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Why you should visit Thailand

Updated on June 26, 2015

Thailand offers a unique experience that no other country can match. In the year 2013, Bangkok, the capital city, was the world's most visited city! Thailand continues to be one of the most popular and appreciated countries amongst tourists. Here are the top reasons as to why your next destination should be Thailand!

Hot and spicy Tom Yum Goong.
Hot and spicy Tom Yum Goong. | Source

Unique and Delicious Food

Thailand is famous for having the tastiest dishes any country has to offer. The street food here will make you forget all the Thai-American varieties you've had. The world famous Massaman Curry topped CNN's "50 best food in the world" list with Tom Yum Goong (hot prawn soup), Som Tam (papaya salad) and Moo Nam Tok (pork salad) following closely behind in the list. Besides having healthy and satisfying main dishes, the deserts here will blow you away as well! Mango and sticky rice, Kao Tom Mud (banana in sticky rice) and the aromatic Cha Thai (Thai tea) are famous sweet deserts that will leave you craving for more!

Fun facts:

  • Thailand's first form of greeting was saying, "Have you eaten yet?" or "Are you full?"
  • In some provinces, engaged couples must sample each other's food before marriage. Thai people believe if your partner likes the food you make, they truly love you!
  • Thai people believe that discarding food can anger the "god of rice" which could lead to starvation!

Food Translation and Description

Name in Thai
Literal Translation
What it is
Kaeng Massamun
Massamun Curry
A sweet meat curry
Moo Nam Tok
Waterfall Pork
A sour pork salad
Som Tam
Pestled Orange
A raw papaya salad
Tom Yum Koong
Bioled Sour Prawn
A hot, sour prawn soup
Kaeng Kiaw Whan
Green sweet curry
A sweet, green colored curry
Yum Woon Sen
Noodle Salad
A sour noodle salad
Khao Phad
Fried Rice
friend rice
Phad Thai
Thai fried
A sweet noodle dish
Krathongs are objects made from banana tree trunk and leaves, flowers and candles. You can easily craft one or purchase one at the market. Thai people float Krathongs to thank the River Goddess.
Krathongs are objects made from banana tree trunk and leaves, flowers and candles. You can easily craft one or purchase one at the market. Thai people float Krathongs to thank the River Goddess. | Source

Beautiful Culture

Thailand has a rich culture that attract many toursits' attention. Visiting beautiful temples, enjoying dance and music performances and joining Thai festivals are all activities that most tourists enjoy. Many ancient temples that were built a long time ago are still major landmarks to this day. Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok, Wat Pra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai and Wat Pho in Phra Nakhon province are some of the largest and most well-built temples in the world: they are must-visits when you come to Thailand!

Music performances are very entertaining and peaceful. Skillful musicians and dancers put on a relaxing show; Thai music and dances are very different from other cultures. Don't miss these performances: they are extraordinary!

Finally, Thai festivals are unique and beautiful. Songkran (April) and Loi Krathong (November) are celebrated all over the country. Since everyone on the Earth is so dependant on water, Thai people float "Krathongs" over the river to show their appreciation to the Goddess of Rivers (Phra Mae Kong Kha or the "mother of rivers") for her genorisity. Loi Krathong also involves floating lanterns into the sky for good luck. Songkran (the Thai New Year) involves throwing water from buckets at each other or shooting each other with water guns for a "fresh start" to the new year. More bizzare festivals include Phi Ta Khon (a bit like Halloween) and the Mokey Buffet festival where animal-lovers feed monkeys to show our appreciation for them. Candle Festival are a must for anyone into art. People get together and sculpt objects made from wax. Whichever festival you choose to attend, they all offer an unforgettable experience!

Diverse Activities

From hiking in Chiang Rai to shopping at some of the best malls in Bangkok to sunbathing in the South, the list of things you can do is absolutely endless. Thailand offers a variety of things to do to fit everyone's tastes.

Bangkok (and most of the cetral regions) are for people who love to shop, party and drink. The crowded streets and cities are good for anyone who prefers to stick with the crowd. Siam Paragon, Central Chitlom and Emporium are great shopping malls for shoppers to try. The night clubs and bars also make Bangkok popular amongst everyone who loves to have a blast with their friends and families.

The North (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, etc) are mountainous which makes it perfect for anyone who loves to hike and trek. Most elephants in Thailand are in the north so head over if you want to have a great face-to-face experience with elephants.

The Northeast or Isaan is packed with a diverse and interesting culture. Lots of festivals are also held here. If you are into culture, Isaan is simply perfect for you!

Southern Thailand has majestic seas: amongst the most beautiful in Asia. Sunbathing, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming are all interesting activities you can do in the south. The beautiful seas and landscapes make it perfect for photography.

The East has plenty of gardens and fields of crops. If you love nature and prefer a peaceful and quiet destination, the East has everything you want to experience.

The West has great rivers and moutains for you to explore. The wildlife there also makes it great if you want to meet some animals.

As you can see, Thailand has a variety of things you can do. Don't worry if your families or friends all have different tastes; Thailand will fit all of your different styles!

