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Mysteries Of Lake Baikal

Updated on December 31, 2013

Giant Ice Circles

Giant Ice Circles

The lake is frozen 75% of the year and the winter's here are extremely cold. Temperatures come to be as low as -40 Fahrenheit.

In 2009, astronauts aboard the international space station spotted strange circles on the surface of the frozen lake. Many people thought this could be evidence of the existence of aliens. Unfortunately scientists denied this theory. Experts say these were formed thanks to methane gas rising from the lake floor that create a mass of warm water that rise to the surface in a circular pattern.

As dissapointing as this may be, it's only the beginning of such bizarre tales linked to this lake.

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Encounter With Humanoid Creatures

In 1982 a group of Russian military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter occurred at a depth of 50 meters, and as the divers tried to catch the strangers three of them reportedly died in the chase and the others were severely injured.

Reports by the Russian navy also describe encounters with unidentified vehicles in the lake that move too quickly to be just regular vessels.

Another case that may not have occurred in Lake Baikal, but is still very interesting is one of a nuclear submarine on a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean that during a combat mission detected six unknown objects following them. The captain ordered the crew to bring the vessel to the surface after failing to lose them. They claimed the objects followed them up to the surface before flying up into the sky.

Boats Dissapearing

On June 6 of 2011 4 men that were said to be experienced sailors wanted to try out a new motor for a small boat named "Yamaha". They boarded the vessel and went on into Lake Baikal.

They were supposed to return soon but all contact with them was lost almost immediately after their departure.

The phone reception within the area of the lake was perfect but somehow for some strange reason their phones were out of the network. The "Yamaha" with the men on board had simply disappeared. Many people think that the boat may have vanished in an area of the lake locals like to call "The Devils crater" and was sucked into a large whirlpool.

Incidents and Sightings

Like I mentioned before, the lake is frozen the majority of the year and many have perished falling through the ice snowmobiles and even cars.

Fishermen from Lake Baikal often will tell stories about seeing ancient castles, historic ships and boats under the surface of the cold freezing water. As we know, science has been known to kill all of our hopes, dreams and beliefs, and this is no exception. Scientists say that these sightings are actually mirages, which means (according to Wikipedia) that light rays bend to produce a displaced image of distant objects. This means that these sightings may just be a reflection of objects that are in a different location and not under the surface of the water.

There's A Monster In The Lake

With a lake this mysterious, it’s almost impossible for there not to be rumors of a monster that inhabits it,

Eyewitnesses confirm that there is indeed a monster in Lake Baikal. He is often described like sturgeon but really large in size. Others say that he is more like a huge seal. Experts say that the lake harbors unusually large sturgeon and a weird mammalian monstrosity, almost like a seal.

One hypothesis says that the this odd creature is a creation of mankind, due to the outrageous amount of pollution spewed in the lake by many companies that dump hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of untreated waste into Lake Baikal every single day.


Things like this make you wonder if human beings are the real monsters in this world ,selfishly taking advantage of other species environments and habitats destroying our own home for comfort, money and even business, abusing natural resources until the day the Earth fights back at mankind. (I got a little carried away but , i think this is true and frankly, inevitable.)

Nevertheless, Lake Baikal is definitely one of the most interesting places on this planet.

© 2013 Ivan Chavez


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