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A Travel in Time by a Pirate's Rhyme

Updated on October 31, 2013
boats to plunder
boats to plunder
 a watcher of the swamps
a watcher of the swamps
the captain's domain
the captain's domain
beyond the distant shores
beyond the distant shores
a witness to the burying of the treasure
a witness to the burying of the treasure
I travel under a stormy sky
I travel under a stormy sky
the new turf to dominate
the new turf to dominate
the distant shores
the distant shores
a wanderer in Davey Jone's Locker
a wanderer in Davey Jone's Locker
A hiding place in the swamp
A hiding place in the swamp
Old Jack, himself
Old Jack, himself
watcher of the treasure in the swamp
watcher of the treasure in the swamp

Life of a Pirate

My name, to be that of the pirate, Captain Jack,

and I, the time traveler, so named, dressed in black,

I've sailed the Seven Seas, without a single care,

my fondest desires and dreams, all to be so fair.

I've plundered and pillaged, to have taken as mine,

where ere, I have wished, and I may have gone,

The widest salty oceans, so fathomless, so deep,

to be my place, of rest, where I've called my home.

In those olden days, so golden, of all ancient lore,

on every nearby beach, where I did explore and find,

Traveling from the far East and stretching to the West,

my deceit was the very best, in all pirating, of its kind.

The lawless taking and the heartbreaking, of my past,

all to be wrongful acts, to be as dice, that I have cast,

Without any conscience, to these, I truly must confess,

to be as a blessing, and forever more, this is to last.

In my progression, discovering a new destination,

the most modern of all, in a city's fine streets,

Taking riches of wealth, by my own good stealth,

and my being deceitful, and so very discreet.

Dealing in hard core ills, to escape a hangman's chill,

to bide my time, and to profit in days, that I've spent,

To buy and sell my wares, justifying a timeless event,

as without any care. and in my evil acts, not to repent,

Now a new role, I make, and in never, my oath to break,

my old ways, not to forsake, in the road that I must take,

As a marketer, my newest source, is my greatest recourse,

What I coerce, and the rest, acquire buy powers of force.

I still plunder, and do steal, funds of the investment field,

as my self-serving motives, each, are so well concealed.

A fortune in stocks, so much great profit, to be realized,

until the most tragic of times, that of my own late demise,

So there's nothing ever new, governing what I just may do,

as a pirate, and to be sure, this is my best, in caricature.

As a timeless traveler, from days gone by, a story of mine,

in the warmest of sunshine, admittedly, my own, not as pure.

all rights reserved and under U.S.copyright in all materials 2012


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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from United States

      Bill, I thank you for your praises, and appreciate all who read my work. I always appreciate and admire your great writings and am proud to be your friend. whonu.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      6 years ago from Olympia, WA

      A friend of mine, Audra, asked me yesterday if I knew who Whonu was....I said yes, he is a friend of mine, and an excellent poet. You have just proved me right once again. Excellent work my friend!


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