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The Popular Amishville Tourist Destination Located In Geneva, Indiana

Updated on August 10, 2016

A Unique Atmosphere In The Amish Countryside

Geneva, Indiana Is Located In The Heart Of Amish Country

Beautiful Amishville Decorations

The General History Of Amishville

The Amishville tourist destination is located in Adams County, Indiana. Currently the Adams County Amish population is the fifth largest Amish settlement in the United States with ten-thousand Amish residents. For many years the present location of Amishville was widely known as the home place for much of the Amish community. Large multitudes of different Amish families were born and raised on the current one-hundred twenty acre property at Amishville. In the late 1960's the large Amish family residing on the property decided to move out of state to a different Amish settlement. After the families departure Amishville was then opened as a tourist destination to teach the numerous visitors about the Amish way of life. In depth tours are now offered at the Amish home that still sits on the property. Walking inside of the Amish house from room to room will make an individual feel as if they have stepped back in time. The Amish home is stocked with antique furniture and old-style wood stoves for heat on the inside. Sitting directly behind the Amish home is the utility barn that was used for, washing laundry by hand, food canning, and butchering beef. An abundance of live farm animals still live in the Amish built barns on the property.

The Common Method Of Transportation For The Amish

An Uncovered Family Horse-Drawn Buggy

Horse-Drawn Buggies Slowly Rolling In Adams County, Indiana

While touring Amishville an individual will learn that In southern Adams County, Indiana the Amish citizens will use there open horse-drawn buggies all year round for transportation. A rain cover for the buggy is often considered by the majority of the Amish people to be an unnecessary luxury item. The horse-drawn Amish buggies are always solid black in color, with large wooden wheels, and have a reflective triangle sign on the back so cars can be certain to see them from a long distance. Many times the Amish men can commonly be seen chugging along slowly in the buggy while enjoying a smoke from there tobacco pipes. The Amish buggies can be seen traveling throughout the entire county still even today. When driving through Amish Country always remember to slow down and use caution on the roadways to significantly prevent a deadly accident with a horse-drawn buggy.

Driving Directions To The Amishville Tourist Destination

844 East 900 South, Geneva, Indiana 46740:
844 E 900 S, Geneva, IN 46740, USA

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The exact location of the famous Amishville U.S.A. tourist destination located In Geneva, Indiana.

An Antique Living Room Wood Stove

The Amish Homes Common Method For A Heat Source

The Amish people are widely known to live a very simple and rather wholesome type of lifestyle that the average English person has totally forgotten how to properly accomplish. At Amishville the tour guide will be clear about how every member of an Amish family will perform intensively hard labor from dusk until dawn for there family to effectively survive. A common task for the Amish males is to chop and split an adequate amount of firewood to keep the large family warm throughout the winter months. An Amish family has no electricity or running water available to there homes. Several wood-burning stoves centrally located throughout the home will keep every family member comfortably warm during the colder months. A common task for the Amish females is to cook and bake homemade meals for the entire family each day by using the wood-burning stove located in the kitchen of the home. The Amish parents will constantly warn the very small and much younger children about the horrible dangers of getting to close to the hot wood-burning stove. Many times the eldest of the brothers and sisters living in an Amish household will assist there parents with the task of keeping there younger siblings a safe distance away from the hot wood stoves.

The Typical Amish-Style Farmhouse Near Amishville

A Horse-Drawn Garden Plow The Amish Use On The Farm

The Common Windmill Powered Well Pump

Experiencing The Amish Way Of Life

Near Amishville many of the Amish-style farmhouses are nestled among the rolling meadows that bank next to the mighty Wabash River. The general area is loaded with rich heritage of Amish families and farmlands that offer a much slower pace than the city life. On the drive to Amishville an individual will witness numerous Amish ladies who all wear bonnets to cover there heads while hanging clean laundry outside on the clothesline to dry in the summer breezes. After leaving Amishville the drive through the Amish countryside one can witness multitudes of Amish men wearing plain straw hats to shade themselves from the sun while working in the fields by using the work horses to plow the garden. Many of the teenage boys are seen totting metal pails of fresh water from the well that is located just below the tall windmills. To obtain complete relaxation, enjoy the many breathtaking sights, and peaceful sounds an individual might consider getting out of the bustling city for awhile to visit Amishville as you experience first hand the Amish way of life.

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Activities And Events At Amishville

The Decorative Outdoor Porch Lantern At Amishville

Fun Things To Do At Amishville

The Amishville tourist destination is located three miles from the small town of Geneva, Indiana and four miles from the Swiss community of Berne, Indiana. Amishville is nestled in the heart of Amish country. The area surrounding Amishville is home to numerous old order Amish and Swiss Mennonite families. Visitors can discover a collection of antiques and older items in the Amishville gift shop. The homemade and country-style soul food at the Amishville Grille Restaurant will leave the visitors from the much larger cities utterly baffled. In the 1970's the old chicken house was converted and completely remodeled into a fully-equipped restaurant. The restaurant is only open for limited hours on the weekends and a sixteen inch pizza special with two toppings is available each weekend for only eleven dollars. Amishville Grille Restaurant also offers tenderloin dinners, appetizers, chicken wings, sandwiches, burgers, fries, ice cream, and much more. Freshly cooked meals can be eaten in the restaurants one-hundred seat dining room, take the food to go, or can be ate on the back deck that overlooks the five acre lake. The five acre lake is stocked with an abundance of fish and is beautiful to view at sunset. A three-hundred-site campground is located on the Amishville property for modern camper or primitive tent camping. Each campsite comes fully equipped with water and electric hook-ups for campers. The quite and picturesque Amishville campground is visited by thousands of campers each year to experience the atmosphere of the Amish countryside.

Other Fun Things To Do At Amishville

The Amishville tourist destination offers there guest with activities for every age group that include a swimming hole with a sandy beach, two different playgrounds, the Amish house tour, golf cart rentals, pony train ride, camp store, bingo games, basketball courts, tractor-pulled hayrides, free kettle popcorn that is popped over an open fire, gift shop, volleyball games, feeding the farm animals at the barn, arts and crafts. Every weekend at Amishville the special events are always available to all visitors. On each Sunday morning every visitor is welcome to attend the casual-attire gospel services known as the Chapel on the Hill. The Amishville tourist destination is open from April the first through October thirty-first each year.

A Short Video Clip About The Old Order Amish

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