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Murudeshwara: The Second Tallest Lord Shiva Statue in the World

Updated on April 13, 2018
Shiva Statue on Kanduka Giri hill
Shiva Statue on Kanduka Giri hill | Source
View of the Shiva Statue from the hotel
View of the Shiva Statue from the hotel | Source
Temple Gopuram
Temple Gopuram | Source
Temple on hill lock
Temple on hill lock | Source


The Second Tallest Lord Shiva's Statue in the World is located in Murudeshwara on the Kanduka Giri hill. The hill is surrounded on all the three sides by Arabian sea waters. The tallest Shiva statue being the kailashnath Mahadev Statue in Nepal. The Murudeshwara town lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

Murudeshwara town is located in Bhatkal taluk in uttara Kannada district in Karnataka in India. Murudeshwara is about 500 km from Bengaluru. Murudeshwara is another name of Hindu God, Lord Shiva. The statue is 123 ft in height and is visible from long distances. Lord Shiva is silver colored and ornaments are colored gold and is seated on the rock above the cave. The entrance of the temple, has a 20-storied large monumental tower called Raja Gopuram, guarded by two huge life sized concrete elephants. The Gopuram is 237 feet tall with 20 stories of windows and is provided with a lift. One can view the beautiful breathtaking vast expanse of the sea beyond the Shiva Statue from the top of the Gopura. The view of the sea and the sea beach from the hilltop is a visual treat for one's eyes .

Legend of Murudeshwara

The origin of the Murudeshwara temple dates back to Ramayana. Ravana the king of Lanka learnt that the Gods had attained immortality by worshipping Atma linga (soul of Lord Shiva) He too wanted to attain immortality. So, with utmost devotion and prayers Ravana did penance to Atma linga. Lord Shiva pleased with Ravana’s penance granted him the boon to possess the Atma linga, but on one condition that he should never place the Atma linga on the ground till he reaches Lanka. If Atma linga was placed on the ground, then it would get fixed to the ground and would be impossible to move it. Ravana agreed and started his journey back to Lanka.

When Gods learnt about this, they were worried about Ravana’s might and power and the destruction that he would cause once he obtains Atma linga. Lord Ganesha who knew that Ravana was a religious person and adhered to performing his rituals every evening, appeared in disguise as a Brahmin boy. Lord Vishnu blocked the sun and made it appear as dusk when Ravana was reaching a place called Gokarna. Ravana requested Lord Ganesha to hold the Atma linga in his hands until he completes his rituals and not place the Atma linga on the ground. Lord Ganesha agrees and tells Ravana that he would call him thrice and if he delays in time, he would place the linga on the ground.

Lord Ganesha calls Ravana thrice and before Ravana could reach, Lord Ganesha places the Atma linga on the ground. Angered by this trick, Ravana tries to lift the linga but in vain. Ravana’s powerful force of pulling,scatters the linga into pieces in different places. One such piece fell in Murudeshwara. Then Ravana threw the sacred cloth covering the Atma linga on the Kanduka hills to a place called Mrideshwara which earned the name Murudeshwara.

The main deity in the temple is Sri Mridesa linga also called Murudeshwara. The temple sanctum is dark inside and is illuminated by oil lamps. The linga is two feet below ground level and is believed to be the piece of original Atma linga.Murudeshwara is a place of divinity and serenity in all its splendor to view the scenic beauty of the Second tallest Shiva statue and the temple surrounded by sea waters

How to reach Murudeshwara :

Murudeshwara is well connected by road and train services. Murudeshwara has a railway station on the Mangalore – Mumbai Konkan railway route.

Tallest Shiva Statue

The world famous tallest Shiva Statue is located in Sanga, the border of Bhaktapur and Kavrepalanchwok districts in Nepal which is about 20 km from Kathmandu. The statue is 143 feet in height and is in standing pose. The statue is made of copper, Zinc, steel and concrete. The face is calm and pleasant welcoming all. Devotees in large scale travel to Nepal to have a glimpse of Lord Shiva Statue.



On way to St.Mary's Island
On way to St.Mary's Island | Source
Nature | Source

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      wonderful, in fact i am worshiper of lord shiva and great to know this additional knowledge about the existence of statues around the globe