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The Palace At Versailles

Updated on October 13, 2011

The beautiful garden of the Palace at Versailles

The Garden of the Palace at Versailles
The Garden of the Palace at Versailles

About The Palace of Versaille

The Palace at Versailles, also some times call the Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful and popular estates in the world.

When you reach the Versailles gates, you will feel that you are going inside a palace and not an entire city. This impression is being justified by its large buildings and even bigger area.

What started as a simple château made of stone and slate that served as a hunting lodge for Louis XIII, Versailles developed when it was reigned by his son. In the year 1682, after working for 20 years, the ‘Sun King’ started to live there and that’s when the construction actually began.

Louis ended up turning this simple lodge into the awe inspiring Palace of Versailles. With the exception of only the current Royal Chapel (which was constructed at the end of Louis' reign), the palace got much of its current look after the 3rd building campaign, after which an official move of the royal court to Versailles ensued on 6 May 1682.

Versailles turned into a dazzling and stunning setting for state affairs and was the reception for foreign dignitaries. At the Palace at Versailles, only the king commanded attention. Speculations have been made about this extravagant and stately palace's constructions, as well as about the relocation of the monarchy's chair.

Saint-Simon speculated Louis saw Versailles as an isolated center of power where treasonous cabals could be discovered and foiled more easily.

The front of the Palace at Versaille
The front of the Palace at Versaille

The area is about 1,800 acres big and has more than 1,500 fountains by the side of the huge palace. There are still 300 remaining as of now. You can also find a number of unique gardens in the area. The place is watered by a system, with only 150km from canals, the fountains and gardens is a sight to see especially on Sundays.

The gardens cover about 250 acres and were designed during the years 1661 until 1700. Until now, more and more visitors are amazed. Make sure that you don’t miss the big Fountain of Apollo, wherein you can see the Sun God riding a chariot of horses on its surface.

Huge stables can also be found on the grounds. It was closed to the people for about 200 years as it was originally made to be the place for the 600 horses of Louis XIV. Now, it houses 20 Portuguese Lusitanian horses. Inside you can find drawings and sculptures made by the Sun King.

Visitors can delight themselves with a directed tour around the stables and witness a morning dressage (a French word that means training) with riders in costume.

Of course, the château is already a simple and is the center of the area. It has about 700 rooms and not one visit can surpass the total small percentage.

During the late 17th century, lots of servants and nobles lived in the area since Louis governed the area with tight reins within the gates of the palace. Interestingly, the gates were always open so people will know that the palace is owned by the French People.

All over the château, you’ll find sculptures, paintings, wall hangings and even structural elements brought from different parts of Europe.

One of its biggest attractions is the La Galeria des Glaces or Hall of Mirrors which is 74 m long. It is not like a fun-house as the tall mirrors line the walls by one side and on the other side are windows with a garden view. During that time, the mirrors were the most recent technology and were still quite impressive as visitors were awed by it. It has Corinthian pillars made of green marble and continues to dazzle.

The château is graced by thousands of visitors everyday even if the place is a bit hot during the summer, especially the outdoors. It is best to dress appropriately. You can go the grounds and palace since it is open the whole year. Just take the RER line C: Versailles – Rive Gauche.

More Photos of the Palace at Versailles

A fountain at the Palace of Versailles
A fountain at the Palace of Versailles
Inside the Palace at Versatile
Inside the Palace at Versatile
Palace at Versailles fountain statue
Palace at Versailles fountain statue
Another view of the back of the Palace at Versailles
Another view of the back of the Palace at Versailles


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    • festersporling1 profile image

      Daniel Christian 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Kelly - Glad you enjoyed. It's definitely a worthwhile place to go.

      Raxi02 - Thanks very much and I look forward to reading your article about it.

      RJ - Thanks dude. I will check out some of yours as well.

    • raxit02 profile image

      raxit02 6 years ago from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      Wonderful topic and the photos. I wish to visit this place as soon as I can. Yes, I too will write on it in my own way. Best wishes.

    • Kelly L Deeny profile image

      Kelly L Deeny 6 years ago from Bucks County, PA

      This has been a destination I've been wanting to visit. Thanks for sharing the info and photos!