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The Runaway Couple

Updated on April 27, 2016

The Beginning

"He doesn't like me back. I know it." I repeated this sentence in my head over and over for weeks. I couldn't have been more wrong. I met M months ago when he was hired as a busboy at the restaurant that I'd been working at. After talking for a few minutes, we both discovered that we'd been attending the same college for the past five months though we'd never seen each other before. We became friends almost immediately. Though we both had been dating other people at the time, I felt an immediate attraction to him. There was something about him that kept me on my toes. He could make me laugh when I was close to tears. He was a great hugger and he always knew how to keep me motivated. A couple months passed and we both found ourselves ending the relationships that we were in as neither of us were happy. It would take another two months for me to gather the courage to ask him out.

Where it Went Wrong

Up until a few days ago, everything was going great. Despite the odd looks we received from people who were not used to seeing interracial couples, we couldn't have been happier. But that would be short lived. A few days ago, we both made a mistake that caused M to get into a lot of trouble meant for the both of us. He lied to keep me out of it and from getting into trouble which caused him to get into much more trouble than he deserves. If you can’t tell, I’m trying to be as vague as possible in order to protect our identities. What we did is going to cost thousands of dollars to fix and on top of that, M’s parents, whom he still lives with, are being so hard on him that he can barely cope. They have brought him to a place where he has considered hurting himself in order to escape it all. I have begged him to tell his parents and the authorities the truth about my involvement but he is refusing to agree for fear that I will get in trouble. Now that it is the end of the semester, his parents are going to expect him to come home full time which I fear he will not be able to emotionally handle. Long story short, M is in a position that is leaving us both depressed and stressed and it has been severely straining our short lived relationship. We talked for a little bit and came up with four solutions: Telling the truth which will keep him in trouble with his parents anyways and risk me getting in trouble with the authorities, him moving away from home and becoming an RA-who receives free housing-in the fall, though he’d still be kept under lock for the next four months, joining the military, or running away altogether and taking a gap year.

We’ve chosen the latter.

I Know What You're Thinking

"The situation is not that dire. Why would we consider running away from warm and loving homes?" Firstly, he does not come from a warm and loving home. He has been brought emotionally to a place where he does not even want to be on this earth anymore and he needs help. We can't get that here. Especially not while he is still under his parents' control. I, however, am on my own. We are both legal adults yet I am the only one who has been given the freedom of an adult. My parents would not be happy about my decision but would not make a move to stop me and would support me 100%. I have always held firm to the belief that if you cannot be happy with what you are doing in life then there is no point in doing it. At the end of the day, I don't need fame or fortune. I'd be happier living on the run with the man that I love than living in an expensive home with a college degree and being unhappy for the rest of my life. I crave freedom. I crave love. And if the guy that I'm falling for is seeking it, then I will be right by his side no matter what he decided to do and where he decides to go. Worst case scenario, we both end up regretting the decision and returning home. All I know is that we are young. We have our entire lives ahead of us.


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