tough time this year with Hurricane Sandy. People have gotten over it and went out to the parade.

Isn't it nice to be really beautiful for a day at least?

Walking in the Parade


Mermaid Parade Float




Coney Island

Coney Island in the past was rather a sad place because some of the rides had been taken out. I know they had changed things there. It looks as if there has been new life put in it. There are several events going on. Then of course, there is the Mermaid Parade that goes on every year.

Coney Island now is supposed to be one of the best place to see old New York at its best. It has not changed there and is still the same. So it is a good place to see New York without the changes that have happened at other locations.

The Mermaid Parade


See the Parade


Far Out Parade

Because they are artists that are in parade and a lot of fun people it is a bit different from what other parades might be like. The costumes are different and using their artistic abilities. A lot of it is homemade. They are using their skills to transform themselves into mermaids and other sea creatures.

It does cost to be in the parade. There is an entry fee. It has different levels that are listed on their webpage. I do have a link to it here.

You can also be a judge. They have a way that you can buy your way into being a judge by making a donation. It is there on the link I made here for the Mermaid Parade.

They are living out different fantasies by going to the parade. They can wear whatever they want to it. The girls are wearing different hair colors. There are blue hair wigs, green and pink ones. Everything that they can do to express themselves and make them look different is done. They really go to a lot of trouble with the costumes.

There is a contest about the costumes that goes on. They all want to win the contest and get dressed up in as different and creative costumes as possible.

A girl was supposed to have made fish out of papier mache. That is another thing they have at the parade. Fish are a popular item to have there. There are also other sea creatures such as jellyfish and seahorses. The girl also got a shell necklace to wear to the parade that she borrowed just for it.

There is a lot of nudity it looks like in the parade. They must get away with it for the parade. I was a little surprised by all of the girls that had such skimpy outfits on. I knew they are wearing a lot of very skimpy things. But this was so that they were walking around with hardly anything on. It seems to be a lot of fun for some to do that for the day. It gives them a thrill to be doing it. So many of them are artists or just feel they will take it off for the day.

I took art classes myself in New York so we did have nude models there. Usually the models would cover up for the breaks.

I did notice one of the officers around in the picture frowning at one of the half nude guys there.

If you wanted to get attention anyway, this would be it.

Pretty Girls at the Parade


The Mermaid Parade Coney Island

Coney Island Ferris Wheel

Fun at the seashore
Fun at the seashore | Source

Coney Island Attractions

Coney Island itself is a big attraction in New York. When it gets hot there and it does get hot, many New Yorkers head for Coney Island. There are many things to do there. There is a special Freak show there now and a Burlesque show operating at Coney Island. They have many different events going on.

The Mermaid Parade has its own Mermaid Ball that people can dress up some more for.

Of course, the place to eat there is Nathans. Nathans is famous for having good food that is cheap.

Mermaid Parade Poll

Do you want to see the mermaid parade?

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Mermaid Ball New York City


Seeing Coney Island

It is really a good idea to visit Coney Island if you do go to New York City. It shows you a different side of life there.

I always meant to go there. For me it was a long subway ride. It is a long ride if you do take the subway.

The parade can get crowded as with other New York City parades. There is a mention of it in the writing on it. Be sure you watch where you are going there. It is still part of the New York City area and it can be dangerous.


All of the photos are not from the 2013 parade, but some of them are. The video is of the latest 2013 parade.


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