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The Most Incredible Place - Santorini - Greece

Updated on August 7, 2016
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I will never forget the moment when the ship began to approach Santorini. Even greater excitement I experienced when I had a look from Kaldera to the the rest of the island and the environment. These homes that are now transformed into luxury hotels, sea, and probably the best sunsets in the world you have to see at least once in your life. We should not expect much from the beach. Simple but not by anything special except for the black sand.

The smell of food from numerous restaurants and attracts those who have just eaten. Persistent waiters shouting something in Greek, in order to convince you to stop by just in their restaurant. I have to admit that they do succeed. Portion Giros with fries and a drink will cost between 8 and 10 EUR. Of course, there are far more expensive, but this is an average. Excellent solution for a small portion of Giros ranging from 1.5 to 2 Euros for those who have budget limited, as I for example. I really enjoyed the food. It was worth every penny and it did not turn out so expensive.

There are several supermarkets. Nearby the camp is one inexpensive, which is crammed with food. Literally is utilized every inch of the walls. Hundred meters away, or closer to downtown is another that is 50 to 70% more expensive. There are examples where the difference is much greater. Lets say that 1.5l bottle of water costs € 0.28, and in expensive one it costs 1.5 €.

Tira is full of tourists from around the world, but the most are Italians, Americans and Germans. Tight streets can pass only skilled riders or pedestrians. There are a lot of exclusive boutiques. Countless shops of expensive jewelry that even lures tourists with the shallower pockets. As soon as you breathe the smell of the sea mixed with the scent of Greek cuisine and the incredible atmosphere of the whole island, you become a kind of spendthrift. Several times it went through my mind the question: "Is there a more beautiful place on earth, from Santorini?" Every new street was shocking me and left me breathless. The sea turquoise color combined with the open sky, giving an incredible sight. Caldera cliff in the name of Tira. On it are lined houses transformed into luxury hotels with swimming pools. Overnight accommodation is available for only 70 euros, but is usually several higher price.

The third day in Santorini, I decided to visit the volcanic island. The cheapest boat that I found, cost 12 euros. Departure was from the old port, and you can reach it in three ways. Cable car for a few seconds, a donkey or on foot 580 steps. I started walking so I enjoyed the gradual lowering of the caldera to the sea.

I recommend this wonderfull place and if you need any assistance of prices or locations feel free to ask.


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