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The Top 5 Places to Visit in Tunisia and Morocco

Updated on February 28, 2012

Tunisia and Morocco offer visitors heat, sand, spice and colour. The change in cultures can be something of a shock to the system, but if you make a point of getting out and about and experiencing these amazing and ancient countries for yourself you will definitely find it interesting. Below is our list of the top 5 places to visit in Tunisia and Morocco.

The Oasis Tour – Tunisia

From a central collection point in the morning you will be taken to the fabulous Chebika Oasis. This is a place where you can swim in the crystal clear water of the pool and take an exploratory walk around the old village. After the oasis you will be driven to Tamerza where you will be able to view sensational waterfalls and wander around a sometimes eerie deserted town. Another deserted village is next, Midnes it is set in a canyon that you can explore before you head off to the dunes, and the Star Wars set of Mos Espa.

Old Medina – Casablanca, Morocco

This is old Casablanca, still retained within the original city walls, known as the Medina. The streets that lead off from the square will take you through the souq. You will also find a small fort here opposite the port which is now an excellent restaurant, which is right next to the oldest mosque in the area.

Friguia Animal Park – Tunisia

Not quite up to the size and scale of a zoo this is a park that houses a good selection of animals and makes a great family day out when you have tired of the usual holiday activities. You will also find a few cultural dancers here like Bedouin dancers and Zulu dancers which offer evening shows. There are organised tours to the park that will also include the dancing and they are well worth joining. You won’t find the larger animals here like elephants or rhinos but you will find plenty of gazelles, donkeys, camels, lions and crocodiles to keep you entertained.

Visit the Tanneries – Fes, Morocco

This is a region known for its range of leather products, most of which can be located in the leather bazaar or souq in Fes old town. The tanneries date back to medieval times and as production methods go, very little has changed over the centuries, which means that you are entering a living time capsule. The tanneries are accessed via a leather shop where you will probably be tempted to buy something. Just make sure you have something fragrant to smell as you walk around as the smell from the tanneries is incredibly pungent, and the pigeon guano used to treat the animal hides doesn’t do much to help.

Whether you want to take Tunisia holidays or Morocco holidays, do take the time to leave your accommodation and immerse yourself into the traditional way of life. You will be glad you ventured out!

Roman Ruins – Tunisia

Dougga is on record as being the best preserved Roman Town in the whole of North Africa, which considering the number of ruins in the region is no mean feat. It is well worth taking the tour but you may find they there is just not enough time to explore everything during the time the tour allows. But if ruins are your thing, make a point of making your own way there.


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