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The Perfect Girlfriend Weekend! Big City Shopping - Part Two: Los Angeles

Updated on February 28, 2010

In the HUB Page: The Perfect Girlfriend Weekend! Big City Shopping – Part One: New York…I told you about some great Big Apple shopping locations. Well in this HUB, we are going to take a trip to the West Coast and explore another great city in which to shop…Los Angeles! So once again it is time to put on your sensible shoes (buy a new pair if you must), call the girlfriends, and start planning your LA Shopping Weekend Get-Away! Once again I must stress that great get-away deals can be found on the internet! Due to the lack-luster economy, the travel industry is hurting. Therefore, great travel deals are in abundance! All you have to do is look!

Nothing beats shopping in Los Angeles (you have heard of Rodeo Drive…haven't you?!). Yes, the air is full of smog and the traffic is horrible…however, there is just something unique and exciting about shopping in this crazy, electric city!

Hooray for Hollywood!

When in LA you MUST spend some time shopping in Hollywood…the place where dreams come true and careers are destroyed. Ok, that may be a bit dramatic…but you get my drift. Just being in Hollywood is exciting! The people, culture and cuisine are second to none! First stop, Hollywood and Highland Center. If you read gossip blogs or magazines then you have probably heard of this famous mall as many celebrities shop there on a regular basis. This mall and entertainment complex is visited by over 15 million people each year (just goes to show how popular this mall really is!). Connected to the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater you will find over 60 retailers, nine restaurants, a move theater and two night clubs (I told you this mall had a LOT going on!). Oh, before I forget…the high-tech Lucky Strike Lanes Bowling alley is also connected to this mall. So if you want to bowl after a long day of shopping…go for it! As for some of the over 60 retailers …well they include: Victoria's Secret, Gap, Gap Kids, Sephora, the Virgin Mega Store, Guess, H&M and many, many more!

Rodeo Drive Anyone?

Even if you can't afford to actually buy anything…you MUST take a walk down Rodeo Drive…just to say you did! Yes, I'll admit, I had my photo taken in front of the Rodeo Drive street sign last time I was in LA (my wife was highly embarrassed…but she survived the ordeal). Famous for designer labels and haute couture fashion, Rodeo Drive is known around the globe. Fendi, Chanel, Dolce &Gabbana, Cartier, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are only a handful of shops that you will find in this famous fashion district. There are also many high-end hotels…which, by the way, are simply gorgeous! If you have the money to spend, you may wish to stay in the Beverly Hills Hotel or better yet, the Beverly Wilshire (both are top notch!). I must give you one warning…if you think that you can simply walk in to just about any store on Rodeo drive…think again. Most, if not all of the shops require an appointment to shop (unless, of course, you are Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston). Unfortunately, window shopping will have to do.


So Many Things To Do!

Yes, there are many wonderful places to shop in Los Angeles, however, there are many other exciting things to do as well (you should consider planning a LONG weekend if you want to do more than shop). You can tour a movie set, watch a television show taping (Price Is Right…Come on Down!), or dine at the Ivy (beware, you will need to make a reservation WELL in advance…unless, of course, you have an "in" and know someone important that can get you a table!).

So there you have it, another great girlfriend weekend get-away shopping location! Be sure to check back soon as the next fabulous shopping location we will be exploring is The Mall of America in Minnesota. Trust me when I say the Mall of America is HUMONGOUS! It is a shopper's paradise! Also, if you are interested in staying in shape as you shop…please visit my HUB page: Walk Your Way to a Better Body! Buy a Pair of Shape Ups by LA Gear Fitness! Until next time, my friends! Here's to good friends and great shopping!



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