Rice fielding in eastern Thailand. Feel free to ask the farmer for a try!
Rice fielding in eastern Thailand. Feel free to ask the farmer for a try!
Tourists Hiking in Chiang Rai
Tourists Hiking in Chiang Rai
Koh Tao's (Southern Thailand) beaches
Koh Tao's (Southern Thailand) beaches

The Popular Cities From Each Region

Chiang Mai (Northern):
Chiang Mai, Thailand

get directions

Roi Et (Northeastern):
Roi Et, Thailand

get directions

Bangkok (Central):
Bangkok, Thailand

get directions

Chantaburi (Eastern):
Chanthaburi, Thailand

get directions

Kanchanaburi (Western):
Kanchanaburi, Thailand

get directions

Phuket (Southern):
Phuket, Thailand

get directions

Amazing Wildlife

Thailand is well known for having a huge variety of beautiful birds and strange mammals. "The Land of Elephants" does not fail to impress any animal-loving tourists at all! Since central Thailand (Bangkok, etc) has very little remaining forests or other habitats left, animal-lovers should be flying to the North, South or Northeast instead.

Northern Thailand is home to most of the Elephants in Thailand as well as other mammals such as Tapirs and Monkeys. The Northeast hosts a beautiful collection of insects including a variety of butterflies and dragonflies. Mammals such as Tapirs and Deers are also found here. If you come to the Northeast, there are also plenty of caves with bats; most tourists love bringing a camera to take a few snaps to bring home. The South has forests which is home to a dazzling array of birds including Horn-bills (a large toucan-like bird), parrots, fruit doves and other colorful feathered-animals. The south also has plenty of reptiles such as iguanas, lizards, monitor lizards and snakes!

What animal do you want to see in Thailand?

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Friendly and Kind People

Thailand wouldn't be called "The Land of Smiles" for no reason, right? Most tourists can agree that friendly and kind people will always make the trip even better! The table below shows basic Thai words so you can interact with the awesome people!

People believe that the name "The Land of Smiles" has derived from the cheerful and funny nature of Thai people. If you smile at any Thai person, they will most likely smile back!

Here are a few basic Thai words so you can interact and have a conversation with the people!

Basic Words

Sabai Dee Mai?
How are you?
Sabai Dee!
I'm fine!
Kob Khun
Kob Jai
Thank you
La Khon!
Bye bye!
See you later/bye
Mai Chai
Chan/Pom Pood Thai mai dai
Pood Thai mai pen
I can not speak Thai!
Hiw Khao
Hong Nam yoo nai
Where is the toilet?
Kho Tod
Tong khan hai chuai mai?
Do you need help?
Khun Chu wa arai?
What is your name?
Chan/Pom chu wa _____
My name is _____
Chan/Pom ma chak ______
I am from _____
Chan/Pom pen mungsawirat
I am a vegetarian
Pood pasa anglit dai mai?
Can you speak English?


  • "Chan" and "Pom" both mean "I" (the word that refers to yourself). The only difference is "Chan" refers to a girl and "Pom" refers to a boy. If you are a boy, use "Pom" and if you are a girl, use "Chan".
  • Adding a "Krub" or a "Kha" to any phrase adds politeness. Again, boys use "Krub" and girls use "Kha".
  • "Mak" means very. Adding it to a phrase will emphasize the point. For example, "aroi mak" would mean "very delicious!". "Sabai dee" would mean "I'm fine" but "Sabai dee mak" would mean "I'm great!"

Fun facts about Thai people's beliefs

  • Cutting your hair on Wednesday is bad.
  • Don't go out of your house if you hear a gecko. It is a sign that something unpleasant will happen to you.
  • If your right eye twitches, it's a sign of bad luck but if your left eye twitches, it's a sign of good luck.
  • If you dream of a snake constricting you, you will find your true love very soon.
  • Black is the color of death and grief so never wear black to visit sick/injured patients.
  • If a comb breaks while brushing hair, toss it right away, or bad things will follow.
  • Don't let a mirror go dusty. It will dust the future of the owner with bad luck.
  • A pregnant woman cannot attend a funeral, or the spirit of the dead will disturb the baby. This could be deadly.
  • Don't sleep with your head pointing to the west, or you will have bad dreams.
  • Touching an older person's head is a rude behavior.
  • Dreaming that a tooth falls out means your relative will die. An upper jaw tooth refers to a relative of your father's side, while a lower jaw tooth is your mother's.
  • Don't pre-celebrate your birthday. You will only die sooner.
  • Do not give handkerchief as gifts to your friend or partner otherwise you two will separate
  • Don't call a newborn baby cute; instead, lie and say that the baby looks ugly. Spirits can envy the "cute" baby and haunt him/her.

Which reason interests you the most?

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There we have it: the top reasons why you should visit Thailand! From the delicious food to unique wildlife to brilliant people, Thailand does not fail to impress any tourists. Whether you are coming to Thailand or not, have a great holiday, wherever you're going!

For more information on visiting Thailand, please visit:


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