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The Temporal Confluence Of Prague

Updated on March 29, 2009

 The sublime city of Prague in the heart of Central Europe is a shining example of the old being perfectly blended with the new. For a vivid demonstration of this temporal confluence all you have to do is visit the City of 100 Spires and revel in its architectural genius expressed in both modern and antique designs. Prague is a living laboratory where the culture and the history of Old Europe is not overshadowed in the least by the enthusiasm and vivacity of New Europe. Both aspects have found a way to coexist in an amazingly natural and wholistic manner.

What Prague has been able to accomplish in the short years since the evaporation of the Iron Curtain is nothing short of staggering. This city is one of the top spots to visit in Europe today despite the fact that as little as two decades ago, most European vacationers had not only never set foot in it, but would never have considered it in the first place. Today’s visitors will find a superlative city featuring some of Europe’s most majestic hotels, magnificent restaurants and some of the best lagers in the world served at its spacious and ample beer halls.

Prague is a city that must be experienced in all of its nuances. There are countless attractions to see and do in Prague that are unique to this great city: Prague Castle which has not lost its grace and elegance over the years and merits a comprehensive tour of its greatness, but the entire list of imperative activities is endless. Visitors simply must consider enjoying rowing your own lantern-lit boat on the Vltava at night; viewing the astronomical clock with its design of the twelve apostles that was built in the 15th century; and taking a leisurely walk down the Malá Strana to Old Town Square.

Prague is proud to be known as Central Europe’s Christmas Capital: When the snow comes to Prague during the holiday season, the entire urban area takes on a completely magical look with glittering white snow everywhere and Christmas postcard views everywhere you look. During this very special time of the year, visitors can take in all the lights and sounds of this beautiful city while sipping from a glass of Prague’s specialty: mulled wine. Also, don’t forget to take a trip down to the Christmas Market which has to be the most festive and delightful seasonal market in Central Europe.

Prague is a city which acts as a magnet for party minded young people from all over Europe and far beyond. With the dreary days of Communism behind it, Prague has now developed to be one of Europe’s most popular party centers. The Karlovy Lazne Club with its 5 clubs on 5 floors is the largest dance music club in Czech Republic and quite likely the biggest night spot of its type in Central Europe. Phenomenal all night action is also found at a wide variety of city clubs, including Duplex Club, Anubis Club, Lavka Club, Lucerna Music Bar, Radost FX, Punto Azul Club, and the Akropolis Palace. Dining in the capital of the Czech Republic is easily on the par with any other European capital, with a massive selection of fine dining establishments to suit any taste and budget. Prague truly is a treasure to be discovered in the heart of Europe.


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