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The Top 8 Safest Places in the World

Updated on February 14, 2015

If you are afraid of violence and crime, pick one of these places and pack your luggage.

Crimes are still occurring on a daily basis and it is kind of paradoxical that the constantly developing technologies, instead of preventing the law-breaking, are just making the criminals more ingenious.

If you think you’re living in reality close to the plot of “The Purge” and you are fed up with the constant fear of becoming a crime victim or you’re just curious about which are the most peaceful places to live in, you can enjoy the list of the top 8 places where “crime” is a rarely used word.

The Global Peace Index (GPI) of 2013 measures the security in the society, the extent of conflict and the degree of militarization in the countries. The list below shows the most peaceful states for 2013.


8. Japan

The good discipline is probably one of the reasons for this country to have rare crime activities. For Japanese people honor is everything, which automatically decreases the percent of the population which would involve itself into law-breaking. Also there are strict laws and firm gun control policies, preventing homicides and violent crimes from happening.


7. Canada

This state has smaller class differences preventing possible economic tensions among the layers of society. It is not only a safe place to live but also the politeness of the Canadians is a world known fact. The good quality of living is another factor which is in the foundation of the good reputation of the state.


6. Finland

An interesting fact about this country is that its peacekeeping troops are entirely volunteer-based. The only military activity in the past several years was connected to UN missions in the Middle-East, Pakistan, India, etc. Their foreign policy is neutral and their judicial system uses mainly probation, fines and community service as a way of punishment. Also their prisons look like hotels.

5. Switzerland

This small country with big fame is well-known for various reasons. It is also one of the most peaceful countries despite its liberal gun laws and their mass possession. Who would steal if he knows that he’ll be shot for sure? Yes, there won’t be many volunteers. This explains also why the rate of homicides is 0.6 per 100,000 citizens. The other reason for their peacefulness might be the fairly liberal usage of cannabis.


4. New Zealand

Their strict justice system secures the peace in the country. It is politically stable and the murder rates are low and the respect of human rights is great. Their citizens can enjoy peacefulness and beautiful nature at once. If you want to speak English and have similar standard of living like the rest of the English-speaking countries, buy a ticket and go to New Zealand where you don’t have to worry about violence and crimes.

3. Austria

There’s not much to worry about in Austria either. The most of the registered crimes are of petty theft and pickpocketing. After the turbulence from their past, the country embraced to ensure a life of peace and serenity for its citizens. Being one of the world-famous resorts, this beautiful country can make you fall in love with it.


2. Denmark

The country dealt with the problems such as crime and terrorism successfully and became one of the safest countries. They are so peacefully oriented nation that, even when their capital Copenhagen was under occupation by the Nazis during World War II, they still didn’t fight. The people there concentrate over economic matters rather than participating in conflicts.



1. Iceland

Although the country has interesting day-night shifts and location, it is in fact the most peaceful state. It has no military but has civilian-based troops, going to international peacekeeping missions. It is an extremely democratic country and it also has amazing nature. If you have no problems with day and night periods lasting 3 months and you want to live in the safest country in the world, this should be your choice.

Which of the Top 8 destinations would you choose?

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    • Zeev Uboro profile image

      Zeev Uboro 2 years ago

      Thanks mk-globetrotter! I'm right with you on Denmark. I'm definitely planning a trip!