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The Things You Should Do and Not Do in a Hotel Room

Updated on March 22, 2017
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Traveling is maybe one of the most beautiful opportunities we have. When traveling I also love to review hotels, restaurants & attractions!

A Hotel Room
A Hotel Room

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Hotels are places where you can feel yourself as a "world citizen": just like airports and big railway stations, they attract people from various parts of the world and they are, in general, places made to let you enjoy yourself during a trip or a special occasion. Talking about hotels with 4 or more stars, your experience may be also greater, as more services are usually available. Whatever is your opinion about hotels or your preference about where to sleep (there are people who always prefer to sleep at their home, while other ones enjoy sleeping in hotels during their travels), in these places there are various things you should do and other ones you should definitely avoid to.

Hotel Electronic Keys
Hotel Electronic Keys

Things You Should Never do in a Hotel Room

This is a list of things you should never do in a hotel room. This list does not only include clearly illegal behaviours (like smoking in a "no smoking" room) but also disrespectful and unpleasant ones: all the ones you should definitely avoid in order to be considered a great guest by the staff.

Leaving Your Room Dirty

A hotel's bathroom
A hotel's bathroom

Let's be clear: when you stay in a hotel you are also paying for cleaning services and you are not expecting to care about your room exactly like if it is your home. That does not mean leaving the room in inhumane conditions by justifying it with something like "I pay so I am free to do whatever I want": this is the most disrespectful behaviour you can have in a hotel. Whenever your are temporarily going out of your room or definitely leaving the hotel, you should keep the room in decent conditions. While you have not to sweep the floor or clean the windows, you should at least leave the bathroom in good conditions and avoid leaving litter around the room. A perfect room is the one in which the hotel maid has only to replace bed linen and do the ordinary floor cleaning, without having also to repair to the incivility of some guests.

Behaving Exactly as if You Were at Home

Decency Rules

When you stay in a hotel you do not also have to follow rules imposed by the hotel owner and by the law (so rules like avoiding smoking) but it is hopeful guests also follows common decency rules (for example, keeping clothes while you are waiting for a room service and cleaning the gym machines after you used it - or using a towel).

That's true, art of hospitality consists also in making the guest feeling just like if he is at home: at the end, you book a hotel room and get a private space only for you, even if for limited time. So it is right to enjoy your room in the same way you would enjoy your house... but the hotel is still not your house, so rules have to be followed: if you are in a "no smoking" room, you should definitely acknowledge you cannot smoke (not only because of the fines, but also because you should respect next guests, the staff and all people expecting to find a place completely free of smoke odor). Rules like "don't steal TV" or "don't take away or damage room furniture" should be obvious (even if for some guests they aren't).

Hotel room is not only a place where to stay during your journey: it is also something to enjoy. Anyway you should always respect hotel staff and next guests, so rules have to be followed
Hotel room is not only a place where to stay during your journey: it is also something to enjoy. Anyway you should always respect hotel staff and next guests, so rules have to be followed

Cheating Hotel Owner

You should always pay for the additional services you enjoy. Stealing a can of Coke from the minibar is not different from eating at a restaurant without paying the bill
You should always pay for the additional services you enjoy. Stealing a can of Coke from the minibar is not different from eating at a restaurant without paying the bill

Cheating the hotel owner means acting a series of behaviours in order to gain unfair benefits: just like running away from the restaurant without paying the bill, there are also guests who try not to pay hotel's services (most hotels charge you before your staying, but guests can easily benefit from additional services they have to pay at the checkout, and this is the moment in which they can cheat the owner). The most evident example is provided by guests who eat or drink from the room's minibar and then replace them with equivalent items purchased at a local supermarket (if they do not directly steal their drink, for example by punching the can without opening it). Luckily some hotels have minibars with sensors so that stealing is harder.

Things You Should do in a Hotel Room

After having seen the things you should not do in a hotel room, let's see behaviours you can easily keep inside the hotel. These are all behaviours some guests believe are wrong, but at the fact they are completely fair.

Taking Out Room Amenities

Various room amenities from different hotels
Various room amenities from different hotels

Taking out room amenities is maybe one of the favourite behaviours of most hotel guests. However some of them believe it is something to be ashamed of: they think they are stealing something (as they believe amenities are provided just for your personal hygiene during your staying, and not as something you can freely take out). The reality is different: room amenities are completely for you! They are included in the price you are paying for your staying and so there is no reason to leave unused amenities inside the room after your leaving. Moreover, it is common for hotels to destroy unused amenities in order to replace them with new ones: so why contributing to the waste of soap and shampoo while you can take them at home and keeping them as a little souvenir from the hotel?

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Hotel Hallway
Hotel Hallway

Keeping Valuables in the Safe

Hotel Room Safe
Hotel Room Safe

Most people tend to avoid using the safe because they are afraid to leave their valuables in something asking for a code and owned by the hotel. Some people just think that not having control on the safe (as it is provided by the hotel) means keeping valuable at risk. The reality is different: safe is very simple to use: you just need to set up a code and then you are ready to put your valuables inside. Even in the situation you are unable to open the safe (a very strange situation, as I do not imagine someone to be able to forgot the safe's code they have entered), hotel security management have the universal key to open the safe. You can definitely trust this secure box you find in some hotel rooms.

Enjoying Everything You Have Paid For

Breakfast buffet in a hotel
Breakfast buffet in a hotel

A night in a hotel is clearly more expensive than one in a rented apartment. But staying in a hotel does not only mean "sleeping in a bed": it also means enjoying a series of services you have paid for. So no problem if at the breakfast buffet you eat a lot because you are really hungry: it is your right. It is obvious you cannot take away food or drinks and you should only eat at the moment what you want (otherwise you are stealing from other guests and you are taking an unfair advantage, as you are paying for your breakfast at the moment, not for plundering the buffet). There is also no problem if you use the gym a lot (just remember to leave it clean after you used it) or if you need to contact reception for any question you may have: as long as you are respecting other people, it is right to enjoy all services you have paid for!

© 2017 Alessio Ganci


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