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Travel Destination: Syndney, Australia

Updated on April 10, 2011

There's something about Sydney that makes your heart skip a beat...

It was my third time to visit Sydney, but still the excitement was like going there for the first time. Unfortunately, we only stayed there for a day.

Arrived in Sydney via ( delayed) Thai Airways flight that went through BKK, we only had an hour or two to freshen up before we headed for our dinner cruise along the Sydney Harbour. Inside the "boat" there was a "kinda-Las-Vegas" type of show, where towering aussie showgirls danced the night away. It was a good show,

Food was great, I mean from the sumptuous appetizers down to their irresisitible desserts, one can just forget about their southbeach, scarsdale or Tea-lite diet. haha.

While the boat was cruising, and the show was on-going, there were a couple of other things you can actually enjoy ( if the showgirls were already boring you). You can climb up the deck and emote mala-titanic and enjoy the cool, cool wind or you can take photos with the opera house or the Sydney bridge as your background. ( cool, huh) And we did! (Photos to follow, promise)

It was like two hours or three on the boat before we got back to the hotel. Most of my officemates still went out for a drink or two, while I had to walk around and check the nearest souvenir shops for a while and see whats up for grabs. (END OF DAY 1)

(THE NEXT DAY, outside of Sydney)

Right across our hotel ( The Menzies) is the Wynyard train station where we caught the 7:14 am train for my much-awaited-dream-come-true-Hillsong-church-experience. ( Wahoo! ...again, waaaahhhhoooooo!!!!!!) The train was there on the dot. It took us exactly 45 mins by train to get to the Seven Hills station where we took off. From there, we took a cab that took us to Hillsong church.

Setting foot on that church was like "priceless". I never thought I'd be able to praise and worship with the famous Hillsong choir and worship leaders. A taste of heaven, I should say. And it is an understatement.

The songs were just awesome. Bobbie ( wife of their senior pastor, Bryan Houston) was the one who preached that sunday. She was clear as crystal, sharp as a sword, annointed like an angel, and pretty as a doll.

It was a cool, relaxed but enriching Sunday service. I could only wish to be back there anytime soon. The experience was simply AWESOME. PRICELESS. INCOMPARABLE.

Here's the kicker. ( hahaha) Heading back to the hotel was the problem. There were no cabs in the offing, oh no. (How can we have missed that huh) So we asked, asked, asked. Finally, we got to a bus station and got on the first bus that would take us to paramatta, where hopefully we could catch the train on time as we were catching our flight to Cairns that afternoon.

Good heavens, we got to the hotel almost on time - squeezed a McDo meal in between.

Sydney would always be a fave for me. Specially now that I have discovered Hillsong church. (Only, this time, I missed going to "The Rocks." haaayyyyy)

Thank you, Lord. You are great!!!! ( love you)


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