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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy

Updated on November 2, 2010

The RCMP Academy

The RCMP Academy, or Academy of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was built in 1886.  Part of the Academy is open to the public.

The facade of the building still shows "Royal Northwest Mounted Police", which is the original name of the Corps. The name is also mentioned in French, and listed as GRC, or "Gendarmerie Royale du Canada".

The Visitor Center of the Academy includes the Heritage Museum.

Guided Tour

The tour begins with a guided visit to the "public" part of the school.

On the parade ground there is an inspection of the troops, who during our visit had the first external parade of the year.

The choreography of a military march, complete with music, is quite interesting. A macho Sergeant Major let us "enjoy" his powerful vocal organ, and his frequent sarcastic comments to the recruits...

The building in which the chapel is located, previously actually served as a military bar for the men. That is, until the officers' Ladies decided (rather unilaterally, I'm afraid...) that the recruits were better off with a place to pray than with a place to drink...

It has outstanding stained glass windows, that were donated to the corps. Furthermore, it also contains several memorabilia.

The next visit went to a large hall, in which drill exercises are given. The Sergeant Major with the powerful voice got another opportunity to address the cadets with a lot of pathos.

The man is actually an attraction all by himself, and as such he is obviously theatrically staged for the benefit of the tourists...

This concludes the tour of the academy's public part, as the other buildings are off-limits to the public, for security reasons.

In the medical center, rather comprehensive first aid can be administered, and it even has its own dentist.

The next building houses the cadets' dormitories, and every year some 600 of them undergo their training.

Finally, the Academy also has its own utilities, which means independent power and water.

The RCMP Heritage Museum

In the Heritage Museum an interesting twenty-minute movie is presented about the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

There is only one basic training school for the Mounties across the whole of Canada, and that is the one in Regina.

The RCMP also has many other schools, but they are used to provide specialization for the cadets, according to their functions.

The RCMP museum contains many interesting objects, and even some really antique gems. Thus, it exhibits many antique uniforms, weapons of all kinds, and the most diverse vehicles.

Everybody knows the traditional image of the Mountie on horseback, but since they have to be able to work in almost every imaginable climate, the museum also shows a dog sleigh, a motorbike, a car, a snow-halftrack, a boat, an airplane, and simply anything imaginable !

Finally, the museum offers a comprehensive overview of the Mounties' history and development.



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