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The Silent City Makli

Updated on October 27, 2014

Makli Graveyard Introduction and History

Ancient Makli is world largest and oldest graveyard and also called "Silent City". Makli is situated hundred kilometers far from east of Pakistan largest city Karachi. Pakistan government considers Makli as a national heritage and big archeologist site.

Several archeologist are working in Makli to find out more about ancient lives of Makli graves and tombs. In Mali you can see silance, graves and tombs which are situated in several miles. During my visit to Makli I found great architecture and design every where.

Makli Famous Archaeological Sites in Pakistan

Several famous archaeological sites are situated in Pakistan. Ancient Taxila, Five thousand years old civilization of Moinjodaro are very famous archaeological sites.

Names of big archaeological sites in Pakistan.

  • Taxila
  • Moinjodaro
  • Harrappa
  • Makli

Geography of Makli

A markerMakli -
Makli, Pakistan
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Makli Beautiufl Design Tombs

Makli is collection of beautiful design tombs and grave. Several miles long graveyard has amazing collection of architecture and design. Makli is considers world oldest and largest graveyard. Thousands of tourist not only from Pakistan but out side world also visit this ancient graveyard every year.

Makli Architecture and Design

Different type of architecture and designs we can see in Makli. Several miles long graveyard has variety of architecture and designs. Some are still preserve despite long span of time and some are lost due to lack of interest and facilities.

You can see wee design grave like this every where in Makli graveyard. But due to lack of facilities and interest people are destroying this national heritage which is very unfortunate. Lot of beautiful design brisk has stolen and remaining are in bad condition.

Makli Amazing Sturcture

You can see amazing structure like this every where in Makli. This structures was built thousands year a go and still in good conditions. These amazing structures and well design graves are also prove of architecture skills of people who built these graves and tombs several years ago without modern technology.

Makli is big archaeologist site and government considers Mali national heritage. Several archaeologists are working in Makli to find out secrets and information regarding world largest graveyard.

Makli Marble Graves

Marble are also used in construction of several graves. Some graves are two and three story and may be people of same family buried in these graves. Roofs of several tombs are also decorated. You can also see design like this on roof tops of several tombs.

Makli Graveyard in Pictures


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