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The Things To Consider When Choosing A Place To Live

Updated on July 23, 2011

Moving is considered a very stressful life event. Not only is the actual moving part stressful with the packing, loading, driving, and unpacking, but the emotional part is stressful as well. Unless you are only moving a few houses down, moving means changing locations, neighbors, schools, and sometimes even lifestyles. If you are moving long distances, like across the country, you may not be used to the social norms, culture, or other things that go along with a city. It can be surprising of how different one city can be from the next. This is something to definitely consider when choosing where to live. Take time to make a list of priorities to see what aspects of a city are most important to you. Whether you are moving because of a job change or just a change of scenery, it can be a stressful, crazy time in your life. Here are some things to consider when choosing a place to live. Figuring these things out ahead of time may reduce the stress level of your move.

The first thing to come to terms with is that not all places that are fun for vacations are actually good places to live. Try to look at a place from a resident’s point of view and not a tourists. When considering a great place to live, you don’t want to make a decision because you had a great vacation there. If this were the case, everyone would be moving to Hawaii or California. You have to be rational about things and remember that you are going to have to pay rent or a mortgage, have a job, and actually survive long term. A lot of places that attract tourists and that are great for vacations can be more expensive. If you are visiting places you are thinking about moving to, check out the local schools, the grocery stores, and even try talking to some of the locals. They will be able to help you get a feel for the city a lot better than an amusement park will.

While trying to decide on a city, realize that there probably isn’t a city that will be perfect in all areas. Some cities will have great schools and local entertainment but may be more expensive. Other cities may be cheaper but have a higher crime rate. Other areas may be perfect for young kids but then don’t carry that nightlife entertainment factor. This is why the list of priorities is so important. If you can determine what is most important to you in the place that you live, you will be able to focus on those things and not be as discouraged if it doesn’t contain other things further down on your list.

One thing to consider if you have any kids or are planning to have kids soon is the quality of schools. It is important enough to check out the schools before buying a home. Many times school districts do not allow kids to go to a school that is out of their area. You don’t want to move into an area and then find out afterward that the school your kids are meant to go to isn’t what you would want them to attend. A lot of times it is hard to find out about the quality of schools without visiting them. The best way to get a feel for what kind of school your kids would be going to is to visit the school. You can possibly even take a tour. If you have kids, this should be a priority.

One thing people tend to not think about is how well the city is kept up. Does the city seem clean and well taken care of? These are things you can’t really know until you visit and look from a resident’s point of view. Is there a lot of pollution? Are the buildings falling apart or well kept? Are the roads taken care of? Some cities have flowers and trees along the freeway while others have trash and dirt. Some Utility poles for along the freeway that are less likely to fall apart or look cheap. The type of power poles could be a reflection of how the rest of the city is built. If they are made of a type of metal such as ductile iron poles, it could show that they are willing to keep the rest of the city current and up to date. It also will show they are smart because certain pole types require less maintenance and are more durable. This will show the type of decisions that have been made and will be made in the future.

Another thing to consider is what type of neighborhood you would like to live in. Some places offer more of a city life while others are more suburban or even more rural. This decision seems like it would be an easy one, but there are many factors involved in the options. Usually rural areas are considered to be in the country, far away from city life. This tends to be more of a quiet life but usually requires more driving and less convenience. The crime rates in rural towns are definitely less than those in a busy city. Suburban usually includes the areas on the outskirts of a big city. With living in a suburban area, you may get more of a neighborhood feel and it is usually kept a little nicer than a big city. Living right in the heart of the city offers pro’s and con’s as well. You usually see an increase in crime rates the closer to the city you get. It also can be a little more expensive but it tends to have more access to stores, restaurants and other things that are convenient.

Every place is different in it’s own way. The best way to find the right area for you is to figure out what is most important to you and to take a little visit to get a feel for the area.


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