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The Most Beautiful Women in the World by Country

Updated on March 1, 2013

Every corner of the earth is home to beautiful women, from exotic Latinas to blonde Nordics. While it generally boils down to matter of opinion, some countries are just head and shoulders above the rest with the plethora of beauties they offer.

Ignoring the Miss World titles and famous supermodels, this list of the most beautiful girls in the world by country is compiled considering the girls on the streets, at the checkout, on the dance floors, at the beach and much more. So read on to discover the 2013 list of the countries with the most beautiful women.

9. Thailand

Asia storms into the top ten for the most beautiful women and it’s no surprise that Thailand is leading the assault. Known for their clear, exotic complexion and approachability, Thai women are a joy to be around with their impeccable manners and delicate approach. Thailand’s capital city Bangkok is home to millions of these women, and is also a hot spot for teaching English.

8. Canada

North of the good old USA, Canada is home to a healthy and active population which may explain why their obesity rates are more than half that of their noisy neighbor. Many women in Canada are from a mixture of backgrounds and are as warm and loving as you can imagine during those Canadian winters. When things heat up during the summer, expect beach volleyball girls and watersport vixens from Vancouver to Toronto.

7. Spain

While South America normally tends to dominate these polls, it’s easy to forget where many of those women originate from. Good looks certainly run in the family and the Señoritas of Spain are a prime example of this, and a visit to Barcelona or Madrid will have you agreeing that Spanish women are amongst the most beautiful women in the world.

6. Denmark

The gateway to Scandinavia and Northern Europe welcomes visitors with a bevy of typically blonde haired, blue eyed Danish girls who make one of the world’s safest countries that little bit more appealing. Visitors tend to head for the cool capital city of Copenhagen, where a weekend here would leave you mixing with some of the world’s finest blondes.

5. Russia

It’s little wonder the largest country on the planet has beautiful girls from Moscow and St. Petersburg all the way to Vladivostok, and with an independent attitude and sexy accent, Russian girls can prove to be irresistible. Whether you’re playing the tourist at Red Square or kicking back in a cool Moscow bar, you will find Russian girls more approachable than expected, and certainly amongst the world’s most beautiful.

4. Venezuela

Ok, so while we said we would ignore the Miss World titles, we couldn’t ignore the girls on the streets of Caracas, or in rural parts of the country. The women in Venezuela are simply stunning, remarkably friendly and positively welcome to foreigners. With their dark eyes and cheerful smiles, Venezuelan women should rank amongst the world’s most beautiful for many years.

3. Sweden

Europe’s highest entry, and a consistent front runner, Swedish girls are everything you imagine them to be. Typically blonde and blue eyed like their neighbouring countries, Swedish girls are amongst the best educated in the world with most being fluent in numerous languages, and they also like to enjoy themselves. While the capital city Stockholm comes at a price, a weekend or longer here surrounded by some of the world’s finest girls is generally worth it.

2. Argentina

On the streets of Buenos Aires, you would be forgiven for assuming you were at a fashion show, as the beautiful, well dressed, Argentine girls strut along the pavements in one of South America’s most romantic cities. The tango dancing and world class cuisine make the atmosphere that little bit more interesting, and the girls of Argentina would be able to show you a move or two with their sexy dancing.

1. Colombia

Colombian girls truly are the most beautiful girls in the world. From the girls selling fruit on the streets of Bogotá and the chicas grinding away at a Medellín nightspot, to the women lazing on the beaches in Cartagena and offering tours around the Caribbean, the girls of Colombia are beautiful in every walk of life. Well educated, keen to interact and full of self-respect, we rank Colombian women as the most beautiful on earth.


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