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The Rink, myself and I-CE: A Winter Sports Anecdote

Updated on January 30, 2010

Freshers' 2008

My second Year at University and a friend of mine,Mckey was a fresher again. She decided Law would never peek her mojo, a life lesson I failed to learn in time. Anyway, Fresher's week was underway, screamy, easily excited 18 year olds who think university is ONE BIG PARTY, eww- yes they make me sick. Walking around overly dressed in heels, boys attempting some sort of suit casual hybrid; all ready to get off their face in seconds and spend the night with as many randoms as possible. Like uni was what it looked like on television. Hell no! it's fun and part hearty but there's a LOT of WORK involved....and no if you're wondering I was never a screamy easily excitable teen, I was there to have fun, make new friends, gain independence but above all I was there to get my degree. Yes as you've gathered I hated freshers' week, even when I was a fresher.

Seeing that I've managed to successfully go off on a tangent, we should probably get back to the matter at hand. It was freshers' week, my friend Mckey was a fresher again and the upcoming freshers' event was ice skating. She invited Elle and myself for a night of fun at the rink.

The scene- Nottingham
The scene- Nottingham
YES! I was planning on landing a few backflips
YES! I was planning on landing a few backflips

Meeting up at Bonnington

So we walked from our flat to Bonnington, where everyone skater's bound, was meeting up. To fill the moment with our insanities, we did a Shakespearean remix of Lil' John's Get Low.

'To the window, to thy terrace, till perspiration falls from one's testicles and all thine ladies crawl' Ohh skate, skate, skate, skate, skate...'

And on and on we sang loudly. If you're unfamiliar, the lyrics above are very similar once you change some of the words. No matter, in midst of our frivolity, the tutors in charge gather us together and we proceeded on our quest to the Ice Rink.

It was a longish one, I wasn't in the mood to walk because it was just too cold for that kind of nonsense. We carried on chanting about sweat ad balls, before long we were there. A ll toasty in side the big building, where much fun was t be had that night.

It was somewhat confusing in an unconfusing way how Elli, Mckey and I managed getting lost when all we had to do was go down the stairs. Thing is we needed a loo break...badly.

We managed to find our way down to the skating area and were ready to 'trade in' our shoes for skates.

I'll have Size 8's Please

I said to the I'll have your shoes and give you some skates person. I was well smug, I was asking for skates bigger than my shoes size, because my socks were thick and I was all about comfort.

Ice Skating...for leisurely purposes; I mean, it's just one of those things, when you spectate on the numerous people actually skating each with a degree of pomp, smugness where they individually make subconscious decisions to out skate the other, or look better...even show up in a trendy, edgy, skating outfit. Seriously an eye rolling worthy moment.

I was pumped, amped, ready to just go out on the ice. I'm no Olympic skater..hell I'm not even a proper ice skater. I can roller skate a smidge...if anything I'm a tryer.

I put on the skates, laced them up as tightly as I could and stood up. I was in total shock that I was able to stand in them without tipping left or right. I'm a curvy in very hippy, which I didn't think would help with the balancing skills needed for skating.

I walked around. Beginning to feel smug 'I can actually walk in these things?!' McKey was already on the ice, busy with her gold medal winning routine. Elle was holding on the the sides for dear life. She was doing a lap around the the rink before leaving.

You could hear her loud screams as she occasionally see sawed in her skates. I walked over the the rink itself, getting ready to do my thing, where I saw Elle just stood there waiting for a guy to finish chat up a girl before she could move. They were leaning on the sides, making any Elle movements futile.

So there I was about to engage with the ice. I raised my foot to feel a sharp pain run up my leg and then another in my other leg. Both my feet began to hurt to the point where I could no longer stand. I held on the the wall imitating Elle's pose and tried to get back to the bench where I could take them off.

I got to one pole but was unable to make it to another. I was already suffocating in embarrassment even though there was barely a soul not skating. I got down on all fours then rolled over and sat on the floor, untied the laces, took the skates off and returned them for my shoes.

'Ahhhh' my sighed in relief, I bought myself some hot chocolate, got a good seat and watched Elle do her lap and Mckey bust some moves...soon we were ready to leave. We all had a good hearty laugh at my skating skills. I tore it up...the bench that is.

Surya Bonaly I was so going to channel her that night

January Hub Love # 12


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    • Sa Toya profile image

      Sa Toya 8 years ago from England

      Cheers :D for reading and commenting. Ice skating is a task and a half. My effort well...not sure how great- I tried right?!

    • TnFlash profile image

      TnFlash 8 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Great Hub! I tried ice skating once myself and it was not easy. Great effort.

    • Sa Toya profile image

      Sa Toya 8 years ago from England

      Yes it was really funny! I laughed my ass off at my own self...had to soak my feet the next day.

      Cheers for reading :D

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      Well this was a good read. Tore up your feet too huh? LOL Live and learn. Funny stuff.