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The Sights and Sounds of a New Orleans Streetcar

Updated on August 22, 2014

The iconic sounds of the St. Charles streetcar line

New Orleans streetcars are not just a quint throwback from a bygone era- they're real working public transportation, taken by thousands of people a day.

There are several "lines" or routes in the city, but the oldest is the St. Charles Avenue line, which has been designated as a historic landmark. The cars were built in 1923, and are loud, clackety, wonderful dinosaurs- nothing like the nearly soundless new cars that run on the Canal line. When you hear and see those green cars coming, you know exactly where you are!

(All photos/videos- except the map- were taken by and are property of the author)

Here it comes....and there it goes. The pain of missing the streetcar:

Learn more about New Orleans Streetcars:

History of the St. Charles Streetcar

Insider's tip: In NOLA it's always a streetcar and never a 'trolley.'

At one time there were 19 streetcar lines that operated in New Orleans – on the map above, all of those red lines represented streetcar tracks! Yet by the 1970s there was only one left standing- the St. Charles line.

When it was completed in 1833, the line ran steam locomotives between New Orleans and Carrollton. Back then they were two separate towns, and the cars passed through many fields and open areas between. By 1874 most of that land had been developed, and Carrollton had been annexed into the city of New Orleans.

The new residents weren’t too thrilled with the soot and noise of the big trains, and the line was converted to horse-drawn cars, evolving over the years until they reached their current state.

But starting after World War II, the streetcar lines began changing over to bus service, which was considered more modern and efficient. Preservationists were able to have the St. Charles line protected, but around the city hundreds of miles of tracks were ripped up, the streets getting ever more crowded as people bought more cars and busses got bigger and bigger.

The streetcar rattles along- sounds from inside the car

Some Streetcar Facts

How much does it cost? $1.25 – exact fare required. 1,3 and 31 day passes are available at a discount

How far does it run? 13.2 miles- starting from the French Quarter, through the Central Business District, Garden District, Uptown, Carrollton, Riverbend and finally to Claiborne.

How long does it take to ride from start to finish?About 45 minutes.

What hours does it run? Theoretically 24 hours, but after 9pm, they can be pretty scarce.

What do they weigh? A streetcar weighs a whopping 42,000 pounds- it’s pure steel. Please, please please be careful around them. I’ve seen at least a dozen accidents where someone has tried to “beat” the streetcar across the neutral ground, and trust me- the streetcar always wins.

Streetcars make a comeback

The Canal Streetcar line is rebuilt

The Canal line, running from the Mississippi River to the end of Canal Street at the cemeteries had been torn up in 1964, when they were considered outdated. The streetcars were scraped or donated to museums and buses took over the route.

By the year 2000, people had begun to rethink that decision. Putting the streetcars back on the neutral ground (localspeak for median) would not only reduce traffic on the overcrowded street but would be picturesque as well. The Canal Street Line reopened in 2004 with imported red streetcars. These cars were more efficient and even air conditioned, but many people missed the sounds of the old cars.

We now also have a short track that runs along the Mississippi River by the French Quarter, and is often used by visitors to get around downtown. The Canal line splits and goes to City Park as well, and there are several other lines the city would like to build, if and when they can get them funded.

The maestro at the controls.

More than just basic transportation

The Streetcars can be rented out for special occasions and used for private events.

Every year the Phunny Phorty Phellows rents out a car on Twelfth Night (12 days after Christmas, when that holiday season officially ends and Carnival season begins) and goes the entire length of the line, partying and throwing out beads and trinkets!

Once the big parades begin, they too run on St. Charles Avenue, and the streetcars shut down mid day and don’t start up again until the parades have gone through and the debris has been cleaned up.


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